Crochet Dog Bandana Free Pattern – Roxy’s Bandana

Super quick and easy crochet dog bandana pattern using the ever so popular crochet granny stitch. The bandana scarf is worked diagonally using the corner to corner crochet technique.

Pets make great gift recipients, don’t they? I made this cute crochet dog bandana for our family pet dog Roxy. She is the latest member of the family and still a puppy at 7 months old!

You know they say you should start training dogs as soon as they are born! I reckon this applies to wearing crochet makes and posing for pictures too.

I must say it took a little while for Roxy to get used to her crochet dog bandana scarf but I think she did a fabulous job posing for pictures!

Crochet Dog Bandana Pattern Details

I loved making this crochet bandana for our dog! It is super easy and quick crochet make that will work up in less than half an hour!

I used the beginner friendly crochet granny stitch. This is one of the first stitches every beginner crocheter learns.

I think this is the next step in beginners crochet journey as this bandana is worked a little differently. You start at the bottom point of the triangle and work diagonally.

This technique is also referred to as corner to corner technique.

It sounds a little more complicated than it really is! You simply create an extra 1 chain space at each end of the row.

You then use this extra chain space to work a granny stitch into. The granny stitch is a simple cluster of 3 double crochet stitches.

What is even better is that this bandana is so easy to customise to fit a dog of any size.

Because it is worked diagonally, you can easily repeat the last row as many times as you need to make it larger. For smaller breeds you can omit few rows to make it smaller.

roxy's crochet dog bandana free pattern

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crochet dog bandana

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  • Scheepjes Stonewashed Yarn x 1 ball in Carnelian 
  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • scissors


24 cm width x 12.5 cm depth of the triangle


5 granny clusters x 8 rows measures 10 x 10 cm


ch- chain stitch

dc- double crochet

sc- single crochet

fsc- foundation single crochet

ch-sp – chain space

For abbreviations master list as set out by Craft Yarn Council, please CLICK HERE.


  • The pattern starts at the bottom of the triangle
  • It is worked diagonally using the corner to corner crochet technique
  • The pattern uses classic granny stitch or 3 dc cluster worked into 1 chain space
  • Where stitch count is added – cluster refers to the granny stitch or 3 dc worked in chain space


  • To adjust the size for larger or smaller dogs, you simple need to worked more or less rows
  • The ties are also easily adjustable by adding more/less single crochet stitches

Crochet Dog Bandana Video Tutorials

The bandana uses granny stitch that is worked in corner to corner technique. I have filmed a video tutorial to teach you how to work this stitch.

Please click on the play button below or ON THIS LINK to watch, subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn the notifications on!


Chain 5.

Row 1: miss 4 chains (this counts as first dc stitch + 1 ch-sp), 3 dc into last chain, 1 ch, 1 dc into the same chain st, turn. 1 cluster

Row 2: 4 ch (counts as 1 dc + 1 ch-sp), 3 dc into first 1 ch-sp, 1 ch, miss next 3 dc cluster, 3 dc into next 1 ch-sp, 1 ch, 1 dc into 3rd ch of beginning 4 ch from previous row, turn. 2 clusters

Row 3: 4 ch (counts as 1 dc + 1 ch-sp), 3 dc into first 1 ch-sp, (1 ch, miss next 3 dc cluster, 3 dc into next 1 ch-sp) twice, 1 ch, 1 dc into 3rd ch of beginning 4 ch from previous row, turn. 3 clusters

Row 4: 4 ch (counts as 1 dc + 1 ch-sp), 3 dc into first 1 ch-sp, (1 ch, miss next 3 dc cluster, 3 dc into next 1 ch-sp) 3 times, 1 ch, 1 dc into 3rd ch of beginning 4 ch from previous row, turn. 4 clusters

Row 5: 4 ch (counts as 1 dc + 1 ch-sp), 3 dc into first 1 ch-sp, (1 ch, miss next 3 dc cluster, 3 dc into next 1 ch-sp) repeat across, 1 ch, 1 dc into 3rd ch of beginning 4 ch from previous row, turn. 5 clusters

Repeat Row 5 another 5 times. 10 clusters

Do not fasten off. 


With yarn still attached, chain 51. Starting in 2nd chain from the hook, work 1 sc into each chain st. 50 sc

Continue working across the main triangle, working 1 sc into each dc and each 1 ch-sp across. 42 sc

Do not fasten off. Chain 2 and create the tie on the other side by working foundation single crochet stitch. 50 fsc


Fasten off. Sew in all ends. Gently block to dimensions. 

I hope you enjoy this cute free crochet dog bandana pattern! I would love to see your doggie friends wearing theirs if you decide to make one!

If your crafty friends have pets, why not share this free pattern with them?

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6 thoughts on “Crochet Dog Bandana Free Pattern – Roxy’s Bandana

  1. Hello! I made this cute dog bandana yesterday. Thank you for sharing the pattern! It was quick and easy! Just a question about the pattern. In Row 5 you indicate 4 clusters will be made. It is actually 5 clusters? This would follow the progression of the pattern. Thank you again!

  2. I am happy problems getting the Roxy pattern. It says that you for supporting me but, when I went to ravelry it is not there. Also, it show pen pal.

  3. Today I made 2 Roxy’s bandana scarfs for my fur babies. They are so cute in their matching bandana scarfs. Thank you for the lovely pattern.

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