25 Amazing Mother’s Day Crochet Ideas For Gifts

This is a compilation of amazing ideas for Mother’s Day crochet gifts. I have rounded up quick gifts ideas for various interests of mums – crafters, fashionistas, gardening and flower enthusiasts.

Mother’s Day is such a special occasion in the year. Although we appreciate all the hard work mums do all through the year, it does not hurt to go the extra mile on this special day.

Whether your mum lives down the road and you see her every day, this day should be celebrated. That little gesture of remembering and gifting her something special will make all the difference.

If your mum lives thousands of miles away like my mummy does, it can be hard. I know, I hear you… But I really love the idea to make matching crochet heart shapes. One for you to keep, one to send to your dear mum.

This way you can be “closer” to her every time you look at the heart and think of her. Keep it in your purse or pocket, keep it close…


Mother's Day crochet gift idea collection

25 Free Mother’s Day Crochet Gift Ideas

I have compiled a collection of Mother’s Day crochet patterns that would be suitable for various interests.

Whether your mum is a kitchen goddess and enjoys cooking delicious meals and baking sweet cakes… Or she loves fashion and dressing to impress..

I have a couple of sweet and cute crochet jewellery patterns that are so quick to make but look absolutely gorgeous.

Does your mum like houseplants? Or better air plants? I have found cute patterns to cater for both.

If she likes sipping on her favourite wine while reading a good book, I have a couple of gift ideas that would be perfect.

And the well deserved relaxing bath can not go with some cute crochet accessories either.

Take a look below at these 25 amazing Mother’s Day crochet gift ideas and choose one for your special mum, step mum or grandma … show them how much they mean to you.

Crochet Heart Bracelet

What would be a better way to tell your mum how much you love her than with this Crochet Heart Bracelet – Free Pattern.

It is an easy crochet pattern that works up really quick. The adjustable closer makes it a perfect gift for all the mums on Mother’s Day.

Crochet Heart Bracelet

Mother’s Day Tulips Crochet Potholder

Bring some flowers into your kitchen with this quick and easy tapestry crochet Tulips Potholder. For the mums that love cooking and baking for their family, this would be a lovely gift for Mother’s Day.

For the free pattern, CLICK HERE.

Mother's Day Tulips Crochet Potholder

Crochet Corner Bookmark

Does your mum love reading books? I think buying her the latest released book from her favourite author accompanied by this cute bookmark would be a lovely gift!

Crochet Corner Bookmark is available for free on my blog.

Crochet Corner Bookmark
Lotte Lace Corner Bookmark

Crochet Wine Bottle Holder

This Crochet Wine Bottle Holder Pattern holds a standard 750ml wine bottle. It’s a quick and easy pattern that makes a perfect crochet gift. You can gift your mum her favourite bottle of wine for Mother’s Day with her own crochet bottle holder!

FOLLOW THIS LINK to get the free crochet pattern.

Crochet Wine Bottle Holder

Quick and Easy Crochet Washcloth

Every mum deserved a nice and relaxing bath! Make this super quick and subtly textured crochet washcloth. Add a bar of handmade soap and some bath salts, fragrant candle and a good magazine for a great gift hamper.

Quick and Easy Crochet Washcloth – Free Pattern is available on my website.

Quick and Easy Crochet Washcloth
Blossom Washcloth

Crochet Carnations Flowers For Mother’s Day

Imagine a bunch of flowers that will last way longer than just a few days after Mother’s Day! Make this crochet version of carnation flowers that will last a very long time. It will remind your mum every day of how much she means to you!

Celebrate Mother’s Day, or any occasion, with this free crochet flowers pattern to make Carnations. Carnations are the traditional flower for Mother’s Day in many countries around the world. They express love, fascination, and distinction, making them the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

The free pattern is available ON THIS WEBSITE.

Crochet Carnations Flowers For Mother's Day

Beautiful Crochet Belt For Mother’s Day

How about taking your mum for an afternoon tea? Have her dress up and surprise her with a crochet belt for Mother’s Day.

I am always up for adding a touch of crochet to any of my outfits. But sometimes it is just too warm for a sweater or a shawl. That’s why I have designed this free crochet belt pattern. My Charleston Belt is such a versatile make that will be perfect for any occassion.

You can use it for a fancy dress or over a casual long shirt with leggings, it is super versatile. This Beautiful Crochet Belt – Free Crochet Pattern is available on my blog.

