Tunisian Crochet Cast Off – Free Video Tutorial

This is a free tutorial on how to work Tunisian crochet cast off. This is a neat way to finish off your projects without leaving gaps and holes.

Tunisian crochet is growing in popularity amongst crafters. It is a great technique that mixes crochet and knitting to a certain degree.

Modern Tunisian crochet designs are slowly lifting this technique away from its bad reputation.

People seem to think that Tunisian crochet is only suitable for big, thick, and heavy afghans. This could not be further from the truth.

Of course, there are some minor challenges to overcome when it comes to using this technique.

If you are super new or only just exploring this technique, there are 7 things you should know before you start.

One of the little things that has bothered some crocheters is ending your Tunisian crochet project – casting or binding off.

Each row consists of forward pass (FP) which creates loops that stay on the hook. You then work return pass (RP) which fixes the loops in position with running chain.

Tunisian rochet cast off

This technique naturally creates spaces between the previous row and the top of the running chain of the return pass.

As you work the next row the gaps disappear, however, what if it is the last row of the project?

There are many different techniques on how to work Tunisian crochet cast off. One of them is using the classic crochet slip stitch. You can check out the technique on 7 Ways To Use Crochet Slip Stitch To Improve Your Projects.

However, I was never entirely happy with them or they only worked for certain stitches.

Luckily, I have found a better way to bind off Tunisian crochet project that leaves no gaps and provides you with a clean and neat edge.


Tunisian crochet cast off free video tutorial

How do you cast off in Tunisian crochet?

I have found a great technique on how to cast off your Tunisian crochet project that is quite similar to casting off a knitting project.

It might be an easy technique for knitters out there. Crocheters you will need to work with two hooks to cast off or bind off your Tunisian crochet.

To make the edge neat and tidy, I recommend dropping your hook size by two sizes. That means if you are using 8 mm crochet hook for your project, for the Tunisian crochet cast off you will need a 6 mm hook.

This cast off technique is worked on the wrong side of your project, so you will need to turn over after the last forward pass.

Video Tutorial

I have filmed a video tutorial to show you how to work Tunisian crochet cast off. It is much easier to show you on the video as thousand words might not describe it well enough.

YouTube video

The project I was working on in the video is my Tunisian Cross Stitch Square.

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How do you finish the edge of Tunisian crochet?

The above technique shows you how to Tunisian crochet cast off or bind off. It will give you a neat edge all the way around your project.

You can then leave your project as it is.

On the other hand, the neat edge will be a great foundation for adding a border around your project. Whether it is a blanket border or ribbing around your sweater, it will finish off your project nicely.

How do I stop my Tunisian crochet from curling?

I feel like we have now sorted the issue with the gaps on the last rows.

Another issue I find that puts crocheters off from trying a Tunisian crochet project is the fact it curls at the bottom.

This is very common and no… you are not doing anything wrong!

There are a few things you can do to counteract the dreaded curl.

  1. choice of stitch – certain stitches curl more than others. Tunisian Knit stitch is the biggest culprit and curls a lot. Other stitches like Tunisian Purl stitch curl much less and are sometimes used as a border.
  2. choose larger hook – the rule of thumb is to choose a hook that is at least 2 sizes bigger than the hook recommended on a yarn label. However, do not be afraid to go even bigger if your project curls really bad.
  3. blocking
  4. add edging – as I mentioned above you can add a stitch that does not curl to the edge or combine Tunisian crochet with a standard crochet and add mock ribbing (BPdc and FPdc) or sc blo ribbing to the edge
  5. work with the curl – make it a design feature like rolled cuff on sleeves or bottom hem
  6. loosen up your tension

I talk more about counteracting the curl in Tunisian crochet on my blog.

Final Thoughts

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