25 Stunning Crochet Shawls – Collection of Patterns

This is a collection of 25 stunning crochet shawls compiled by Marie Segares from Underground Crafter. Marie has chosen beautiful crochet shawls to compile a collection of different shawl shapes and techniques used.

I’m Marie Segares from Underground Crafter. Here you can find free crochet and knitting patterns, sewing and Cricut tutorials, and all types of crafty inspiration. I’m so excited to be visiting Veronika today to share 25 beautiful crochet patterns for must-make shawls!

These are some of my absolute favourite crochet shawls from some of the best crochet designers. These are all beautiful crochet patterns from various crochet blogs and websites. Whether you are looking for your next project or looking for the perfect handmade gift for somebody, I hope you will find a pattern in this crochet shawls collection.

Crochet shawls are wonderful projects to make, wear, gift, donate, and sell throughout the year. You can wear them on your shoulders during the summer to keep you warm in air conditioning. They double up and keep you warm during chilly nights. In cold weather, you can style them as scarves to keep your throat warm.

These crochet shawls collection of patterns include easy or meditative projects. Some will help you relax, as well as some that will put your crochet skills to the test. I’ve included several different shapes, striped and solid colors. As well as lacy and dense stitch patterns, so you’re sure to find the right project for you!

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25 Must-Make Crochet Shawls Collection of Patterns

Roundup by Underground Crafter

1. Painswick Shawl by Blue Star Crochet

This beginner-friendly, triangular shawl uses a self-striping gradient yarn. It uses a combination of basic crochet stitches to create an intricate crochet lace. It is perfect for a beginner crocheter or for a more experienced one for a relaxing mindful make. Painswick Crochet Shawl free pattern is available here on my blog.

crochet shawls collection starts with Painswick shawl

2. Summer Sunset Crochet Shawls Collection by Two Brothers Blankets

This simple two-row repeat triangular shawl pattern uses a self-striping yarn to make colorwork easy. It is a lovely make you can actually use throughout the year to keep warm. Click here for the free crochet shawl pattern.

triangular crochet shawls for collection

3. Wildflowers Shawl by Make and Do Crew

This beginner-friendly Tunisian crochet pattern includes photo and video tutorials. It uses Tunisian full stitch which looks tricky but one you get the basic technique, it will be a great project to work on. Free pattern can be found HERE.

Tunisian Crochet shawls collection

4. Sweet Honeycomb Super Wrap by Stitch in Progress

This stunning, striped rectangular shawl pattern includes a linked tutorial for the honeycomb trellis stitch. This intricate looking trellis stitch is very easy and looks simply stunning when worked with a a stiff cotton yarn or a bulky yarn. Check out the pattern here.

crochet wrap with lace for shawls collection

5. Throwback Wrap by One Dog Woof

This striped rectangular shawl uses corner-to-corner construction with the linen stitch. It’s a great way to use up single skeins of yarn in many colors. The Throwback Wrap uses the linen stitch on a bias. This stitch is also known as the crochet mesh stitch, or granite stitch. It is a combination of single crochet and chain stitches, worked alternately, to create a light, open texture that is not quite solid and not quite mesh. Take a look at the free crochet pattern.

rectangular crochet wrap worked on diagonal for shawls collection

6. Victoriana Shawl by Underground Crafter

This striking colorblocked rectangular shawl is a perfect project for special skeins of hand dyed yarn. It uses lacy crochet stitches to show off the beautiful colours. Click here for the super fun crochet pattern.

lacy crochet shawls are part of collection

7. Vela Flower Friend Crochet Shawls Collection 1 by Wilmade

This gorgeous, top-down triangular shawl is one on a series of four free patterns. It’s a triangle shawl worked top-downand full of visual texture. This beautiful crochet flower shawl pattern is available for free and includes a video tutorial. Find the free crochet shawl pattern by clicking here.

triangular crochet shawls with tassels

8. Hawthorne Tonal Shawl by Briana K Designs

This striped, triangular shawl is finished with tassels and uses a simple pattern repeat. The Hawthorne Shawl is crocheted in a triangle shawl shape with easy and relaxing stitch repeat sections using two colors of yarn. Click here for the pattern.

modern crochet shawl

9. Falling Leaves Wrap by Elena and Kamila

This lacy, rectangular shawl is crocheted with a one-row repeat pattern. The Falling Leaves Wrap is a luxurious, lacy, rectangular shawl perfect for any occassion. Check out the beginner friendly crochet shawl pattern HERE.

large rectangle crochet wrap free pattern collection

10. Brighter Days Crochet Shawls Collection by Crochet Dreamz

This bold and beautiful triangular shawl is adorned with tassels and uses a self-striping yarn to make the colorwork easy. Work this easy free crochet shawl pattern in Lion Brand Mandala yarn and I bet you will love the outcome no matter which colorway you chose. Take a look at the pattern.

close of of triangle crochet shawl pattern

11. Forget Me Not Shawl by Ned and Mimi

This triangular shawl with asymmetrical stripes uses a simple and easy-to-remember pattern repeat. This simple crochet shawl will make a gorgeous addition to your spring wardrobe. The color palette for this shawl was inspired by the gorgeous pale blue shades of the forget-me-not, a native Irish wildflower. Get the pattern from this website.

