25 Free Easy Fingerless Gloves Crochet Patterns

A compilation of 25 amazing free crochet fingerless gloves patterns you can make in no time. Make a pair for yourself or as a gift for friends and family.

Crochet fingerless gloves are such great makes and there are a few reasons why! I love working on these cute accessories that will come in handy!

Firstly, from a crocheter’s point of view, fingerless mittens are such a great project to work on. Not only are they quick, but they are also an easy project you can work on while watching your favorite show.

They work up quickly and you can safely assume that even if you are not a seasoned crocheter, you can whip up a pair of crochet fingerless gloves in an evening or two with these fingerless glove patterns!

They are also a great project to practice crochet stitches on! You can use basic crochet stitches and create easy fingerless gloves. Learned a new stitch recently? Put it to a good use and make a pair of fingerless crochet mitts.

The gloves do not require any shaping, you can keep things really simple and easy. All you need to crochet is a rectangle which is then sewn together with an opening for your thumb hole. It can be as easy as that…

Secondly, crochet fingerless gloves make a great last-minute crochet gift! Because they work up quite fast, if you commit to making a pair you can easily do them in a couple of hours even if you are a beginner crocheter!

Or if you are planning on handmade gifts but your family is humongous, fingerless crochet mitts are the perfect gift.

You do not have to worry about different sizing or fit, as the standard stretchy fingerless gloves should fit your dad as well as your younger sister!

Thirdly, because we live in a very technology orientated society, people are forever scrolling on their phones and tablets even if they are out and about.

That is another reason why fingerless gloves are so popular. You can keep your hands warm, however, you still have the ability to check out the latest reels or tik toks!


25 Free Easy Fingerless Gloves Crochet Patterns

25 FREE Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Choose from 25 amazing crochet glove patterns to make as your next project.

They are all easy patterns that work up really quickly! You can make a pair for yourself to match your outfit or as a gift for friends and family.

Textured Crochet Fingerless Gloves

These textured crochet fingerless gloves are such a quick and easy make. It is also a great stash-buster pattern.

I used worsted weight yarn which is a very popular weight with 5.5 mm crochet hook size. I am sure that 99% of crocheters have a ball in their stash.

The pattern uses a crochet rice stitch that gives a beautiful texture while being easy to make. The cuffs use single crochet stitches worked through back loop only (sc blo). I also have a video tutorial for the stitch to help you along. Great quick one-skein gift for loved ones.

Textured Crochet Fingerless Gloves – Free Pattern

textured crochet fingerless gloves

50 Minute Fingerless Gloves

These crochet fingerless gloves are so simple you can easily make a pair in less than an hour!

Perfect for the Fall, Winter, and chilly Spring days.

They make a great gift as well! All you need to master are double crochet stitches.

The great thing is you can totally skip the gauge swatch as you can try these on as you go and adjust the number of chains if you need to.

They are so easy to make that you can use different color for each pair. Even if you are an experienced crocheter, these will be fun to make.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free crochet pattern.

50 Minute Fingerless Gloves

Mystical Mitts

The Mystical Mitts are a simple pair of crochet mittens packed full of crochet stitch texture, luxury, and style.

They are a dream to make, simply seam a rectangle and add a thumbhole – a quick and easy pattern perfect for gifts and for yourself!

You can find the easy crochet pattern HERE.

Mystical Mitts

Brooklyn Fingerless Mitts

You can wear it in your cold office rooms or outdoors, a perfect accessory where style meets comfort.

Fingerless mitts keep your fingers free to hold a book or text to your heart’s content. What’s more? This simple design is fairly easy to make with very little shaping, unlike the regular mittens.

Get this free nice pattern and tutorial ON THIS WEBSITE.

Brooklyn Fingerless Mitts

Basic Fingerless Gloves Pattern

These gloves are very easy to crochet so that the pattern is also accessible to self-taught beginner crocheter.

Really, all the stitches that you’ll need to master to make your pair of fingerless gloves are foundation chain single crochet and half double crochet!

You can find the fun free crochet fingerless gloves pattern ON THIS BLOG.

basic fingerless gloves crochet pattern

Aspen Mittens 

The alpine stitch gives a lovely soft look, and looks gorgeous in lots of different yarn types while giving a little extra warmth.

It’s a pretty stitch and a lot easier than it looks, just using alternating front and back post double crochet! Make these cute fingerless gloves as a handmade gift.

THIS BLOGPOST has the free pattern available.

Aspen Mittens

Freestyle Fingerless Gloves

The Freestyle Fingerless Gloves are a pair of gloves that free up your fingertips for all that texting!

They have individual finger holes and shorter cuff, however, they leave your fingers free. Perfect for any guy on your holiday gift list, they would make excellent gifts!

Get the pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

Freestyle Fingerless Gloves

Chenille Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

The next pair of fingerless gloves are super cute and warm gloves are worked flat in back and forth rows. This is a basic crochet pattern that you can modify and adjust however like. 

You start by chaining for the length of your glove (your desired length) and then working in rows until your hand can be wrapped around.


Chenille Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

Primrose & Proper Gloves

These cute, lacy fingerless gloves are a quick, easy crochet project that will keep your hands warm this winter.

The pattern is worked flat, then sewed together along the side after the edging is added to both ends. Crochet these wrist warmers wider or narrower to fit women or kids!

Find the free pattern HERE.

Primrose & Proper Gloves

Men’s Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Crochet the men in your life fingerless gloves for the season. This fingerless gloves pattern makes great gifts for men, women, and children.

Anyone and everyone can keep their hands warm in these useful crochet gloves.

Get the free pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Men's Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Carolina Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern

This Carolina crochet fingerless gloves pattern will allow you to practice crocheting a simple stitch pattern using only single crochet.

The fingerless gloves are crocheted using a simple textured crochet stitch perfect for an advanced beginner.

This gives them lots of texture and helps to make them look similar to the knitted version.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Carolina Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern


Super easy and beginner crochet fingerless gloves pattern you can work up in a couple of hours.

You can see the free pattern on THIS PAGE.


Foxy Fingerless Gloves

Banish the winter doldrums with this fun fingerless gloves crochet pattern that features a cute fox on each hand that wraps its bushy tail around your wrists.

THIS POST has the free pattern.

Fox Fingerless Gloves

Jersey Mitts

These are great for gifts and don’t forget to make some any school or sports team colors. 

This is a well sought-after pattern for holiday gifts, especially for teens and young adults.


Jersey Mitts

Cabled Crochet Gloves

Make this cute pair of fingerless crochet gloves that feature crochet cables.

They look stunning although they are not too difficult to make. You can make a shorter or a longer version of these gloves.

FOLLOW HERE for the free pattern.

Cabled Crochet Gloves

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Final thoughts…

I hope you have found these crochet fingerless gloves patterns helpful. They are a great way to give a thoughtful gift to someone special.

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