Beautiful Crochet Belt For Mother's Day
Charleston Belt

Crochet Lavender Bags

There is one fragrance that always remind you of your child hood and your mum. My mum loves the smell of lavender.

These crochet lavender bags are perfect handmade gifts for so many reasons! They are quick and easy to make, they are a great way to use up leftover yarn, and best of all they smell amazing!

However, you can fill this cute mini bag with any dried petals of your mum’s favourite flower. You can find this Mother’s Day crochet pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Crochet Lavender Bags

Chunky Crochet Slipper Socks

Keep your mum cozy on Mother’s Day with these super chunky slipper socks! They work up so quick and have the easiest sock construction that even a beginner will master them.

I have always been slightly scared of making crochet socks though. All this talk about heel flaps and afterthought heel is making my brains go blah.. That’s why I have created the easiest crochet sock pattern that is perfect for a beginner crocheter.

Quick and Easy Chunky Crochet Slipper Socks- free pattern are available free on my blog.

Chunky Crochet Slipper Socks

Crochet Air Plant Wall Hanger

Ever heard of air plants? Until recently I have not but they seem to be the latest craze. Air plants are great for anyone who thinks they can’t take care of plants or keep them alive – these low maintenance plants are so easy to take care of and require very little attention!

These little wall hangers are so quick and easy to make with a small rectangle panel for the back hanging panel and a triangle panel for the pouch. It would be such a lovely gift for Mother’s Day!

Find the free crochet pattern HERE.

Crochet Air Plant Wall Hanger

Boho Style Free Crochet Plant Pot Cover

If your mum is mad about house plants, this twisted crochet plant pot cover is the perfect gift.

It uses mock macrame technique aka macrame created with a crochet hook! You can add four strands of string to the top and have a hanging plant pot cover that will add some interest to your mum’s house plant display.

Beautiful Boho Style Free Crochet Plant Pot Cover Pattern is available for free on my blog and would be perfect for Mother’s Day!

Boho Style Free Crochet Plant Pot Cover

Mother’s Day Floral Bloom Hand Towel

This is a lovely combination of two gifts – flowers and something beautiful yet very practical. If your mum loves spending time in the kitchen cooking delicious meals and baking sweet cakes, this would be a lovely gift.

First, you’ll begin by crocheting a base for the flower. Next, you’ll create the petals on the flower. Lastly, you’ll crochet the body of the towel.

THIS WEBPAGE has the full free crochet pattern perfect for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Floral Bloom Hand Towel

Wedge Crochet Project Bag

This cute wedge bag is such a versatile make. You can gift it to your mum and she can use it as a portable craft project bag. However, it can also be used as a make up bag or travel wash bag to hold essentials.

This stylish crochet project bag is slightly unusual but very easy to make! Change the basic pouch shape to a wedge by sewing the end in opposite direction. The addition of a simple handle finishes off this modern project bag perfectly!

Stylish Crochet Wedge Project Bag- Free Pattern is free on my website.

Wedge Crochet Project Bag

Flower Blossoms Free Crochet Face Scrubbies Pattern

Every mum should take a little time for her skincare routine. Although it can be hard in the busy mum life, these cute flower face scrubbier will make you want to clean your face every minute of the day!

The crochet flower face scrubbies are so cute and quick to make. They work as either facial cleansing pads or make-up removers. Because of their pretty shape they would be a beautiful pattern to crochet for mom for a Mother’s Day gift, or some other special occasion. 

Find the free Mother’s Day crochet gift pattern on THIS BLOGPOST.

Flower Blossoms Free Crochet Face Scrubbies Pattern

Crochet Ponchette

This is such a great crochet gift idea. If you would like to make your mum something wearable but are running low on time, this Crochet Ponchette Free Pattern – Midnight Walk is the perfect item for you!

It is a straightforward crochet item that uses tall crochet stitches so it will be finished in no time. This beautiful crochet ponchette pattern can be used as an extra layer in cooler weather. However, you can also use it on a summer evening to cover your shoulders.

Crochet Ponchette

Mother’s Day Crochet Heart

This gorgeous crocheted Mother’s Day heart ornament embellished with flowers and beads is a perfect handmade gift for your mom or grandma.

