About Blue Star Crochet

Welcome, I’m Veronika!

My story has begun back when my mum introduced me to crochet when I was a little girl. Crochet has become a big part of my everyday life after Blue Star Crochet has been formed.

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I love creating and my real passion is designing modern and wearable crochet garments and accessories. My passion is sharing them with you via Blue Star Crochet blog.

Blue Star Crochet Beginnings

I was born in Slovakia in 1980’s when we were still part of Czechoslovakia. Still ruled by communism which makes me sound really old but believe me I’m still in my thirties.

I had a very happy childhood with no phones, game consoles or computers. And that’s one of the reasons my mum taught the art of crochet when I was a child. Hoping to occupy my hands and mind and probably to stop driving her crazy.

After I graduated I wanted to explore the world. That’s how my journey led me to United Kingdom where I met my husband. We have two beautiful sons who are already stealing mummy’s hooks and yarn.

I dived deeply into discovering and learning new stitches and techniques.

My son Jacob was an inspiration behind my first written pattern. Firstly, I made a modern and practical cardigan for him and decided to write up a simple pattern.

blue star crochet design
Jacob’s Cardigan

Secondly, I approached the editor of one of the UK crochet magazines and submitted a few photos of my design.

I must say she loved the design as much as I enjoyed making it. To my surprise and utter shock she decided to print the pattern in the magazine! That’s when I decided to emark on the adventurous journey of crochet design.

Now my patterns take pride of place in most UK crochet magazines like Happily Hooked, Crochet Now, Inside Crochet and Simply Crochet. You can find all my earlier patterns across Blue Star Crochet shops on Etsy or Ravelry.

I’d be over the moon if you join me on this handmade journey and see where it takes us next…

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