Tunisian Simple Stitch – Quick and Easy Tutorial

This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to work the Tunisian simple stitch. This is a beautiful dense stitch that is easy to make.

Tunisian Crochet is one of the crochet techniques that splits the audience. Some absolutely love it and can not get enough of this technique. Some crocheters do not like it at all and some are petrified of it.

Whichever group you belong to, I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and it will convince you to give it a try. Whether you do not like it or are apprehensive of the long hook, I am going to try and convince you to love it.

There are so many different stitches and techniques. However the basic rule is to change the place where you insert your hook.

You can also change the look of the finished fabric by working the return pass differently. There are many stitch patterns you can create this way too.

To make the different Tunisian stitches, you change the way and where you insert the hook. Some stitches are worked through the loops, some are worked under the horizontal bar and some under the vertical bar.

Tunisian simple stitch was one of the first stitches I have learnt in this technique. As the name suggests it is a simple stitch that is easy to make. You simply insert the hook under the vertical bar of the loop. But we will get into the detail later.


pinterest graphic for stitch tutorial

What Can I Use Tunisian Simple Stitch For?

Tunisian simple stitch is very versatile. If you know a little about Tunisian Crochet, you might know that it has a slight curl. There are certain stitches that curl more than others.

Tunisian simple stitch is one that only curls very little as opposed to Tunisian knit stitch. There are many ways you can combat the curl. I have elaborated more on this in my article 7 Useful Things you need to know about Tunisian Crochet. It is worth the read even if I say so myself.

You can use the Tunisian simple stitch in any way you wish as it is very versatile. The main use of Tunisian Crochet or afghan crochet as it is often referred to used to be for thick heavy blankets or afghans.

However, nowadays the modern crochet designers elevate this technique to new levels. You can also use the Tunisian simple stitch for garments, accessories or other homeware items.

I have used this stitch for my very first published design in UK Inside Crochet magazine, Jacob’s Cardigan. It is a lovely cardigan I made for my first born son and it has a special place in my heart.

boy's cardigan using tunisian simple stitch
Jacob’s Cardigan

Tunisian simple stitch is very often used in another cool Tunisian technique – entrelac.

If you wanted to learn more about this technique and find more projects using it, check out these links:

  1. Tunisian Entrelac Bag – Beautiful Livvy Bag

Tunisian Simple Stitch Video Tutorial

I have made a super quick video tutorial. My idea behind this quick video tutorial was someone like me.

A busy mum of two kids that unfortunately does not have much time. There is not enough time in the day to sit down and watch a 30 minute video tutorial.

Hence why I have made a short and simple video that will only take up five minutes of your time. You may need to watch it a couple of times or pause the video.

But I personally find that if the intro talks about yarn and hook used, I am very likely to click away. Or more likely get distracted before it gets to the good bit.

So, please enjoy the video tutorial.

YouTube video

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Written Instructions

I am going to include the written instructions for Tunisian Simple stitch too. This is to help get familiar with how the patterns are written.

Not every pattern will be accompanied with a video tutorial. Hence why I think it is good to get used to the written pattern too.

As I mentioned in the video tutorial above, each row consists of forward pass (FP) and return pass (RP). The first loop on the hook normally counts as the first stitch, unless the pattern you are following instructs you otherwise.

However, you do not need to chain extra stitches to account for a height when it comes to Tunisian simple stitch. That means if you chain 10 chains on your foundation chain, you will have 10 stitches to work with.

tunisian simple stitch close up

Simple written pattern for a Tunisian simple stitch square.

Chain 5.

Row 1 (FP): 1st loop on hook counts as st, *insert hook into next chain, pull up loop and leave on hook; repeat from * across to last ch. [5 loops on hook]

Row 1 (RP): yarn over, pull through one loop, *yarn over, pull through 2 loops; repeat from * until you have 1 loop left on hook. [5 tss]

Row 2 (FP): 1st loop counts as st, *insert hook under the vertical bar of next st, pull up a loop; repeat from * across to last st, insert the hook under both loops of the last st and pull up a loop. [5 loops on hook]

Row 2 (RP): yarn over, pull through one loop, *yarn over, pull through 2 loops; repeat from * until you have 1 loop left on hook. [5 tss]

Repeat Row 2 FP & RP another three times. Fasten off.

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