10 Free Valentine’s Day Crochet Pattern Collection

These is cute Valentine’s Day Crochet pattern collection that will make gifting on this special day easy. Choose from quick and easy crochet patterns.

Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day? I think I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this day.

It can be a little bit overwhelming if you are not in the right set of mind.

However, I also think it serves a purpose. The main thing I like about Valentine’s Day is that it gives us a reminder.

It reminds us to tell the important people in our lives that we love them and appreciate them.

Shouldn’t we do that every day, I hear you ask? Sure! In an ideal world, right?

The reality is we are all super busy these days. Our lives are filled with responsibilities and things to do and sort out.

So ask yourself a question… Do you tell your loved ones you love them and appreciate them every single day?

If you answered yes, I salute you… If you answered no, do not feel guilty. That is life. And this is exactly where Valentine’s Day fits in!

It is a day when the love, hearts and gifts are in our faces so much that you can not help it but be reminded that your loved ones need to hear it some time.

So, I am on a mission to bring you Valentine’s Day crochet pattern collection.

To help you choose quick and easy gifts you can crochet for your friends and family.


10 free Valentine's Day Crochet Pattern Collection

10 Free Valentine’s Day Crochet Pattern Collection

I have chosen some beautiful Valentine’s Day crochet patterns. However, you do not have to make these just for Valentine’s Day.

Any day of the year you want to tell a loved one how much they mean to you with a handmade gift, this collection is for you!

You can choose from simple hats, coffee sleeves for coffee lovers, decorative doily or keychain.

There is a wide variety of Valentine’s Day crochet patterns to choose from, perfect for all the members of family.

Valentine’s Day Crochet Heart Bracelet Pattern

Romantic crochet heart bracelet that would make a lovely addition to Valentine’s Day.

You can crochet one as a gift or wear one yourself on a special date.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to make a matching crochet heart bracelet and gift one to your mum?

So every time she looks at it, she will know how much you love her? 

Or make one for your daughter to wear to school! So she remembers throughout the day that someone loves her very much.

The crochet heart bracelet has an adjustable closure. That means you do not have to worry about the fit.

You can follow the pattern exactly without the need to adjust it in any way. 

Crochet Heart Bracelet – Free Pattern for Valentine’s Day is available on my website.

Valentine's Day Crochet Heart Bracelet Pattern

Stacked Hearts Headband

This is a sweet Crochet pattern for little girls to gift to on Valentine’s Day.

It is a simple crochet headband that features hearts stacked on top of each other.

You can also use this as a treat holder for this special day.

The pattern uses only small amounts of yarn so it would make a great stash buster.

To access this quick and easy Valentine’s Day crochet pattern CLICK HERE.

Valentine's Day Crochet Pattern for Stacked Hearts Headband

Crochet Heart Coasters

This is a lovely quick crochet pattern that will work up in no time at all. It would make a great gift for a loved one. Not just on Valentine’s Day but any time of the year.

You can bring a smile to your loved one’s face by gifting them these crochet heart coasters as a set.

These hearts work up really quickly and make adorable gifts for your loved ones.

Learn How to Make Stunning Crochet Heart Coaster Today for the quick free pattern for Valentine’s Day.

Crochet Coffee Sleeve

Here’s My Heart free Crochet Coffee Sleeve pattern is quick, easy, and super cute.

It would make an excellent gift especially for Valentine’s Day.

The pattern is easy to customise. You could make the heart in a more neutral colour for an anytime gift, or make the colors holiday specific.

It is also a super functional present as it will stop your hand burning when holding a hot cup of coffee.

The coffee sleeve crochet pattern is worked in rounds and can be worked up in just sixteen single crochet rounds.

Find the free Valentine’s Day crochet pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Valentine's Day Crochet Coffee Sleeve Pattern

Crochet Treat Bag

A cute drawstring crochet bag pattern that you can whip up in one evening. It will make a lovely packaging for a store bought gift.

That means you can still add a touch of handmade to a store bought gift.

The bag has a lovely picture of a “big kiss lips” on the front.

The picture is created using tapestry crochet.

However, do not think it is too difficult, give it a try.

You will learn new stitches like crocheting through back loop only, changing colours and carrying colours behind your stitches.

Check out this free pattern by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Valentine's Day Crochet Pattern for a Treat Bag

Valentine’s Day Snow Globe Crochet Pattern

I love this cute and adorable snow globe that has been customised for Valentine’s Day.

It would make a lovely gift for loved one or just as a home decor for this love filled holiday.

It is worked as a traditional amigurumi style using different coloured yarn to create the heart motifs.

You can finish the snow globe off by adding heart shaped buttons and other embellishments.

This finished globe is around 13 cm tall so a lovely size to put on your fireplace.

THIS BLOG has the free crochet pattern.

Valentine's Day Snow Globe Crochet Pattern

Love Bug Crochet Hat

Valentine’s Day is certainly a day when you can wear a cute crochet hat with love hearts. Especially if you are as cute as a baby.

Let’s not forget the little ones on this day and make a cute crochet hat pattern for them.

The Love Bug Hat is very adorable with its dangling antennas topped with hearts.

The pattern is for a basic crochet beanie with cute love hearts.

You can attach them directly onto the hat or add them to the end of antennas to make a love bug hat!

Follow THIS LINK to check out this cute Valentine’s Day crochet hat pattern.

Valentine' Day Love Bug Crochet Hat

Valentine’s Day Crochet Heart Angel Pattern

This is such a cute Valentine’s Day crochet pattern. I especially love how versatile this quick and easy project can be!

It is fun to crochet and great as a pin with love notes.

Or you can use them as a key chain, attached them on bags, purse and more. 

Or simply use it as part of the gift wrap for a store bought present.

This is a super easy amigurumi type little project you may love to try.

For the free pattern VISIT THIS WEBSITE.

Valentine's Day Crochet Heart Angel Pattern

Crochet Heart Doily

This is such an adorable crochet doily pattern that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can either crochet one as a gift for a loved one.

Or simply make one for yourself to decorate you home for Valentine’s Day.

You can also make this doily in one single colour that is just as pretty.

However, the change in colours makes the crochet hearts really stand out.

The pattern also comes with a video tutorial, check it out ON THIS WEBSITE.

Crochet Heart Doily Pattern

Crochet Heart Necklace

Show your love for your dear friend or family with this thread crochet heart necklace pattern.

It takes just a few yards of crochet thread. You can stitch one up in less than an hour as it is a quick crochet pattern.

The necklace pattern is easy to adjust simply by adding more or less crochet hearts.

Each heart measures 2.5 cm across so it is a lovely piece of crochet jewellery.

Whether you make one for yourself to wear on a special date or gift one to your loved one, you will for sure enjoy working on it!

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Valentine's Day Crochet Heart Necklace Pattern

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