The Ultimate 2024 Gift Guide For Crocheters -100 Ideas

Do you always struggle with gifts for people who crochet? I have put together the ultimate gift guide for crocheters with 100 amazing ideas in 2024!

I know the struggle with a great gift idea for someone who you might not know that well or someone who is just notoriously hard to buy amazing gifts for.

All you might know about this family member or a friend is that they are a crochet lover!

However, I am here to help with the perfect gift idea for your crochet friend or favorite crocheter.

Whether you are looking for great stocking stuffers for the holiday season or big Christmas gifts for crochet enthusiasts, this list has a wide range of unique gift ideas.

Maybe it is the birthday of your best friend and you want to surprise them with a crochet-related gift but are not sure of anything worth buying beyond crochet hook or yarn gift card.

Other special occasions like father’s or mother’s day, Valentine’s day or an anniversary would be a great way to make someone’s day with the right gift.

There are many online places where you can get some great gifts if you know what you are looking for.

However, if you are unsure you can visit the craft store or local yarn shop where the staff will be happy to offer advice. 

Some crocheters will also have their very own wish list, so the best thing would be to perhaps ask them in advance.

Take a look at this ultimate guide of perfect present ideas and different items that will make any beginner crocheter or even advanced crocheter’s heart skip a beat!


Ultimate List Of Gifts For People Whi Crochet

List Of The Best Gifts For People Who Crochet

I have compiled a list of great ideas for presents that would make every crocheter happy! 

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Essential Tool Ideas & Gifts For People Who Crochet

1. Ergonomic crochet hooks in different sizes – there are many alternatives, I love my Dot Hooks from WeCrochet.

2. High end crochet hook in the right size – companies like Furls Crochet or Ophire Hooks make stunning crochet hooks

3. Clover amour crochet hook set – is a popular choice amongst many crocheters

4. Other handmade hooks – there are plenty to choose from when it comes to materials and different processes used to make them, you can find a wide range on Etsy

5. Light up hooks – these are great for working with dark yarn or for working in the evening

6. Skeins of yarn in their favorite color and yarn weight – this would take a little investigation and might be tricky if you are not a crocheter yourself. However, if you can find out which project they have in their queue to make, you can ask in your local yarn store for advice.

7. New yarn they haven’t tried before – this could be novelty yarns like faux fur yarn, glow in dark yarn or glitter yarn

8. Gradient yarn cakes – these are a great way to combine some of their favorite colors together. The makers of these yarn cakes can blend the colors seamlessly and create a beautiful gradient of colors

9. Hand dyed yarn – I personally love hand dyed yarn and there are so many indie dyers out there creating stunning colorways on various yarn bases. You can find loads of makers on Etsy or search on Instagram for visual inspiration. If you are in US or Canada, check out Tyler over at Arcane Fibre Works too

10. Yarn gift cards – if choosing the right yarn as a gift sends you into a dizzy spell, you can always just opt for gift cards. Many small businesses will be happy to sell you a personalised gift card as well as larger companies like WeCrochet or Lovecrafts.

gifts for people who crochet

Basic Crochet Tools Every Crocheter Needs

11. Project bag – there are so many different styles and sizes to choose from! One thing that is important is pockets! Loads of different pockets to hold various items are always a winner for me! I have found THIS GREAT BAG on Etsy with over 30 pockets.

12. Tape measure – always handy to have around the house for measuring just about anything and great gifts for people who crochet.

13. Crochet hook case – we all need somewhere to store our precious hooks. Many sets come with their own cases, however, if you are buying individual hooks in different sizes, you will need a handy storage to keep them safe. I personally love MY CASE FROM WECROCHET.

14. Hook holders – are a great way to keep crochet hooks out on display.

15. Tapestry yarn needles – A set of 3 bent-tip darning needles in a knitting needle-shaped case. Enjoy the sizes you need to complete most any project.

16. Stitch markers – there are so many different styles to choose from as well as different designs. Check out some of my favorite makers – Mrs.G Makes or Chapel View Crafts for food inspired stitch markers.

17. Gauge square measures – this is an essential tool for every crocheter wanting to make wearable items!

18. Scissors – you can never have too many scissors. Crocheters need a pair for every project bag and every corner of the house. There is nothing worse than crafting-on-the-go and not being able to cut yarn when needed in order to move on with your project

19. Safety eyes – for amigurumi lovers

essential gifts for people who crochet

Best Crochet Gifts

20. Yarn ball winder – transform hanks or skeins into compact center-pull balls that sit nicely while you crochet.

21. Fabric yarn cozy – Perfect for popping in your project bag, these stretchy little covers are a fun way to prevent yarn from tangling as you work.

