15 Stunning Free Crochet Shawl Patterns

These 15 stunning crochet shawls is a collection of some of the best free crochet shawl patterns online!

I love the versatility of a crochet shawl! The possibilities in terms of shape, size and style are endless! You can wear these versatile crochet accessories throughout the year. With the right choice of yarn, fibre and stitches you can make a shawl to wear all year round. Choose a thicker wool blend yarn and dense stitches to make a shawl that will keep you warm in winter. Lighter and thinner yarns in cotton, linen or bamboo combined with lacy open stitches will create a shawl perfect for summer to lightly drape over your shoulders. 

Different Shapes Used in Crochet Shawl Patterns

One of the most popular shapes are triangles. Whether they are regular or asymmetric, these are by far the most popular and widely made by crocheters of all abilities. 

Rectangular wraps or shawls are the easiest to make as there is no shaping required. It is a great place to start for beginners as you don’t have to worry about any increases or decreases. However, rectangular wraps can also be worked on diagonal. This is when each row consists of increase on one side and decrease on the other, so the whole wrap grows on a slant. 

Half moon shapes are notoriously tricky to design as the increase happens in a half curve. Which means calculating the increases evenly so the half circle remains flat can be a little brain buckling.  


15 free crochet shawl patterns round up compiled by Blue Star Crochet

15 Stunning Free Crochet Shawl Patterns

This is a list of 15 stunning free crochet shawl patterns that will be perfect for the upcoming spring/summer season. I have organised them by their finished shape so you can choose the one you fancy trying.

Triangle Crochet Shawls

1. Painswick Shawl 

Beautifully simple combination of crochet stitches that creates a stunning lacy texture. This asymmetric crochet triangle shawl is perfect for a beginner crocheter to create something they can be really proud of. It uses a gradient yarn cake that adds to the beautiful finish. Find the EASY MINDFUL CROCHET SHAWL PATTERN FROM GRADIENT YARN CAKE right here on the blog.

painswick triangular crochet shawl pattern

2. Gathering Driftwood Crochet Shawl Pattern

The Gathering Driftwood crochet shawl pattern is the perfect transition scarf. It’s an easy beginner triangle scarf. All you need to know to make this crochet scarf pattern are single crochet, double crochet, and chain stitch. This lacy crochet shawl is made from linen yarn so the drape is to die for. Find the pattern HERE.

free crochet shawl pattern using solid and lacy parts

3. Peafowl Feathers Crochet Shawl

The construction of this lacy crochet shawl is slightly different. The pattern starts with working around all three sides of a triangle in alternating rows of dc and filet crochet. After that the width is increased by working around 2 sides of the triangle only with adding the lacy border shells. These are worked from start to finish one shell at the time. CROCHET PEAFOWL FEATHERS SHAWL is a free pattern here on the blog.

lacy crochet shawl pattern

4. Crochet Lace Fan Shawl

This is a breathtakingly beautiful triangular shawl! The stitch combinations used in this beautiful make are really striking yet simple to make once you memorise the pattern. The shawl grows beautifully after much needed blocking and open up the beautiful lacy texture. This shawl would make a stunning gift for friends or family and would be gorgeous to wear in spring/summer season. CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

lace fans crochet shawl

5. Beatrix Shawl

This is a super simple crochet shawl that looks tricky to make. However, it uses a super simple pattern repeat that only consists of 2 rows. It is easy to memorise and can become a mindful make to crochet while watching TV. Although simple to make, the stunning lacy openwork makes it a special accessory to complement any spring/summer outfit. The CROCHET TRIANGLE SHAWL is available on my blog.

triangular beginner friendly shawl

6. Ruffled Water Shawl

You know I have a soft spot when it comes to Tunisian crochet. When I discovered this stunning shawl I knew I had to include it in this list. This pattern uses thinner yarn and larger hook which results in a light crochet shawl full of drape. Follow THIS LINK for the free crochet pattern.

tunisian crochet shawl pattern

7. Perceptions Crochet Shawl

This is a beginner friendly crochet project using just double crochet and chain stitches, with simple increases and decreases. The stitch combination creates a beautiful lacework that will play tricks with your eyes. What do you see- diamonds, leaves or circles? Check out the free pattern on THIS WEBSITE.

perception free crochet scarf pattern

8. Vela Flower Friend Shawl

This beautiful lace crochet shawl has such a beautiful story behind it! It is dedicated to Vela and inspired by her love for all flowers. The pattern uses simple crochet stitches grouped in an innovative way to represent flower motifs. Read the full story and grab the free pattern HERE.

vela free pattern for a shawl

Free Rectangle Crochet Shawl Patterns

9. Wrapped in Diamonds

This wrap is made using the filet crochet technique. It is an easy technique using only the chain and the double crochet stitch. As is common with filet crochet the pattern consists of a grid to follow and some instructions on how to read the grid. Check out the free pattern by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

rectangle crochet filet wrap pattern

10. Electric Blue Filet Crochet Shawl

Beautiful rectangular crochet wrap that uses a stunning electric blue colour. The finished crochet shawl is rather large giving you plenty of ways to wear this beautiful make. It has a traditional filet crochet swirl pattern running either side of the main geometric pattern in the middle. Grab the STUNNING FILET CROCHET SHAWL FREE CROCHET PATTERN from my website.

back view of filet crochet shawl

11. Zen Garden Shawl

This is a vibrant pink and purple shawl made in thinner yarn using lacy crochet stitches. The pattern is easy and uses repetitive stitching that is comforting as you crochet along. Then finish it off with a lacy stitch and beautiful border for a stunning shawl to keep for yourself or to give away to a loved one.Get the free pattern on THIS WEBPAGE.

garden prayer pattern for a rectangle wrap

12. Tidelands Wrap

This wrap is designed to showcase the gradual colour changes in fingering weight gradient yarn cake.  It is a super versatile make as well. You can pair it with both casual and dressy looks.  Because it is lightweight, you can wear it as a top layer when it’s not too chilly.  On cooler days, double it up and tuck it under your coat for a stunning and warm neck accessory.  Find the free pattern by CLICKING HERE.

crochet wrap pattern

Half Circle Crochet Shawls

13. SisLove Half Circle Shawl

This is a stunning semi circle shawl that uses a wide variety of interesting crochet stitches. It is the perfect pattern to use for a gradient colour changing yarn cakes but equally beautiful in solid colour. There is a free download of this pattern you can find here.

semi circle crochet shawl pattern

14. Apricot Rose Shawl

One cake of your favourite gradient yarn is all that is needed to make this Semi-circle Crochet Shawl. It perfectly drapes around your neck and shoulders and is an easy relaxing pattern using basic stitches. The half-circle shape of this crochet shawl is very versatile, and the open lace stitches make the design light and easy to wear. However, gathered up around your neck in cooler weather would be just as stylish. Check out the free pattern, click here.

apricot rose semi circle crochet pattern

15. Promenade Shawl

What makes the Promenade Shawl Free Crochet Pattern  special  is that it’s a beginner friendly semi-circle shawl that mixes the fine delicateness of mohair in with the beauty and contrast of DK weight yarn to create a beautiful shawl. By mixing two varied weights of yarn, the Promenade Semi Circle Shawl Free Crochet Pattern is a perfect year round shawl but especially ideal for Spring and Summer when you want an added layer but not the bulk of a cozy wrap. Free pattern is available here

semi circle shawl pattern

I hope you enjoyed these 15 stunning crochet shawl free patterns! If you think your crafty friends might like it too, why not share it with them too? Alternatively, you can pin this post to your Pinterest Board so you don’t ever lose it and always have it handy for inspiration!

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