How To Choose Best Yarn For Crochet Hats

Comprehensive Guide For Choosing The Best Yarn For Crochet Hats Whatever The Weather

This is a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best yarn for crochet hats for all seasons. Whatever the weather, choose a yarn that will make the perfect hat.

Crochet hats are such popular makes with a lot of crocheters of different levels. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, crochet hats are great makes.

They are quick projects that can give you instant gratification from finishing a handmade project. They are especially great to work on after finishing a huge project.

Maybe you are like me and like to take a break during a large project by working on something smaller. A crocheted hat is the perfect project for exactly this.

I personally love to gift crochet hats. They are easy projects and if you make them slouchy you do not have to worry about the perfect fit too much.

However, the one thing you do need to worry about is choosing the best yarn for crochet hats. There are quite a few things you need to take into consideration.

Who is the recipient?

What season is the hat intended to be worn in?

What is the person’s preferred style? Slouchy, fitted?


choose best yarn for crochet hats

After you answer these few simple questions, it will be much easier to choose the best yarn for your crochet hat.

Before I dive into the article, have a quick look into which yarns are best for certain types of crochet hats.

Type of hatSuitable yarn
summer beach hataran weight cotton, raffia yarn, cotton cord
bucket hatcotton, linen,
winter warm hatalpaca, merino wool, mohair,
cancer chemo hatcotton, bamboo, silk,
baby bonnetsbaby acrylic, cotton acrylic mix

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What weight of yarn is best for hats?

Once again there are a few things to consider before deciding what yarn weight to use.

For a summer hat with a brim you would normally wear to the beach, you will need to choose a yarn that will hold shape.

For such hats, raffia yarn has all the qualities to deliver great results. If you opt for cotton yarn, try to use as thick yarn as possible. Aran weight cotton like Lily’s Sugar ’n’ Cream would be a great choice.

Winter hats come in two different styles – fitted or slouchy.

For a fitted winter hat, thicker yarn like aran or chunky weight would be perfect. Secondly, the hat would also work up super quick.

I used chunky yarn for my Napoly Crochet Hat which uses a super fun stitch.

single crochet bobble stitch hat pattern
Napoly Hat

If you are after slouchy looking hat, thinner yarn will work better. The finished fabric will have more drape and will be much lighter.

Check out some of these gorgeous hats 10 Free Cosy Crochet Hat and Beanie Patterns.

What yarn is best for crochet bucket hat?

When I think of crochet bucket hats and choosing the best yarn, I opt for a yarn that is going to keep my head cool but hold the shape a little.

Personally, I think the cotton yarn would be a perfect choice. It is airy, absorbent, and breathable, the perfect fiber for the summer season.

It also has enough strength to hold the shape of the bucket hat. Paired with a tighter stitch and smaller hook, you will have a stylish bucket hat.

However, there are also buckets hats that you can wear in winter to keep your head warm in style.

For cold weather bucket hats, the best yarn you can choose is faux fur yarn. It is a thick yarn that creates a super stylish and modern-looking bucket hat.

If you are inspired to make a crochet bucket hat, you can check out my beginner friendly Free Quick & Easy Crochet Bucket Sun Hat Pattern.

Or take a look at these 20 crochet bucket hat patterns for every season.

What size yarn is best for beanies?

If you are only just starting out with crocheting beanies the best yarn you can choose is aran weight or 10-ply or worsted weight yarn.

It is a versatile yarn weight I used in Adorable Free Crochet Hat Pattern For Babies.

baby crochet hat

If you are looking for adult beanie pattern that showcases this yarn weight, my Crochet Beanie Easy Pattern – Anton Beanie does just that.

best yarn for modern crochet hats

All three names mentioned above refer to the same weight of yarn depending on where you are, the terms might vary.

There are a number of reasons aran weight is a great size yarn to choose for a crochet hat. It is an easy yarn weight to work with if you are a beginner crocheter venturing out into crocheting hats.

It isn’t too thick or too thin. Just the perfect weight to make it an easy project.

Secondly, using aran weight also allows you to use a slightly larger hook, depending on your tension, hooks between 5 and 6 mm are a great choice.

Your project will also work up much quicker without making your finished hat too bulky.

Aran weight is also a very popular choice of yarn amongst crocheters. For this very reason, there is so much choice!

A wide range of fibers and colors are available to choose from.

Can you crochet a hat with chunky yarn?

The quick answer is absolute yes. You can see a great example in my Chunky Crochet Hat Pattern – A Shade of Grey. And here are a few reasons why!

best yarn for chunky crochet hats

Choosing chunky yarn for your crochet hat has many advantages. Firstly, your hat will work up super quick. Using a thick chunky yarn paired with a large crochet hook will see you finish a hat in as little as an hour.

It is also easy to crochet with chunky yarn, the stitches are big and clearly visible. So, there is no squinting or second-guessing where to place your hook.

Choosing chunky yarn is also super forgiving on the fit. Whether you get it a little wrong and make the hat a little bigger or smaller than the ideal fit, I think the chunky yarn is very forgiving and you will still have a modern hat.

Thirdly, big chunky crochet hats with the addition of a big yarn or faux fur pom pom are great craft stalls or Etsy shop sellers!

They sell great and because they are quick to make, you can replenish your stock pretty quickly!

Why not check out a full video tutorial on classic cinch or X closure for your crochet hat here How To Cinch A Crochet Hat – X Closure Free Video Tutorial.

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How To Choose Best Yarn For Crochet Hats

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  1. Great website!
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    I want it to be ÉCRU (off-white), and 100% COTTON.
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    1. Are you following a particular pattern? The pattern should give you a suggestion as to which yarn weight to use. I am not sure whether you want to use DK or fingering weight?

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