18 Quick Crochet Stash Busters – free crochet patterns

These are 18 amazing crochet stash busters that will help you use up some of your stash! They are quick and easy crochet projects that would make lovely last minute gifts too.

Are you ready for more crochet stash busters? I simply love quick an easy crochet projects. And if you make some of these and use up some scrap yarn, you know what that means? Yarn shopping!

These are great crochet projects to work on when you need a quick feeling of satisfaction from starting and finishing a crochet project in one day. Do you know what I mean? The whole process from start to finish in just a few hours.

The excitement from choosing the yarn when you start a new project and make the first few stitches. Right through to finish when you sew in the last end. And what’s even better, you used scrap yarn and saved it from going to the waste.

We have to replace what we used, right? So if you had your virtual yarn shopping basket saved on your computer for a while, now is the time to hit that check out button!

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18 Quick Crochet Stash Busters - free crochet patterns

18 Quick Crochet Stash Busters

I simply love the variety of all these crochet projects. You can make so many of these as items to sell at the craft fair. With the end of school year approaching, don’t you think these would make lovely teacher’s gifts? There are plenty of great crochet stash busters to choose from. Plus by using up some scraps, surely you have to buy more yarn, right?

We have handy crochet project bags for crocheting on the go. Not to forget some beautiful crochet potholders to add some practical beauty to your kitchen. Would you believe you can make a whole shawl or scarf from scrap yarn. If you didn’t, you need to look at a whole sweater made from scrap yarn to keep you warm!

1. Wedge Crochet Project Bag

This stylish crochet project bag is slightly unusual but very easy to make! Change the basic pouch shape to a wedge by sewing the end in opposite direction. The addition of a simple handle finishes off this modern project bag perfectly! Plus there is a handy opening on the side. You can use it to thread your working yarn through for crocheting on the go. Stylish Crochet Wedge Project Bag- Free Pattern is available on my website.

crochet project bag on a table

2. Candy Cane Crochet Square Stash Busters

A crochet blanket square pattern, the Candy Cane crochet square is an 8 inch afghan block to make a lovely and comfortable crochet blanket. It is a lovely beginner friendly crochet stash buster, find it HERE. The colour possibilities are endless to make a blanket to fit into your room decor.

Candy Cane Crochet Square Stash Busters

3. Classic Striped Potholder

If your kitchen are in need for a touch of crochet, this pattern is perfect. The stitch pattern used for this crochet potholder makes for such a soft finish. The pattern uses cotton yarn and it will be durable & is easy to wash. CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Classic Striped Potholder

4. Paige Mod Scarf

The convertible mod scarf measures 80″ long without tassels. And since it uses a #3 weight yarn, it’s pretty light weight for early spring. The convertible mod scarf features steady increases and decreases to get the shape. The shape allows you to wear this as a hooded scarf, hooded cowl, super scarf, super cowl, or a shawlette. Follow THIS LINK for the pattern.

Paige mod scarf crochet stash busters pattern

5. Crochet Coaster Stash Busters

This is a free round crochet coaster pattern that adds a little vintage vibe to your home decor. The pattern is very versatile and can be made into various other items too!

I love how quick and easy these crochet coasters are to make. Although they are easy, I think they will look stunning in any home.

The combination of lace and fine yarn make them look vintage, however they will fit into any modern living space.

Free Round Crochet Coaster Pattern – Solar Circle is available on my blog.

crochet coasters

6. Jellyfish and Octopus Appliques

The patterns of the jellyfish and the octopus are actually very similar with just minor differences. However, I do think that their look is different enough to make them two separate patterns. Check out these cute crochet sea creature guys ON THIS CROCHET BLOG.

Jellyfish and Octopus Appliques

7. Gracie Gift Bag Crochet Stash Buster

The Gracie Gift Bag pattern makes a small crochet gift bag to hold your treasured gift. This free pattern uses a combination of basic stitches to create the lacey design. It works up quicker and is one of the great crochet stash busters for beginners. CLICKE HERE for the free pattern.