22. Blocking boards – These foam rubber mats fit together like puzzle pieces to make the size and shape you need.

23. Blocking pins – blocking your finished project infinitely improves its appearance. These nickel-plated steel T pins are rust-resistant* and 1.5″ long.

24. Yarn swift – An essential tool for any crocheter, the Yarn Swift holds your hanks or skeins of yarn in place as you wind them into balls.

25. Yarn holders – these come in different forms, I like THIS ONE or the DOUBLE ONE from Etsy.

gifts for people who crochet

Best Gift Ideas

26. Crochet T-shirts – there are many cool designs to choose from and what great gifts for people who crochet

27. Crochet Hoodies – be comfortable in style and let the world know about your love for crochet and yarn

crochet hoodie gifts for people

Extra Special Gifts

28. Yarn bowl – they come in all different sizes, shapes and designs as well as different materials they are made from. This wide variety means that you can find one suitable for every budget. You can see a wide range on Etsy.

29. Wool wash sachetsEucalan is a popular choice

30. Wool Jeanie – The “Wool Jeanie” is an amazing new accessory which no crocheter should be without! It will stop your ball of yarn from tangling! 

31. Notion tins – I personally love this Hobbii PU organiser

the ultimate gift guide for crocheters

Easy Crochet Gift Ideas

32. Travel mug – you can have them personalised too!

33. Novelty mugs – celebrate the aesthetic of all things crochet with crochet chart mugs. I love THIS ONE from Dear Ewe.

34. Crochet hook bracelet – adorable and unique C-shape bracelets made from aluminium crochet hooks – a perfect gift for crochet lovers and a great piece of statement jewellery.

35. Yarn tension rings – great for keeping a consistent tension the stylish way

36. Clover thread cutter pendant – a piece of useful jewellery

37. Ear rings – I like THESE super cute rainbow yarn ball earrings perfect for any yarn addict.

38. Shawl pins – for wearing crochet accessories the stylish way, they would make great gifts for people who crochet

gifts for people who crochet and yarn

Unique Gifts For Crocheters

39. Faux fur pom poms – these are great for adding to hats for a modern look, I always find the best price on Amazon, CLICK HERE

40. Pom pom maker – adding pom poms to a project adds a fun touch and kids love them too, check out these on Amazon, CLICK HERE

41. Sew on leather tags – these are great for making the crochet makes looks polished and professional, great for selling items at the craft markets too

ultimate gift guide to crochet gifts

Personalised List Of Gifts For Crocheters

42. Personalised wooden buttons – a bit like leather tags, these are great for adding that personal touch to the finished project

43. Personalised xmas ornament – this is a great idea for a stocking filler at Christmas time

44. Personalised project bags – you can add the recipient’s name on their crafty project bag, these are great for smaller portable projects and a great canvas for custom designs and names

45. Personalised wooden boxes – to keep all your crochet notions safe

46. Personalised zipper pouches – no crocheter has ever enough zipper pouches, they are great for keeping small items handy and stop you losing them

gifts for crocheters and yarn people

Useful Gift Ideas

47. Crochet books of patterns – there are many awesome crochet designers that have published physical books, whether the recipient likes garments, amigurumi or Tunisian crochet! Here are a few picks from Amazon: Crochet Sweaters with a Textured Twist, Crochet Cute Critters and The Tunisian Crochet Handbook

48. Crochet stitch dictionary – stitch dictionaries are great for exploring and learning new stitches like this The Step-by-Step Guide to 200 Crochet Stitches you can find on Amazon.

49. Other books of new stitches and stitch pattern books to learn new techniques – the Japanese stitch books are a great resource for more advanced crocheters like THIS ONE on Amazon.

50. Online crochet courses – these are especially handy if you want to save on postage of physical items. You can gift the recipient an instant access to an online course so they can learn something new. Check out the selection of my online courses here.

51. Subscriptions to audiobooks – crocheters need to keep their hands free so listening to an audiobook is a great use of time for both crafting and reading a book

52. Apple music or Spotify gift cards – I love listening to music while I crochet

53. Crochet magazine subscription – this is a gift that will keep on giving whole year round, choose from great magazines like Simply Crochet, Inside Crochet or Crochet Now

54. Yarn advent calendars – these are always a huge hit around the festive time

55. Yarn subscriptions to monthly boxes – many indie dyers offer monthly yarn clubs with hand dyed yarn and some extra little gifts. If you are looking for a monthly project in a box, check out Curate Crochet Boxes.

56. One off crochet kits – if you don’t want to be tied into a subscription, there are also one off crochet kits with everything you need for a project, like THIS ONE on Etsy.

57. Yarn dyeing kits – dyeing yarn is super fun and there are lots of beginner kits to get a taste of dyeing your own yarn

gifts for people who crochet and love yarn

Other Gift Ideas

58. Coffee or tea gift box – a hot beverage is an inevitable addition to a mindful crafting time, if you are overwhelmed by the crochet items, you can grab a gift box of their favorite hot beverage

59. Wall Prints – This picture is great for crocheters in your life or for someone who appreciates yarn crafts. The perfect addition to a craft corner they also make unique gifts for people who crochet.

