Tunisian Entrelac Shawl – Leyla Shawl Pattern

This Tunisian entrelac shawl uses the fun entrelac technique worked in corner to corner method diagonally across the fabric. It is a great way to introduce Tunisian crochet to your repertoire of stitches and techniques.

After several of my Tunisian Crochet designs published in magazines, I have set out to spread the word on just how great this technique can be!

Entrelac might seem complicated at first, however, I think it is a great place to start with Tunisian Crochet!

You only need to master one stitch – Tunisian Simple Stitch. Secondly, you don’t even need a special Tunisian Crochet hook!

You will only be working with 8 loops on your hook at one time! You won’t need to deal with loads of stitches at the same time.

The other great thing about Tunisian Crochet is, that although you might have a few loops on your hook at the same time, there is only ONE live stitch!

As opposed to knitting, if you drop a stitch in Tunisian Crochet, it is not the end of the world. As long as you catch the very first loop on your hook, you are completely fine!

I was also a little disappointed to learn that people tend to avoid Tunisian crochet. They mostly see fabric created with Tunisian crochet as being heavy, dense and thick.

However, the only way the fabric is heavy, dense and thick is if you want it to be that way.

Tunisian crochet is so much more! It is pretty, modern, versatile and most importantly easy!

In the right hands and with the right direction, Tunisian crochet too can create a light, airy and wearable fabric.

So let me introduce you to Leyla Shawl using Tunisian Entrelac technique in corner to corner or C2C.

tunisian entrelac shawl pinterest

Leyla Shawl – Tunisian Entrelac Hat Pattern

The Leyla Shawl is such a great crochet accessory to add to your wardrobe! It is a stunning oversized crochet shawl that will be the perfect project to showcase some precious yarn!

You can pair a skein of hand dyed sock yarn you have been saving for something special with a plain yarn. This will make your hand dyed yarn really stand out!

I have used two colors for my version, however, you can totally use more colors in your shawl!

Secondly, you do not even need a special Tunisian crochet hook to work up this magic. Neither do you need a previous experience in Tunisian Crochet!

All you need is a straight crochet hook without any fancy ergonomic handles. This is because the most loops you will have on your hook at one time is eight!

That is right, just 8 stitches to work with, the entrelac technique is a gentle introduction into Tunisian crochet!

tunisian entrelac shawl pattern

Leyla Tunisian Entrelac Shawl Details

As I said, the shawl uses the entrelac Tunisian crochet technique worked diagonally across the fabric from one corner to the other.

The basic shape of the fabric you need to achieve is a triangle. That means you will be increasing both the width and height at the same time.

Once you have finished your triangle fabric, we will finish off the working diagonal edge.

Because we will be working in squares, the edge of your shawl will look like steps at this point.

To finish off the working edge, we will work small triangles (which are basically half squares) to create a neat straight edge for your shawl.

After blocking your shawl, you will have a stunning and versatile Tunisian entrelac shawl that will become your favorite go-to accessory for any season.

The shawl only uses two different yarn colors – teal green and off-white color with speckles.

However, the combinations of colors are endless and you can completely customise the finished look of your shawl to match your wardrobe and style!

tunisian entrelac shawl crochet pattern

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The first finished square measures 3.5 x 3.5 cm /1.4 x 1.4 inch


165 cm wingspan (across the longest edge) x 75 cm shawl depth


65 inch wingspan (across the longest edge) x 30 inch shawl depth

tunisian entrelac shawl flatlay


ch – chain stitch

yo – yarn over

lp(s) – loop(s)

tss – Tunisian simple stitch

tss2tog– tunisian simple stitch the following two stitches together

sl st – slip stitch

st(s) – stitch(es)

FP – forward pass

RP – return pass

leyla shawl - tunisian entrelac

Tunisian Entrelac Shawl Main Pattern

Pattern Notes

  • A C2C entrelac project is made up of a combination of small squares that are positioned in a way that builds a square / rectangular /triangular fabric.
  • The smaller squares are built individually and joined using the join-as-you-go technique with other squares.
  • each small square is made up of 5 rows of 7 stitches
  • the squares use Tunisian Simple Stitch
  • there are 4 types of squares we will need in order to complete the rectangle.
  • the first loop that stays on the hook counts as first stitch
  • each row in Tunisian crochet consists of two parts – Forward Pass (FP) and Return Pass (RP)
  • forward pass is worked right to left picking up loops onto the hook
  • return pass is worked left to right working the loops off the hook
tunisian entrelac square types

The Leyla Shawl consists of 465 small squares arranged in a triangle.

You will start with square one in the bottom left corner.

Then follow the order of squares working diagonally in corner to corner fashion as shown on the diagram below.

Your last square is no. 465 in the top LEFT corner.

The schematic below shows you the order in which you will be working on your squares. Starting with square 1 through to square no.465.

tunisian entrelac shawl schematics

Here is the layout of the squares from 1-465 showing you which square type pattern to use.

Follow the pattern for each square joining them as you go to create a triangle fabric.

tunisian entrelac shawl shcematics square type

The Leyla Shawl is a simple shawl made from a triangle.

That means you will be working diagonally increasing the width until you reach the desired depth.

Once you have finished your fabric, you will finish off the edge with triangles that will straighten the edge of the fabric.

Tunisian Entrelac Masterclass

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I am on a mission to teach you the basics of Tunisian Crochet so you too can discover how fun, exciting and versatile this technique truly is!

Gone are the days when the only thing Tunisian Crochet was good for was thick, heave and dense afghans and blankets!

So come and see for yourself what you can create with Tunisian Entrelac in this exciting event.

We will start with learning the basics of Tunisian crochet, all about forward and return pass and Tunisian Simple Stitch.

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There is a choice of three patterns in this crochet along. Right after you sign up for the free event, head over to your student dashboard and cast your vote!

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Final Thoughts

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