Hobbii Yarn Review & Shopping Spree – See What I have Chosen

Take a look at some of my favorite products from Hobbii and read my honest yarn review! Do I love it or hate it?

Disclaimer: I have been sent these items from the fabulous guys at Hobbii free of charge in order to write this blog post. All opinions below are my own after trying these products out myself.

Come and join me for this quick shopping spree I got from Hobbii! I have been stalking the postman and couldn’t wait for my delivery.

I have chosen two different yarns from very opposite ends of the budget scale as well as a couple of handy and practical products.

These will make you crochet journey so much easier and more comfortable.

I am going to show you the items and yarn I have chosen and tell you what I think about it!


yarn review post

Hobbii is a one-stop shop for crocheters and knitters alike stocking all you need for your project. They are located in Copenhagen in Denmark.

The company is super active on their social media engaging with their followers and customers which is always great!

Here are the items I have chosen:

1. Fantasy Yarn Review

Fantasy yarn is a premium acrylic. It is a variegated yarn that comes in variety of colors. There are 15 great colors to choose from.

The pretty color combinations are mixed with each other and change throughout the skein, resulting in a varied color flow while you crochet with the yarn. 

fantasy yarn review

The yarn is a great alternative to animal wool fibres for people who are allergic. I have worked up a small swatch in half double crochet and you can see how the subtle color changes.

fantasy yarn swatch for review

I think Fantasy yarn is a great acrylic yarn that feels soft against skin. It feels hard-wearing so it would withstand a frequent wear.

I have used this yarn for a winter crochet hat design for my boys. The yarn is sturdy enough to withstand the stretching as it holds the shape nicely.

That means the hats will not end up stretched out of proportion when the boys will wear them all winter long.

fantasy yarn crochet hat

As the yarn is a bulky weight at 150m per 100g ball, the hat worked up super fast. I have all used under 1 skein for the above hat for my 4 year old boy!

There was plenty of yarn for a big Pom Pom and I still had some yarn left!

So overall, if you are looking for a budget-friendly bulky yarn that is perfect for winter accessories like hats, scarves or gloves, Fantasy yarn is perfect!

2. Dolce Cashmere Yarn Review

Dolce Cashmere is a cloud in a yarn ball! This wool blend yarn has a lightweight cashmere fibres blended in.

That makes it lighter than a cloud and perfect yarn for delicate projects. It comes in 16 different colors with with slow color transitions.

Cashmere can be worn directly on the skin and warms nicely since the cashmere fibers are good at isolating and containing the warmth even better than wool.

The yarn is specially produced for Hobbii at a small, family-run spinnery in Italy which makes it even more special!

dolce cashmere yarn review

The yarn comes in huge 200g balls with whopping 842 yards/770 metres! That is plenty of yarn to work up a stunning shawl with intricate details.

dolce cashmere yarn swatch for a review

This yarn comes with a bit of a price tag and should be used for super special projects or intended for a super special recipient.

I will be using it for a lightweight sweater using a plain stitch as I want the ombre colors do all the talking.

3. Neck Light Deluxe

Ever since I have seen the neck light circulating on social media, I wanted to try one myself.

This Neck Light Deluxe is an amazing tool to help me crocheting when the light is scarce.

As we are heading into colder months, I fell the dusk comes much earlier in the day. However, I hate closing my curtains and putting lights on so early in the day.

This is where my neck light comes in handy. I can keep my curtains opened a little longer while crocheting comfortably in my chair.

It would also be a great help when crocheting with black yarn. If you struggle to see the stitches even in the day, this neck light would certainly make things brighter and easier to see.

The neck light is worn around your neck so your hands are free to crochet, read or do any other crafts.

neck light deluxe

It also comes in two different sizes – 60 or 73 cm depending where you keep your hands while crocheting.

If you crochet with your hands closer to your chin, choose the 60 cm length. If you relax your hands into your lap, choose the 73 cm one.

4. PU Organiser

I must say that I have fell in love with this small but mighty organiser. It is a sturdy little case that is perfect to hold all your small notions safe.

No more hunting through the project bag for your stitch markers, needles or buttons! Keep them safe in this hard case organiser.

It also has a separate little pocket inside the lid part that you can actually organise your organiser too!

small organiser

In fact, I keep my organiser out on display as it is not only super functional but so pretty as well!

Final thoughts…

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