Herringbone Double Crochet (HBdc) – Free Video Tutorial

Free Written and Video Tutorial for Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch

Herringbone Double Crochet is a great reversible stitch that is full of subtle texture. It is created by a simple switch in which loop you pull the yarn through.

It is amazing that such a simple manipulation of a basic stitch can create a completely new look. The tilt of this stitch creates the distinctive arrow-shape.

Classic herringbone design consists of interlocking V-shaped zigzag. It gets its name for how closely it resembles the bone structure of an actual herring.

It is a great stitch to use for projects that will get a lot of use, like sweaters, cardigans, tops and blankets.

The herringbone double crochet stitch works with any yarn of any weight. I suggest using a smooth yarn rather than fuzzy or fluffy one. This way you will be able to see clearly when the herringbone pattern appears.

You can pair the herringbone double crochet with any other stitch for a design. However, to get the signature V-shaped design, you’ll need to complete 2 or more rows of the herringbone double crochet.


herringbone double crochet stitch tutorial

Herringbone Double Crochet Video Tutorial

I have filmed a video tutorial for this stitch while I was working on my Shoreline Sweater design. The video includes simple increases using this great stitch.

It is available on my YouTube channel, please subscribe for more video tutorials.

YouTube video

As you can see the herringbone double crochet works best when you work in rows.

Each row leans to a different side. By working two rows, you will get the herringbone V shape as one row leans left, the other leans right.

This is the reason why this stitch does not work well when crocheting in rounds.

Shoreline Sweater using herringbone double crochet
Shoreline Sweater using herringbone double crochet

Written Instructions

Here are simple instructions on how to work the herringbone double crochet stitch. There is a simple change you can make to completely change the look.

It is a little play on the standard double crochet stitch. The standard abbreviation is HBdc.

To start a new row, you will chain 2 and place the first HBdc into the stitch at the bottom of 2 ch which does not count as a st.

I prefer to start the row this way as it eliminates the ugly gap you get when using 3 ch as a starting stitch.

Firstly, yarn over and insert your hook into the stitch. Yarn over and pull a loop through the stitch, then continue to pull through the next loop on the hook. You will have 2 loops on the hook.

Then, yarn over and pull through 1 loop on the hook. That will still leave you 2 loops on the hook.

Lastly, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on the hook to complete the stitch.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this herringbone double crochet stitch tutorial. I have more free crochet tutorials that you might enjoy right here on the blog. 

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Herringbone Double Crochet (HBdc) – Free Video Tutorial

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