moss stitch crochet shawl

12. Vintage Lines Shawl by Another Mum Fights the Dust

This textured, triangular shawl pattern includes a video tutorial for the special stitch. The Vintage Lines Shawl is a beautiful crochet triangle shawl pattern that can easily be customized for any season.  Make it with a light-weight cotton for a cool summer shawl or use a warm wool-blend yarn for a winter scarf. Have a look at the stunning pattern by clicking this link.

lovely crochet triangle shawl pattern

13. Sargassum Crochet Shawl by Stitches and Scraps

This stunning rectangular lace shawl includes written and charted instructions with plenty of photo and video tutorials to help. Capture the feeling of delicate, lacy strands of seaweed, white sand beaches littered with shells, and the sparkle of sunshine on the clear, blue ocean. Sargassum is the name of a seaweed that washes ashore on the gulf beaches of Florida. Click here for the pattern.

lacy Crochet Shawl draped over shoulders

14. Life in Colour Shawl by Look At What I Made

This vibrant, asymmetrical shawl pattern uses a self-striping yarn to make the colorwork simple. This Life in Colour Crochet Shawl is a celebration of colour with a tiny spot of bling.  The pattern is easy to memorise, making it perfect for on-the-go crochet. Try out the pattern from this blog.

colourful crochet shawl

15. Magical Crochet Shawl by Olive + Brook

This triangular shawl uses simple stitches and a self-striping yarn. This shawl is light and airy, but still warm enough to ward off the chill. Check out this beautifully large crochet shawl on this website.

oversized lacy crochet triangle shawl

16. Irving Plaza Crochet Shawls Collection by Stitch and Hustle

This asymmetrical, triangular shawl is crocheted on the bias using a two-row repeat. The Irving Plaza Asymmetrical Triangle Shawl Free Crochet Pattern is a great way for adventurous beginners to explore working on the bias and combining stitches. With just one simple trick your shawl will grow and grow as much as you want! Click here for the pattern.

simple crochet triangle wrap

17. Susannah Springtide Crochet Shawl by Oombawka Design Crochet

This rectangular shawl is crocheted with a self-striping yarn to make colorwork easy. TheSusannah Springtide Shawl is an easy-to-crochet project you can make over a weekend. Check out the pattern on this blog.

variegated Crochet Shawl

18. Two-Tone Crochet Scarf Wrap by All About Ami

This fringed, rectangular shawl pattern includes both photo and video tutorials in addition to the written instructions. It could be snuggled in as the weather cooled down and also wrapped around the neck as a chic accessory. Take a look this modern crochet shawl here.

crochet wrap with fringe

19. Peafowl Feathers Crochet Shawl by Blue Star Crochet

This stunning, triangular lace shawl pattern includes helpful progress photos. The lacy border is worked separately shell by shell straight onto the main shawl body. Peafowl Feathers Shawl free pattern is available here on my blog.

lacy crochet shawl pattern

20. Denmark Crochet Shawl by The Roving Nomad

This striped rectangular shawl has beautiful edging details. Click here for the free pattern.

Denmark crochet shawl

21. Electric Blue Crochet Shawls Collection by Blue Star Crochet

This beautiful crochet shawl uses filet crochet technique. It uses simple beginner crochet stitches to create a beautiful design. Electric Blue Filet Crochet Shawl is available here in my website.

back view of filet crochet shawl

22. Juniper Wrap by KT and the Squid

The pattern for this luxurious and lacy rectangular shawl comes in striped and solid colors. So you can decide which version to make. This wrap features alternating sections of puffs and open stitches which really shine with this yarn. Using a larger hook also helps this project go extremely fast! The free pattern is available here.

ripple crochet rectangular wrap

23. Canopy Crochet Shawls Collection by Rebecca Velasquez

This lacy shawl uses a zigzag pattern and ends with picot edging. The shawl is worked flat from the center out, growing in depth and width with every row. This shawl is inspired by the ever-reaching forest canopy – a repeating zigzag pattern grows progressively longer, ending in a row of outstretched picots, reminiscent of the leaves on treetops. This stunning lacy crochet shawl is available here.

lacy crochet semicircle shawl

24. Let It Bee Crochet Wrap by Heart Hook Home

This lacy, bee-inspired wrap is perfect for warmer weather. This gorgeous open work crochet design is lightweight and airy, yet substantial enough to offer a bit of coverage and warmth on chilly nights. Get the pattern from this website.

lacy honeycomb crochet shawls collection

25. Beatrix Crochet Shawls Pattern by Blue Star Crochet

This is an easy triangular crochet shawl that is perfect for beginner or for a little bit of mindful crochet. It consists of simple 2 row repeat and creates a lovely openwork. Beatrix Shawl Triangular Crochet Shawl is available right here on my blog.

model wearing crochet triangle shawls

Did you find inspiration for your next project? I hope so. If you’re still looking for more crochet inspiration, check out 24 Free Crochet Patterns for Green Shawls over on Marie’s blog.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of stunning crochet shawl patterns compiled by the lovely Marie from Underground Crafter.

I have also put together a collection of 15 Stunning Free Crochet Shawl Patterns right here on my blog. You really won’t be short on inspiration when you are looking for your next crochet project.

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