Gracie Gift Bag Crochet Stash Buster

8. Triangle Bunting

This super quick and easy crochet bunting belongs to crochet stash busters by right! It works up really quick and uses all scraps of yarn, you can even make a multicoloured bunting to decorate your home with. It uses the ever so popular granny stitch worked in triangle so it will be the next step in crochet learning journey. Visit THIS WEBSITE for the pattern.

Crochet Triangle Stash Busters Bunting

9. WIP Crochet Bag for Stash Busters

This handy crochet stash busters bag allows you to have your yarn come out from the bag while it is still inside the bag. Such a great bag to transport your crochet projects for crocheting on the go. The pattern work up so fast as it uses a super chunky yarn and size 8.00 mm hook. Click HERE for the free pattern.

WIP Crochet Bag for Stash Busters

10. C2C Lemon Peel Dishcloth

The lemon peel stitch used for this cute dishcloth has lots of texture. If you work it diagonally like this cute pattern it will not only be full of texture but it will look interesting. It is worked corner to corner or c2c technique. FOLLOW THIS LINK for the pattern.

C2C Lemon Peel Dishcloth

11. Crochet Eyeball Coasters Stash Busters

Crochet these super spooky Halloween eyeball coasters with this fun and easy crochet pattern. These coasters are quick to crochet and only use a small amount of yarn. They are great for craft fairs, or as a quick gift! You can even make a few and string them together for a Halloween bunting decoration. Find the free pattern HERE.

Crochet Eyeball Coasters Stash Busters

12. Any Way Skinny Wrap

The beautiful part about this super cute and fun crochet stash busters design is that is meant to be worn any way! You can wear it as a belt, scarf, headband or how ever you like! It’s also fully customizable and easy to adjust length and width as well! Make it in solid colours or variegated and match it to any outfit or season! Find the pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Any Way Skinny Wrap

13. Monstera Crochet Clutch

It’s a simple and stylish crochet clutch pattern that uses tapestry crochet to create the monstera pattern. It’s the perfect summer accessory! Check out the pattern HERE.

Monstera Crochet Clutch

14. Crochet Thick Potholder (Thermal Stitch)

This pattern uses the thermal stitch – one of the most dense and thick crochet stitch patterns out there. It creates a super thick crochet stash busters – potholders- to help you around the kitchen. It protects your fingers and decorates your kitchen at the same time. Find the free pattern by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Crochet Thick Potholder (Thermal Stitch)

15. Happy Scrappy Sweater

As the name suggests, here is a great sweater project for using up your stash of yarn. It is the Happy Scrappy Sweater. The designer has designed this fun pattern with new makers in mind, keeping it really simple while adding in some texture with some back loop only rows. Check out the gorgeous pattern HERE.

Happy Scrappy Sweater - CROCHET STASH BUSTERS

16. Seaside Mug Rug

The Seaside Mug Rug features unique shell stitches reminiscent of the beach! If you’re wondering what a mug rug is anyway, it’s really just a simple coaster. However, what sets it apart is the addition of a fringe which makes it look just like a mini rug. Get this fun pattern ON THIS BLOG.

17. Pankh Dishcloth

This lovely dishcloth uses the feather stitch. It is a beautiful crochet stitch full of texture. You can practice new stitch and make something beautiful and super useful. To use this crochet pattern VISIT THIS WEBSITE for the pattern.

Pankh Dishcloth

18. USA Mug Rug

This cute pattern can be used to celebrate lots of holidays and occasions. This is the perfect 4th of July crochet pattern that you can make really quickly. The addition of cross stitch and fringe really make these stand out. The free pattern is AVAILABLE HERE.


I hope you enjoy this round up of 18 crochet stash busters to help you use up the leftovers. 

If you enjoyed it, why not share it with your crafty friends or pin it to your favourite Pinterest Board for later. These patterns will always come in handy to use up some scrap yarn.

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