Folded Crochet Neckline To Hide Tail Ends and Add Structure – Free Video Tutorial

This is a free video tutorial for folded crochet neckline. It is a double neckline folded over to hide yarn tail ends on cardigans. Secondly, it gives your cardigan support structure and stops your neckline stretching out of shape.

In this video tutorial I am going to show you how to work the folded crochet neckline. This is a great way to use the neckline to hide all the yarn tail ends.

Secondly, the folded over neckline will give your cardigan a great structure as it is double thick. This way, your neckline will not stretch out of proportion and become loose with wear.

This is a great way to magically make your yarn ends disappear. As some crochet stitches create tail ends pretty much every row.

As an example I used the houndstooth crochet stitch for my Telfer Cardigan. This stitch requires you to change color every row for the pattern to work out.

That means every row has 2 ends which is far too many to sew in, even for a crochet lover like me!

I am not sure whether this was a genius idea or it was born out of laziness, however, it works!


folded crochet neckline free tutorial

Folded Crochet Neckline Video Tutorial

I have used this technique to create a double neckline on my Telfer Cardigan you can see in the video tutorial.

However, this technique will work on any cardigan pattern.

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Telfer Cardigan Details

Super stylish yet easy to make – Telfer Cardigan will become your new wardrobe staple for the transitional weather. 

The pattern uses houndstooth crochet stitch which creates a timeless fabric for a modern piece of clothing. The combination of colors are endless so you can really customise your cardigan to fit into your wardrobe.

telfer cardigan with folded crochet neckline

The pattern uses easy construction techniques as well as a double neckline. The folded crochet neckline strengthens the frame of the cardigan.

But more importantly it hides yarn tail ends so you don’t have to sew them in!

It has been designed as a size inclusive pattern for 9 clothing sizes ranging from 34″ to 66″ chest circumference.

It uses the timeless houndstooth stitch pattern. This is an easy combination of single and double crochet stitches.

It is a variation of the crochet grit or lemon peel stitch, you can view a tutorial on my blog – How To Crochet Grit Stitch – Free Video Tutorial.

Grab the ad-free PDF version of the pattern from my shops below:

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telfer cardigan back view

Folded Crochet Neckline Step By Step

Tying Loose Ends

Firstly, even though we are not sewing the ends it, we need to secure them before enclosing them in the folded crochet neckline.

This is an extra step to prevent them from becoming loose and your stitches undoing while wearing your cardigan. I simply tied them together with a double knot.

Creating Slip Stitch Edge

The first thing to do for the folded crochet neckline is to slip stitch across the edge of the cardigan. You will slip stitch across the edge stitches of each row.

You will use the front of the slip stitches to work the neckline onto. The back of the slip stitch will be used to attach the folded neckline to.

Depending on the stitches you have used for your cardigan, you will need to adjust the number of slip stitches worked across the edge stitches.

As a rule of thumb, you will need the same amount of slip stitches as the amount of starting chains required for each stitch as a basic guide.

However, you might need to adjust the number of slip stitches to fit the stitch you have used.

So, for single crochet use 1 slip stitch, 1 or 2 slip stitches for half double crochet, 2 or 3 slip stitches for double crochet and 3 or 4 for a treble crochet.

You don’t want the slip stitches to be too tight and gather up your neckline so that it ruffles up.

folded crochet neckline slip stitches

Slip Stitch Tips

When working the slip stitches make sure they are not too tight, loosen your tension as you will need to work back over these slip stitches.

You will work the slip stitches slightly inwards from the very edge of your cardigan so you have enough space to enclose the yarn ends.

After you work the row of slip stitches, make sure there is enough movement left in your cardigan by gently pulling on the neckline.

You do not want the slip stitches to be too tight nor too loose. The slip stitches will give the neckline extra support and will stop it from stretching out of shape.

When working the slip stitch row, make sure that the tail ends are not getting caught in your slip stitches.

folded crochet neckline close up

Working The Ribbed Neckline

I have used single crochet through back loop only neckline for my folded crochet neckline. This is a great ribbing to use as the size of the single crochet row corresponds with the width of the slip stitch.

To work the neckline onto the row of slip stitches, you will only use the back loop of the slip stitch. This makes the ribbed neckline sit nice and flat against the main fabric.

When you look at the back of your work and the slip stitches, you will have single loops that you will use to attach the neckline to.

back bumps of the slip stitches for folded crochet neckline

When deciding how many stitches to use for your neckline, please keep in mind that the end width will be half of the number of stitches used. This is because you will be folding the neckline over in half.

Folded Crochet Neckline

Once you have worked the ribbed neckline around the front of your neck opening, you will fold it over in half.

folding the crochet neckline

Your yarn needs to be attached on the end of the row away from the main body of the cardigan. If your last row ended at the main body edge, fasten off and rejoin your yarn on the other end.

You will use the back bumps of the slip stitches to attach the ribbed neckline once it has been folded over.

You will insert your hook through the back bump of the slip stitch and through the end single crochet of the ribbed neckline.

Then attach them together with a slip stitch to secure the neckline in position.

attaching the folded crochet neckline on the back

You can also do this with yarn needle and sew then end single crochet stitch to the back bump if you prefer and find it easier.

Once you have attached the folded crochet neckline all the way around, you will need to enclose the edge too.

Line up the bottom edge of the fold, tuck all the end in and sew it closed.

finishing the bottom edge

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