Back To School Crochet Patterns – 10 Practical Items For Every Day

Free Back To School Crochet Pattern Ideas

This is a compilation of back-to-school crochet patterns to make for when kids return to classrooms! They are great practical makes for school kids.

My mum taught me to crochet when I was a little girl. I was around 8-9 years old. Armed with a hook and a small ball of bright yellow yarn, I set out to make my first project.

After practicing the basic stitches, I made a cute small pencil case!

I remember it quite vividly. It was of course a little wonky, made in single crochet stitches, and had a large pink button that was sewn on a bit off to the side…

However, I absolutely loved it and it kept all my pens safe.

It is still the school holidays as I write this. However, we all know how fast time flies and before we know it, it will be time to go back to school.

I have two boys at home, my older one starts junior school in September and I can not believe it.

Making small gifts for school kids adds a special touch to their day. It is always a nice feeling when they have something with them to remind them how much we love them and that we are thinking about them.

If your little (or big) one is a little anxious about going back to school I have also put together 5 Cute Free Crochet Worry Worms Pattern Ideas. These are great quick makes to help them with big feelings.

I have found some great back-to-school crochet patterns for you, so you can get straight to making rather than searching online for the perfect pattern.


back to school crochet pattern collection

10 Back To School Crochet Patterns

I am so happy to bring this collection of patterns to you.

These patterns have been carefully selected so that they are practical and beautiful at the same time.

I have chosen a wide variety of items that will make your child’s school day more comfortable and easier.

Items like backpacks, cross body bags or water bottle holders will make moving around the school carrying all their items much easier.

I have also included a small and cute coin zipper pouch keychain to keep some change handy for lunchtime. Or make a chapstick holder keychain that looks like a pencil! It is not only practical but super cute too!

Back To School Crochet Lipa Backpack

I used the tapestry crochet technique to incorporate a linden tree design. The Linden tree is a national symbol in Slovakia and the linden leaf is part of our state seal too.

Whether you are a tapestry pro, or this is your first time trying this technique, to help you along I have made a quick video tutorial on how to work this tapestry crochet backpack.

It would make a super cute backpack for back to school or as a crochet bag for a PE kit.

Tapestry Crochet Backpack – Free crochet pattern is available on my blog.

Back To School Crochet Lipa Backpack
Lipa Backpack

Pencil Crochet Case

This fun and easy back-to-school pattern for a crochet pencil case will make a great project!

It uses a textured stitch – HDC spike stitch, that is so simple but looks more complex. The tight crochet stitches make a sturdy case that you could line with fabric if you like. 

Just imagine the different color combinations you can use for this cute pencil case.

CLICK HERE for the free back-to-school crochet pattern.

Pencil Crochet Case

Crochet Bookmark

A beautiful lacy crochet corner bookmark- Lotte Bookmark is a free crochet pattern on the blog.

It would make a fantastic teacher’s gift for the end of the school year. Secondly, it would be a great crochet gift for a book lover or a student going back to school.

My crochet corner bookmark is an easy crochet pattern. It uses a beginner-friendly combination of lacy crochet stitches. It is worked from the point of the triangle towards the widest edge.

I worked the bookmark in a corner-to-corner technique. I made two lacy triangles and crocheted them together.

On the widest edge of the triangle, I added a picot edge to open up the lace pattern.

Crochet Corner Bookmark is a free back-to-school crochet pattern on my website.

crochet corner bookmark displayed on book
Lotte Lace Corner Bookmark

Back To School Crochet Lunch Bag

This quick, sturdy cotton bag makes a perfect crochet lunch bag. Send your kids to school with a super cool lunch bag made in their favorite color!

This is a great way to save on using plastic bags and save the environment. This back-to-school crochet lunch bag is stylish, easy to carry and good for the planet too!

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free crochet pattern.

Back To School Crochet Lunch Bag

Back To School Crochet Book Sleeve

Make this Adorable Free Crochet Book Sleeve Pattern for back-to-school time!

Keep organized with this crochet book sleeve cover to keep your documents, and paperwork organized. It also fits a small laptop so you can use it as a laptop sleeve too.

It is so simple to make, very practical, and completely customizable too.

This crochet book cover has been made from two simple crocheted rectangles. All you need to do is sew them together leaving an opening and add a couple of buttons to close it.

Back To School Crochet Book Sleeve

Crochet Chapstick Keychain

This back-to-school crochet pattern is definitely not difficult to make and is such a cute and quick gift idea for teachers and school friends!

Because of the smaller size and endless color possibilities, these crochet holders are also a great project for using up scrap yarn! 

You can find the free pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Crochet Chapstick Keychain

Back To School Crochet Water Bottle Holder

Stay hydrated by bringing your water with you in this cute crochet water bottle holder. It is important to stay hydrated and this crochet bottle holder will make it easy for you.

This crochet water botter holder can be made to be carried over your shoulder, put on your belt, or use a carabiner to attach it to a purse or school backpack.

You can get the free pattern on my blog here Super Quick and Easy Crochet Water Bottle Holder – FREE Pattern.

Coin Purse Crochet Keychain

Super quick and easy crochet coin purse with the zipper not only for the back-to-school season but all year round!

Follow this free beginner-friendly pattern to make a cute addition to keys or attach to a backpack. It is great to keep small change handy for a few snacks at lunchtime.

It is big enough to hold and carry your change. But small enough to hang onto your keys as a keychain.

Check out this Cute Crochet Coin Purse With Zipper – free crochet pattern.

Coin Purse Keychain

Back To School Crochet Bag

This stylish crochet project bag is slightly unusual but very easy to make! Change the basic pouch shape to a wedge by sewing the end in the opposite direction.

The addition of a simple handle finishes off this modern project bag perfectly!

Use it for a few snacks or to hold your essentials like purse, keys, or phone so they do not get lost inside a larger bag.

Stylish Crochet Wedge Project Bag- Free Pattern is available here on my blog.

Wedge Style Bag

Crochet Cross Body Bag

Carry your essentials in style with this super cute drawstring bag! Keep all your essentials handy at school with this back-to-school crochet bag.

Crochet this modern-day Regency-inspired drawstring bag using the lovely shell stitch! 

You can find the free back-to-school crochet pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Cross Body Bag

Final thoughts…

I hope you have found these back to school crochet patterns helpful. If you think your crafty friends would find this tutorial helpful, why not share it with them? 

You can share a direct link to this tutorial on your social media. 

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