Beautiful Boho Style Free Crochet Plant Pot Cover Pattern

Boho style Plant Pot Cover Free Pattern

This beautiful boho style crochet plant pot cover is another free crochet pattern on the blog. It is a quick beginner friendly pattern that would make a lovely gift too.

Crochet Plant Pot Cover Elevating home decor to another level…literally

I do like winter. But somehow the winter here in UK is so very different to the winter I know from home.

Everything gets covered in snow back home. The crisp white mornings when the sun shines across the blue skies and bounces off the pure white snow has its magic.

The blinding brightness sparkling with thousands of tiny diamonds sprinkled across vast fields. You take a deep breath in and feel the cold air right down in your lungs and it refreshes you.

That’s the winter I know…

Here in UK, everything stays pretty green all year round. Hence why I feel inspired to grow my plant collection.

I am really falling in love with the year round green plants. A tall orchid is proudly perched in the window showing off the delicate dusk pink flowers.

This has inspired me to elevate some plant pots and really create three dimensional display.

Excited with this vision, I grabbed my crochet hook. I made this crochet plant pot cover in less than an hour. That’s why I am planning on making many more crochet pot covers I can hang in the front window.

crochet flower pot cover in display window

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How to crochet plant pot cover

This crochet plant pot cosy is a stash busting project. I used a ball of King Cole Cottonsoft DK in Pure White I had leftover from another project.

You can use any strong yarn that will be able to take the weight of a flower pot. This is most likely going to be cotton yarn.

You can get creative and use all different colours too. Do you remember all the rainbows we made to display in the windows?

I made my crochet pot cover with 4 strands that I can tie into a knot and hang it up in the window. You can by all means skip the last step and just make the flower pot cosy to decorate your plant pots.


Grab the ad free, printer friendly version of this pattern from my shops below. 

Materials for crochet flower pot cover


The pot measures 10 cm across bottom diameter, 47.5 cm circumference and 13 cm height. The plant pot cover stretches over it easily.


16st x 8 rows measures 10 x 10 cm measured over dc


mc- magic circle

ch- chain stitch

dc- double crochet

sl st- slip stitch

sc- single crochet

dtr- double treble crochet 

For abbreviations master list as set out by Craft Yarn Council, please CLICK HERE.

Crochet Plant Pot Cover Pattern Notes

  • The pattern starts with creating a magic ring.
  • It consists of working the bottom circle in dc and ch sts to create spider web-like circle
  • The sides are worked in rows of dc stitch worked vertically at 90 degree angle to the bottom circle
  • These rows are then twisted and fixed in position with a row of sc worked  around the beginning 3 ch of each row.
boho style hanging flower pot cosy crochet pattern


Create magic circle.

Rnd 1: 3 ch (counts as first dc), 11 dc into mc, sl st to top of beg 3 ch. 12 dc

Rnd 2: 5 ch (counts as first dc + 2 ch), *1 dc in next dc, 2 ch; repeat from * around, sl st to 3rd ch of beg 5 ch to join. 

Rnd 3: 6 ch (counts as first dc + 3 ch), *miss next 2 ch-sp, 1 dc in next dc, 3 ch; repeat from * around, sl st to 3rd ch of beg 6 ch to join. 

Rnd 4: 7 ch (counts as first dc + 4 ch), *miss next 3 ch-sp, 1 dc in next dc, 4 ch; repeat from * around, sl st to 3rd ch of beg 7 ch to join. 

Rnd 5: 8 ch (counts as first dc + 5 ch), *miss next 4 ch-sp, 1 dc in next dc, 5 ch; repeat from * around, sl st to 3rd ch of beg 8 ch to join. 

Rnd 6: 1 ch (doesn’t count as a st) starting in same st at the bottom of 1ch, *1 sc in  next dc, 5 sc in next 5 ch-sp; repeat from * around, sl st to first dc to join. 72 sc


Rnd 7: chain 12, starting in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in each ch down the foundation chain just made, miss next st on Rnd 6, sl st to next st, *sl st to next st on Rnd 6, chain 12, starting in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in each ch down the foundation chain just made, miss next st on Rnd 6, sl st to next st; repeat from * around, fasten off. 24 vertical rows of dc

step by step for crochet flower cosy

Rnd 8: twist one dc strand from Rnd 7 over, join yarn around beg 3 ch st, 1 ch, 3 sc in same sp around the st, *pick up next strand and twist over, work 3 sc around beg 3 ch st; repeat around, sl st to first dc. 72 sc

photo tutorial for crochet hanging pot cover
close up of flower pot cosy crochet pattern

Rnd 9 – 10: 1 ch, 1 sc in each st around, sl st to first dc. 72 sc

Rnd 11: 7 ch (counts as first dtr + 2 ch), *miss next 2 sts**, 1 dtr in next, 2 ch; repeat from * around ending last repeat at **, sl st to 5th ch of beg 7 ch. 


With yarn still attached, chain 100 and fasten off.

Miss next 5 dtr, join yarn in next and chain 100, fasten off. Repeat 2 more times to create 4 strings. 


Sew in all ends.

I looked out the front window surrounded by my plant babies tightly hugged in their crochet plant pot covers. A few perfectly formed white snowflakes were dancing through the air.

I caught a glimpse of the diamond spark in the air as one landed on the ground. “It’s snowing!” I whispered.

Final Thoughts…

If you enjoyed this free crochet plant pot cover pattern, why not check out my Tidy Up Chunky Crochet Basket where I used an old leather belt for the handles. You could repurpose the basket and use it as a flower pot cosy for a large pots.

If you love boho style crochet, I have put together 10 Must Have Crochet Patterns for Boho Chic Style.

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Beautiful Boho Style Free Crochet Plant Pot Cover Pattern

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  1. Hi Veronika,
    thank you from an utterly rain soaked Manchester England. I love plants and now I can show them off with a few beautiful, handmade pot holders

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