Easy and Cosy Crochet Cottage Blanket- free pattern

Easy Crochet Cottage Blanket

I adore this easy crochet blanket- my Cottage Blanket- is another free pattern here on the blog!

Have a read through the blog, choosing the perfect yarn or scroll down for the free stashbusting crochet blanket pattern which comes in twelve different sizes.

Design Process

Did I say I love this easy crochet blanket? I love it because it was a great stashbusting project.

I had a bag of this beautiful yarn which was asking to be a crochet blanket so without hesitation I have answered that call.

The blanket is made up of 6 different colour sections and each section uses 1 ball of this gorgeous yarn.

crochet blanket draped over the sofa

Easy Crochet Blanket Video Stitch Tutorial

This easy crochet blanket uses a great textured stitch- crossed double crochet stitch– because who doesn’t love texture. It is such a great stitch pattern that is easy to memorize.

I love the texture of this stitch because it looks great on both sides so there isn’t right or wrong side to the blanket.

It is completely reversible so you do not have to worry about which side is on show!

You can find a video tutorial for this stitch below and if you enjoy it, why not subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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Choosing the perfect yarn for your easy crochet blanket

For this blanket I have chosen to use West Yorkshire Spinners Re:Treat yarn as it is a great yarn to work with.

It is a chunky roving yarn which means it has been left unspun in its natural form. The yarn lends itself to a great stitch definition.

If you prefer, you can substitute the yarn for an acrylic or other blend yarn for instance.

In this case I would recommend any Chunky yarn which is acrylic anti-pilling yarn so it will withstand a few spins in the washing machine.

I have also written a separate tutorial for this great stitch, check out Crossed Double Crochet Stitch Free Tutorial.

crossed double crochet stitch close up

If you are not ready to start why not pin this pattern for later

Get the printable PDF version of this pattern from Etsy or Ravelry.

The blanket pattern is completely customisable so you can perhaps use yarn from your stash if you didn’t want to buy more yarn (I know, I know… we never have enough yarn, right?!)

I have added the quantities needed to make some of the most popular sizes of blankets so you do not have to guess whether you have enough yarn.


  • West Yorkshire Spinners Re:Treat Yarn (chunky wool roving; 100% bluefaced kerry hill; 140m per 100g ball)
  • Colours used in my blanket are 2 balls in Harmony, 1 ball each in Bliss, Mellow, Mind, Escape and Serene
Blanket Size (inch) Size (cm) Yarn quantity
Lovey 10 x 10 25 x 25 1 ball / 86 m
Security 14 x 17 36 x 43 2 balls / 186 m
Stroller/baby 30 x 35 76 x 89 6 balls / 747 m
Receiving 40 x 40 102 x 102 9 balls / 1138 m
Toddler 42 x 52 107 x 132 11 balls / 1538 m
Swaddle 47 x 47 119 x 119 11 balls / 1542 m
Crib 45 x 60 114 x 152 14 balls / 1883 m
Throw 52 x 60 132 x 152 16 balls / 2178 m
Twin 66 x 90 168 x 229 30 balls / 4155 m
Double 90 x 108 229 x 274 49 balls / 6763 m
Queen 96 x 108 244 x 274 52 balls / 7205 m
King 108 x 108 274 x 274 58 balls / 8088 m

The above quantities are given to complete the blanket. Depending on how many colours you decide to use in your blanket, you might have to buy extra yarn.

As an example, for Throw size you will need 16 balls. To work the blanket in 6 colours you will need 16 balls : 6 sections = 2.7 balls. To round it off, you will need 3 balls per section. 3 balls x 6 sections = 18 balls.

  • 7 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


7.5 crossed dc (13 dc) x 9 rows of pattern = 10 x 10 cm

Stitches and Abbreviations (US crochet terms)

ch- chain stitch

sc- single crochet

dc- double crochet

crossed dc- crossed double crochet stitch (check out the video tutorial above)

Pattern Notes

  • If you tend to crochet tight, use a hook one size bigger to crochet the foundation chain to stop your blanket pulling in at one side
  • If you want to adjust the width of the blanket, add/take away stitches from foundation chain, make sure to chain ODD number of stitches

Easy Crochet Blanket Main Pattern

Blanket Starting chain Number of rows
Lovey 33 25
Security 47 41
Stroller/baby 99 81
Receiving 133 93
Toddler 139 121
Swaddle 155 109
Crib 149 139
Throw 173 139
Twin 219 207
Double 299 249
Queen 317 249
King 357 249

Make starting chain (see table above).

Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from the hook, sc into each ch across, turn.

Row 2: 3 ch (counts as first dc), * miss next st, 1 dc into next st, 1 dc into the missed st (crossed dc created); repeat from * across to end, 1 dc into last st, turn.

Row 3: 1 ch (doesn’t count as a st), sc into each st across and into top of beg 3 ch, turn.

Repeat Row 2-3 for pattern. For total number of rows see table above.

close up of the blanket to show off the textured crochet stitches

Finishing Instructions

The blanket I made was a custom size. I started making stroller/baby size blanket but added another ball of grey at the end to make the blanket slightly longer.

To start, I chained 99 at the beginning and worked 85 rows in total and my finished blanket measures 76 cm wide x 95 cm long.

I hope you enjoy this fun crochet blanket pattern. Why not share it with your crafty friends? If you are not ready to start right away, pin this page to your favourite Pinterest Board for later!

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For more portable project for crochet on the go, you can take a look at Join as you go crochet squares which would make a stunning blanket.

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