This could be a cute item you can make for your mum if she doesn’t live near you. Make one for yourself too and carry it with you to keep your mum close. Every time you miss her and think of her, you can find comfort in this beautiful heart.

Get this Mother’s Day crochet heart pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

Mother’s Day Crochet Heart

Crochet Bandana Cowl

Super simple to make yet very stylish to wear – this crochet bandana cowl is a must make! Quick and easy to work up, it will make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day.

Beautiful Crochet Bandana Cowl For Women is available on my blog.

Crochet Bandana Cowl

Faroese Triangle Crochet Shawl Pattern

Make something warm and fashionable for your mum on this special day. We appreciate them every day, but we can go the extra mile on Mother’s Day.

The Faroese shape shawl is a simplistic construction. There is a panel section on the center which has a triangle increase on each side. By giving the back neckline more space this shawl is easier to wrap around oneself.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Faroese Triangle Crochet Shawl Pattern

Textured Crochet Fingerless Gloves

These textured crochet fingerless gloves are such a quick and easy make. The pattern uses crochet rice stitch that gives a beautiful texture while being easy to make. Texture that is striking yet so easy to make. The stitch is created with alternating front and back post double crochet stitches.

Great quick one skein gift for Mother’s Day. Find the Textured Crochet Fingerless Gloves – Free Pattern on my blog.

Textured Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Crochet Heart Mother’s Day Coaster

These heart coasters are beautiful and functional. Such a quick crochet project for Mother’s Day.

They are also a great stash buster as they do not use much yarn at all. You can make a matching set for your mum or go all out and make a rainbow if colours.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern.

Heart Coaster

Crochet Mother’s Day Gift Card Holder

If your mum is notoriously hard to buy for, you can always take the easy way out. Buying a gift card is not lazy. I find it rather practical and it saves a lot of head ache. Rather than spending days trying to come up with a great gift idea, let the recipient choose.

You can always go the extra mile and make this quick and easy crochet gift card holder pattern. It will add a touch of handmade to gift card. Customise the colours for the recipient.

Lacy Crochet Gift Card Holder Free Pattern is available on my blog.

Gift Card Holder

The Downtown Bag Free Crochet Pattern

You can make something that could be both functional and fashionable. Something your mum could use to show her style but also be stable enough to hold her things.

Everything from magazines to sunnies and lip gloss. This crochet bag would make a lovely mums on the go, find the Mother’s Day crochet pattern on ON THIS WEBPAGE.

The Downtown Bag

Crochet Sunflower Coaster

A crochet sunflower coaster pattern to brighten up your home and kitchen! Made in about 20 minutes, this is a great quick crochet project to help you make some last minute Mother’s Day crochet gifts.

If your mum loves flowers, these coasters will be a big hit! Visit THIS BLOG to get the free crochet pattern.

Crochet Sunflower Coaster

Crochet Woven Basket

This crochet woven basket set is such a cute present for Mother’s Day. You can use it for so many things. You can even buy the plant to put inside it and gift it to your mum.

The other two baskets can be used for storing keys by the front door or to hold your mum’s essentials on the bedside table.

Easy to make and work up quickly, you can find this Mother’s Day crochet pattern HERE.

Crochet Woven Basket

Beaded Mother’s Day Crochet Granny Square Pendant

How about making your mum a handmade statement jewellery piece? Crochet granny squares are a true classic, and in the past few years, they made the jump from a “things for grannies” to an iconic crochet motif.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Beaded Granny Square Pendant

I hope you enjoyed these Mother’s Day crochet pattern collection and will choose to make a few. If you think your friends would like to make some too, why not share this collection with them? 

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  1. This was so kind of you to compile these patterns for us. I’ve enjoyed so many of your patterns and appreciate the time you take for us. Many thanks.

    1. I am so glad you like them! It is my pleasure to bring you patterns and content you enjoy! Thank you for your kind comment ?

  2. hi, what a great idea the mothers day hearts are, both my and my husbands mothers died
    a number of years ago and we are not very mobile ourselves any more to visit their graves
    I am going to make two one for each of our mothers and attach them to their photo frames.
    thanks so much for the ideas and the pattern.

    1. That is such a lovely idea! This way you can be close to your dear mums. You are very welcome and I am so happy you found a pattern you like. ?

  3. I love all of the crochet gift ideas in this post! I’m going to have to bookmark this page so I can come back to it later!

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