30 Free Adorable Crochet Owl Pattern Ideas & Tutorials

Adorable Free Crochet Owl Patterns To Make

This is a collection of amazing free crochet owl patterns to make. They are adorable and cute makes for kids and adults alike.

Owls are such magnificent animals, aren’t they? Did you know that they are solitary animals?

The upright stance, large, broad head, large eyes, sharp talons, and feathers adapted for silent flight make owls interesting animals to watch.

However, these qualities do not contribute to owls being the cutest in the animal kingdom.

Although not the cutest in real life, this is where crochet comes to the rescue. Crochet owl is much cuter than the real-life version, I must admit.

Large goofy eyes, yarn feathers, and big round belly make them super cute and beautiful crochet owl makes.

I have compiled a collection of adorable crochet patterns including owl amigurumi patterns. The owl motifs have been used in different types of projects.

You can make these free crochet pattern ideas for kids and adults alike!


30 Free Adorable Crochet Owl Pattern Ideas & Tutorials

How do you crochet an easy owl?

To translate any animal from the real world into a crochet version, you need to pick out a few characteristics.

For an owl, you need to incorporate three basic elements.

Firstly, the most important thing is the large eyes on the owls head. They are such a trademark look for an owl that you really need to exaggerate the size for a cute look.

You should look for large safety eyes with plastic backs to add to your project.

Secondly, a triangular crochet nose for an owl will definitely reaffirm that you are trying to crochet an owl.

And last but not least are the tufts or feathers on the owl’s head. You can make these with yarn tassels or a few strands of yarn attached to the top.

Once you incorporate all three elements, you will definitely end up with a cute realistic crochet owl.

Here are a few basic materials you will need: an appropriate mm crochet hook to the weight of yarn you are using, a tapestry needle, and a stitch marker to keep track of the first stitch and your progress.

30 Free Crochet Owl Patterns

I am gutted to say that I have made a couple of owl makes in my early days, however, I can not find a picture!

One was a cute lovey for a little girl using white yarn. The second make was a double crochet c2c owl blanket. I think that one might be lurking somewhere in the loft safely out away.

For this collection, I have chosen a wide range of crochet projects that use an owl as a main element.

From a small simple crochet animal amigurumi owl that you can use as a keychain or a bag charm, to a large hooded blanket or a towel.

There are also cute appliqués you can attach to pretty much anything. I have found cute owl purses or cross-body bags for kids.

Pillows and blankets would make a cute addition to a child’s bedroom decor.

You can also make a cute hat for a baby photoshoot.

I have also found a super cute “real” looking owl that was made in faux fur yarn and it is just the cutest thing.

Crochet Owl Amigurumi

This super cute amigurumi owl works up super quick. It is such a cute size that you can actually use it as a keychain for your keys, hang it on your handbag or a child’s backpack, or even on the mirror in your car.

The owl has a unique character and I love the sleepy look. The pattern will teach you the basics like magic ring, single crochet in rounds, and slip stitch, and has a lot of additional details that will finish this cute crochet owl off. For long-lasting cute little owls, use cotton yarn for amigurumi projects.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Crochet Owl Amigurumi

Crochet Owl Applique

Follow these detailed instructions to make a sleepy owl motif that you can use in so many different ways.

Use it to embellish your bigger crochet projects like handbags, blankets, or pillows. To change the size of the applique, you can simply change the weight of yarn. Use worsted weight yarn or bulky yarn for larger appliques.

Or you can add a pin to the back of this owl design to make a pretty brooch. Maybe turn it into a keyring for Valentine’s day. You can customize it by using different colors too – use purple yarn, white yarn, and orange yarn for a completely different look.

When a crochet item is this cute, you can easily find a way to use it!

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern.

Crochet Owl Applique

Crochet Owl Pillow

This is an adorable pillow you can add to your home decor. Using simple crochet shapes, this owl works up in no time at all! Change color of yarn used to match your home! 

It would also be an adorable addition to a child’s bedroom or as a baby gift that fits into the nursery decor.

You can find the free owl patterns ON THIS WEBSITE.