60. Stickers – I love stickers and especially if they are crochet themed

61. Car decals – decorate your car with crochet themed decals

62. Notebooks or Planners – are always handy to have to make notes or sketch new ideas. You can also find shops that will personalise them for the recipient, check out the award-winning The Crochet Project Bible

63. Yarn Sample Cards – for organising the yarn stash

crochet gift guide

Practical Gifts For People Who Crochet

64. Steamers – for steam blocking the finished makes, check out THIS ONE on Amazon

65. Lint shavers – keep your crochet items looking new for longer with THIS SHAVER on Amazon

66. Neck light – I love my neck light from Hobbii.

67. Digital counters – these are great for keeping track of number of stitches or rows worked

68. Digital scales – these are not just useful in the kitchen, crocheters need precise scales too. They are handy for working out yarn quantities that we have used in the project or how much yarn is left, I have THESE from Amazon and they work great

69. Enamel pins – there are many great designs aimed at crocheters and yarn people, use them to decorate your t-shirts or project bags

70. Badges – with different messages on, THIS ONE on Etsy is cute.

71. Fridge magnets – same as landmark places, fridge magnets are great for decorating your fridge

72. Earbuds – these tie into music or audiobook subscriptions, wireless ear buds are great as they don’t get tangled in with the yarn

ultimate gifts guide for crocheters

Other Gifts For People Who Crochet

73. Compression gloves – if you crochet for long periods of time or suffer with arthritis, compression gloves like these from Amazon might save your hands from pain

74. Hand cream – in the spirit of looking after your hands, dry hands can catch and snag on yarn. Look after your hands with a quick-absorbing moisturiser

75. Nail manicure – this goes hand in hand with a hand cream, broken nails can snag on yarn and be annoying while working on a project, take a look at THIS KIT found on Amazon

76. CAL packs – some big yarn companies will often put on crochet alongs you can buy yarn packs for. The pattern often comes with the yarn pack, check out Sirdar or WeCrochet

77. Tunisian crochet hooks – Tunisian crochet is a technique that requires long hooks or hooks with a flexible cable to hold multiple yarn loops at the same time

78. Handbag base – if making bags is your jam, there are great accessories to produce professional results like leather bases and handbag straps

crochet gifts for crafters

79. Beads – adding beads into crochet projects is a fun way to add an interesting finishing touch

80. French knitting dolls – these produce knit-look tube of yarn that can be used for ties or amigurumi legs and arms

81. Sock stop – this is an essential addition to crochet socks to stop them being slippery on a smooth surface

82. Toy filling – a good pollyfil makes a world of difference to the finished look of a cute toy

83. Thimble – sewing amigurumi or sewing panels together, a thimble can be super useful for crocheters

84. Sew in labels – there are some super funny labels that will make the recipient laugh and are perfect gifts for people who crochet for others

85. Pattern holders – many crocheters still prefer printed patterns and these pattern holders are super handy for crafting-on-the-go

86. Ruler with magnifying glass – keep track of your pattern progress with this ruler

87. Blocking combs – they are easier to pin items out for blocking and create much straighter lines

88. Crochet necklace – a small piece of jewellery with a big statement to make

crochet gifts for crafters

More Gifts For People Who Crochet

89. Handbag straps – for professional finish to your crochet handbags

90. Craft clips – these are great for sewing larger panels of crochet fabric together, use them to clip two pieces together for a neat finish

91. Wooden basket base – I love these from Etsy, you can make some small useful baskets for home

92. Wooden sew on labels – these are great for hats and cowls

93. Bamboo or wooden bag handles – these create super stylish crochet bags

94. Crochet water bottle – stay hydrated in style with this cute water bottle from Hobbii

present ideas for crocheters

95. Crocheter Giftbox – designed to uplift and indulge our new ‘Crocheter’s Giftbox’ is sure to bring a smile to the crocheter in your life! If you are pushed for time, these are a great option.

96. Scissors fobs – never lose your scissors again with these super cute fobs to keep your scissors safe

97. Magnetic needle minder – if you are loosing your needles and pins around the house, get these cute needle savers

98. Crochet hook pots – I love this space saving idea of having your hooks on display

99. Dragon egg surprise – some crocheters love a good surprise and this dragon egg is sure to deliver just that

100. Temporary Crochet Tattoos – these are such a cool idea that bring me back to my childhood

gifting ideas for crocheters

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this Ultimate Guide To Gifts For People Who Crochet. I have more free crochet patterns and tutorials that you might enjoy right here on the blog. 

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