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Beautifully formatted eBook with 6 best selling crochet sweater patterns suitable for every season!


Issue 2 includes 7 stunning lace crochet patterns for modern and wearable garments and accessories!


Issue 3 includes simple and stylish patterns with inspirations from shapes, textures and forms from all around us!


Crochet Gauge Basics 101 Course

You were excited to make your first crochet sweater only to get overwhelmed by trying to understand the gauge

You struggled to match the pattern gauge and thought “this will do”…

You think you worked it out and started making your sweater…

Only to realise it is not going according to plan and your sweater is way too big or too small

You are not alone!

But I have something to help you!

crochet gauge course1

5 Day Crochet Challenge To Crochet Your First Garment

Have you always wanted to make a crochet garment but don’t know where to start?  

Do you find starting a new project overwhelming? 

 Do you feel nervous picking the right yarn? 

 Are you lost when it comes to all the gauge and ease talk? 

 Is reading a crochet pattern a struggle for you

 Do you find finishing your crochet project tricky?

You are definitely not alone!

But I have just the right thing to help you feel confident and make your first crochet garment!

Join The 5 Day Crochet Challenge Now

5 day crochet challenge

Crochet Garments with Confidence

Have you always wanted to try crocheting garments but don’t know where to start?

Do you find all the talk about gauge, tension, ease, blocking and so on overwhelming?

Have you tried making a crochet garment before and it ended up too big or too small?


We have just the right thing to help you with feeling confident to crochet garments that fit beautifullyand look fabulous too!

Grab the All Access Pass to Crochet Garments with Confidence!

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