How To Make Twisted Fringe For A Beautiful Finish

This is a free tutorial on how to make a twisted fringe. Great alternative to a classic fringe to add a beautiful finishing touch to your crochet projects.

Adding some beautiful finishing touches to your crochet projects can really elevate them to another level.

If you are looking for a great alternative to the traditional fringe, look no further than the twisted fringe!


How To Make Twisted Fringe

I feel that twisted fringe as a beautiful finishing touch is much more durable than the traditional fringe.

This is especially true for a yarn that is likely to split into individual strands. By twisting it together, you can make it more sturdy and looking pretty for much longer.

You can add the twisted fringe to just about any project – scarf, blanket, poncho, boho vest… the possibilities are endless!

Twisted Fringe Photo Tutorial

twisted fringe tutorial
  • with the working loop still attached, extend the loop to the desired size
  • please note that the finished fringe will be less than half the length due to the twisting and folding process
  • this 15 cm loop was around 6.5 cm long as a finished twisted fringe
  • to make the strands uniform you can use ruler or any object you can measure the length against like a book, notepad, pencil etc…
twist the strand of the fringe
  • start twisting the strand around with your hook
  • you can twist towards or away from your body, the direction isn’t crucial as long as you keep twisting the same way
  • I have twisted it around at least 25 times or until you can see a tight twist forming
fold the twisted fringe in half
  • then fold the twisted strand in half and let the two halves twist around each other to create the twisted fringe
finished twisted fringe
  • this is what it should look like at this point
  • secure the twisted fringe by slip stitching into the same stitch
  • slip stitch into the next stitch and repeat if you want a fringe coming out of each stitch
  • alternatively, you can slip stitch into the next stitch again and make fringe in that stitch
  • that means you will have fringe coming out of every other stitch
the finished size of the twisted fringe strand
  • as I said, the finished twisted fringe will be less than half the length of the original strand of yarn

Projects Using Twisted Fringe

There are various projects that could benefit from adding a twisted fringe to.

Here are a few examples of projects to use this beautiful technique for:

1. Julissa Blanket

Julissa Blanket is one of my latest crochet patterns! It is super cozy and chunky crochet blanket that will give you a giant crochet hug!

It is a design for Hobbii website using their Udon Yarn! It uses a simple combination of basic stitches that give the fabric a knit-look achieved with a humble crochet hook.

julissa blanket

The finished size is a large 120 x 170 cm blanket which is a great size to snuggle under on the sofa.

However, the stitch pattern is easily adjustable as it is a repeat of one stitch and 4 rows. I used a 15 mm crochet hook which in combination with the yarn makes the blanket a quick project.

julissa blanket2


Link coming soon

2. Shipka Scarf

Any scarf would be great with a fringe on both short ends. Even better if you use the twisted fringe!

This is a sneak peek of Shipka Scarf that will be coming to the blog soon!

3. Boho Vest

Stylish Crochet Bohemian Vest – free pattern is a lovely summer crochet wardrobe staple to wear over a vest top or as a beach cover up. 

You can replace the traditional fringe with a twisted fringe which will stop the bamboo yarn splitting.

4. Lenny Wrap

Free Winter Crochet Wrap Pattern – Reversible Lenny Wrap uses interlocking crochet technique which produces squishy fabric.

Lenny Wrap would look great with twisted as opposed to the traditional fringe.

5. Meadowside Blanket

Crochet baby blankets are such a great make. They are quick to crochet and a thoughtful handmade gift. Check out my Beautiful and Easy Woven Crochet Baby Blanket.

You can take the blanket up a notch by adding the twisted fringe.

woven crochet baby blanket spread out on bed with child's toy

Final Thoughts

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