Festive Tapestry Crochet Square – Gift Box Free Pattern

Free festive tapestry crochet square pattern for a gift box. Use it for a cushion, wall hanging, or a cute coaster.

I am so excited to be sharing this festive tapestry crochet square with you today! It is certainly time to get into a festive mood and start making some festive projects.

And what better way to relax after a busy day with a small project? This tapestry crochet square is s perfect project to relax with and make something cute and festive.

You can use this festive crochet square for various crochet projects too!

Whether you want to make a few and join them together to make a cushion cover, wall hanging, or even a festive crochet tote bag, you can!

If you fancy going big, why not make enough squares for a lap blanket? Fancy going small?

You can make an individual square and use it as a coaster for your mulled wine or hot chocolate!

The possibilities are endless!


Festive gift box tapestry crochet square pattern

Cozy Christmas Cushion CAL

This festive tapestry crochet square has been designed for a special event – The Cozy Christmas Cushion CAL!

I have teamed up with 8 of my designer crochet friends and we have each designed a tapestry square for you.

We will be releasing them throughout November 2022 so you have a lovely festive make just in time for Christmas. You can read more about the event on the main CAL page here.

cozy Christmas cushion crochet along

Festive Tapestry Crochet Square Details

This tapestry square is such a versatile pattern that can be used for so many different things.

The square uses Red Heart Super Saver Yarn which is a standard aran/worsted weight yarn. I used Cherry Red, Paddy Green, and White to make my square.

I used a single crochet stitch throughout using the tapestry crochet technique. If you wanted to check out an ultimate guide to tapestry crochet, please VISIT THIS PAGE for a great tutorial.

The finished square is 21 stitches wide and 23 rows tall.
The finished size is 13.25 cm square.

I used a 5 mm crochet hook.

The tension needed is 16 sts x 18 rows = 10 x 10 cm/ 4 x 4 inches.

festive tapestry crochet square pattern

Cozy Christmas Cushion Ebook

You will be able to get all 9 tapestry crochet squares free on each designer’s blog.

However, there is also an option to grab all 9 squares in a beautifully formatted eBook.

The ebook contains graphs, written instructions for left and right-handed crocheters, useful links, and designer’s links.

To check out the ebook, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Festive cushion tapestry crochet square ebook

Festive Tapestry Crochet Square Chart

gift box graph

Festive Tapestry Crochet Square Written Instructions

Gift Box by Blue Star Crochet  

Chain 22, start working into 2nd chain from the hook.

Row 1: (W) x 21  
Row 2: (W) x 21  
Row 3: (W) x 4, (R) x 5, (G) x 3, (R) x 5, (W) x 4  
Row 4: (W) x 4, (R) x 5, (G) x 3, (R) x 5, (W) x 4  
Row 5: (W) x 4, (R) x 5, (G) x 3, (R) x 5, (W) x 4  
Row 6: (W) x 4, (R) x 5, (G) x 3, (R) x 5, (W) x 4  
Row 7: (W) x 4, (R) x 5, (G) x 3, (R) x 5, (W) x 4  
Row 8: (W) x 4, (R) x 5, (G) x 3, (R) x 5, (W) x 4  
Row 9: (W) x 4, (R) x 5, (G) x 3, (R) x 5, (W) x 4  
Row 10: (W) x 4, (R) x 5, (G) x 3, (R) x 5, (W) x 4  
Row 11: (W) x 4, (R) x 5, (G) x 3, (R) x 5, (W) x 4  
Row 12: (W) x 3, (R) x 1, (W) x 5, (G) x 3, (W) x 5, (R) x 1, (W) x 3  
Row 13: (W) x 3, (R) x 6, (G) x 3, (R) x 6, (W) x 3  
Row 14: (W) x 3, (R) x 6, (G) x 3, (R) x 6, (W) x 3  
Row 15: (W) x 3, (R) x 6, (G) x 3, (R) x 6, (W) x 3  
Row 16: (W) x 7, (G) x 7, (W) x 7  
Row 17: (W) x 6, (G) x 2, (W) x 2, (G) x 1, (W) x 2, (G) x 2, (W) x 6  
Row 18: (W) x 5, (G) x 2, (W) x 3, (G) x 1, (W) x 3, (G) x 2, (W) x 5  
Row 19: (W) x 5, (G) x 1, (W) x 3, (G) x 3, (W) x 3, (G) x 1, (W) x 5  
Row 20: (W) x 5, (G) x 2, (W) x 1, (G) x 2, (W) x 1, (G) x 2, (W) x 1, (G) x 2, (W) x 5  
Row 21: (W) x 6, (G) x 3, (W) x 3, (G) x 3, (W) x 6  
Row 22: (W) x 21  
Row 23: (W) x 21  

Total: (R) x 128, (W) x 280, (G) x 75

Final thoughts…

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8 thoughts on “Festive Tapestry Crochet Square – Gift Box Free Pattern

  1. Hii sorry I’m kinda new to crochet I’ve only made a few projects. I’m just wondering what you mean by (W) x 21 as usually I see it as sc ( single crochet) x21 or something. Sorry I know it’s a silly question but I’m just wondering if you could let me know the references for (w) and (g) etc … thank you !!!

    1. The letters refer to the colors if the stitches, so you need to make 21 sc in White, R is for Red and G is for Green

  2. No time to crochet this but buying the e-book maybe i can make a last minute item for an unexpected visitor

    1. that’s a lovely thought! The patterns are classic, so you can save the eBook and reuse next year too! 😊

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