Crochet Owl Pillow


This free amigurumi owl pattern is the perfect choice for a quick and easy crochet pattern that uses faux fur yarn to create a realistic-looking crochet owl with cute facial details.

The faux fur yarn makes this owl super cute, adorable, and realistic at the same time. Aimed at advanced beginner or intermediate crocheter, you will have fun crocheting this perfect pattern!

It would make such a cute gift for any owl lover out there, should they want to use it as a keyring, bag charm, or simply put it up on the shelf.

Check out the free crochet project ON THIS BLOG.


Owl Crochet Hat

Imagine your cute bundle of joy in this super adorable crochet owl hat. With the big eyes, pointy nose, and tassels for tufts of feathers you can capture precious memories of your little one.

It is easy to make and such a cute addition to your little ones’ wardrobe.

You can also make these cute patterns as a baby shower gift. Use pink yarn for a girl or blue yarn for a boy!

You can find the pattern HERE.

Owl Crochet Hat

Crochet Owl Purse For Kids

I love the clever use of the crochet stitches to make this crochet owl purse.

With the large eyes and the crocodile stitch to represent feathers, any little girl would be over the moon to have this cute purse.

However, it would also make a super cute purse for a festival. You do not have to be little to enjoy this super fun and cute purse.

The pattern is AVAILABLE HERE.

Crochet Owl Purse For Kids

Biggie Rainbow Owl Granny Square

A rainbow combined with an owl in a granny square blanket? Wow, what more would you want?

This is a super cute crochet owl square pattern you can not only use to make this cute blanket, but you can also make it into other projects!

Use it for purses, tote bags, or fun summer tops for girls, the possibilities are endless.

You can check out the free pattern on THIS WEBSITE.

Biggie Rainbow Owl Granny Square

Crochet Owl Pouch

These pocket darlings can be made in a variety of colors and patterns and can hold any little thing your heart desires.

They are super simple and quick to make. The beginner-friendly pattern uses a few scraps of yarn so it is a perfect stash buster too!

The pattern is available HERE.

Crochet Owl Pouch

Baby Lovey

Adorable Crochet Baby Owl Lovey is a combination of both a plush toy and a security blanket all in one!

Perfect to crochet for your little ones or as a baby shower gifts.

The crochet pattern is one size but can easily be adjusted to make a larger or smaller security blanket.

Match the colors of this lovey to the nursery decor or make it as colorful as you wish!

The crochet baby owl lovey pattern works up quickly, so you can easily whip up a gift in a day. They make the perfect crochet baby boy blanket or baby girl blanket that toddlers will love too. 

Check out the pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

Baby Lovey

Owl Hooded Blanket Crochet Pattern

This owl hooded blanket is so cute and cuddly and makes a great gift for a baby shower or for any new mom.

It has been designed for babies but the finished size can easily be adjusted. If you know an owl lover, this hooded blanket would make a great gift for them.

Depending on your yarn choice, you can also make this into a hooded towel which will make the bath time a super fun activity.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern.

Owl Hooded Blanket Crochet Pattern

20 More Crochet Owl Patterns

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  2. Baby Owl Ornament CLICK HERE
  3. Day & Night Owls CLICK HERE
  4. Hat Pattern CLICK HERE
  5. Jim The Owl CLICK HERE
  6. Chunky Owl CLICK HERE
  7. Baby Owl Pattern CLICK HERE
  8. Granny Square Pattern CLICK HERE
  9. Mason Jar Cover CLICK HERE
  10. Christmas Owl CLICK HERE
  11. Lacy One CLICK HERE
  12. Valentine’s Day Owl CLICK HERE
  13. Lovey Pattern CLICK HERE
  14. Heart Appliqué CLICK HERE
  15. Baby Owl CLICK HERE
  16. Tissue Box Cover CLICK HERE
  17. Sleep Mask CLICK HERE
  18. Table Runner CLICK HERE
  19. Nesting Rainbows CLICK HERE
  20. Owl Pumpkin CLICK HERE

Final thoughts…

I hope you have found these free crochet animal pattern ideas for owls helpful. If you think your crafty friends would find this tutorial helpful, why not share it with them? 

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30 Free Adorable Crochet Owl Pattern Ideas & Tutorials

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