Quick And Easy Way To Print Labels At Home For Your Crochet Business

This is a quick tutorial and a product review on how to print labels at home with Munbyn thermal printer. The post is sponsored by Munbyn and I have been gifted a printer for an honest review.

If you have been following me for a while, you might know that a few years ago, I had a crazy idea of designing a crochet box kit.

It was an all-you-need crochet kit that had lots of beautiful yarn, hooks and pattern for a shawl.

Thinking back to this entire process, it was an overwhelming task that could have been done so much easier. Hind sight and all that…

Apart from the house flooded with yarn (not bad at all to be honest), boxes and booklets, I struggled greatly with packaging and printing postage labels effectively.

I printed them out with ink printer on an A4 page. Then had to cut them out and tape over them with an adhesive tape so they don’t get wet.

That is why I am excited to bring you this super easy and quick tutorial! Let’s take a look on how to print labels at home with Munbyn thermal printer.

how to print labels at home

Whether you ship physical packages and do not want your address labels bleeding when they get wet while going through the postal network.

Or you just want to add some finishing touches to your handmade products and packaging for a market stall. I love the extras like “Thank You” or “Made With Love” stickers.

When I see these extra steps the maker has taken, I know that the product itself will be top quality and truly made with love!

You can print anything from:

  • shipping label
  • branding label
  • product label
  • logo sticker
  • “thank you” sticker
  • QR code label
  • care instruction label and so many more!

I am a label lover and think most of the things are going to get labeled in my house, including the kids and the dog!

munbyn printer for print at home labels

How To Print Labels At Home With Munbyn Printer Video

I have filmed a quick video to show you the unboxing, quick set up and the Munbyn Printer in action.

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YouTube video

Whatever you need to print, I think choosing the right printer for you and your handmade crochet business is a must!

Laser printers can get very pricey. Ink printers can be messy and there is nothing worse than running out of ink when you need to print your labels.

Not mentioning the impact on the environment and the cost involved with replacing ink cartridges.

That is why I was super happy with Munbyn Thermal Label Printer.

Advantages Of Thermal Label Printer

Here are a few reasons why I think it is a great investment into your handmade crochet business:

  1. the printer does not require any ink, it is environmental-friendly and BPA free! It is ready to print anytime! So you do not have to worry about running out of ink and replacing costly cartridges.
  2. it is super easy to set up, install and connect to your Windows or Mac computer via USB.
  3. there are a few different Munbyn thermal labels and stickers for all your printing needs. The labels are BPA Free, Waterproof, and Oil-proof. They use strong adhesive but are easy to peel off without residue. They also come in a few different colors and shapes as the printer only prints in black.
  4. it is a super fast printer too printing 72 labels per minute. So trust me when I say the labels will “fly out” of your printer
  5. it’s compatible with all major shipping and sales platforms labelling including Etsy. Here is a quick guide on how to print shipping labels on Etsy.

Print Labels At Home Step By Step

I found the whole process super easy from start to finish and let me tell you I am by no means a “techy” person.

Firstly, while the printer is switched OFF, you need to connect it to power outlet and then connect it with the USB cable provided to you computer.

Then visit the link provided in the User Guide to download and install the right software for your computer.

Once you have designed your label you want to print, I have done mine on Canva which is super easy to do with some ready done templates.

Open the printer, feed in the label stickers and adjust guide that holds the sticker paper in place.

Then close the printer and press the feeder button for the printer to automatically identify the label size.

However, my printer did this automatically without pressing the button. Clever little thing!

Then adjust the size of the printing paper on your computer, I used 2 x 2 inch for the round “Thank You” stickers.

Simply select how many labels you want to print and hit that “print” button.

print at home labels done on munbyn

The printer is high resolution and features optional 203 dpi (basic printing) and 300 dpi (higher printing for Amazon barcodes).

I have been sent the black printer, however there are other color options to choose from. I know how important aesthetics are to workspaces, so you can opt for the white it pink printer.

The printer is compact and small but it packs a punch in terms of printing labels.

This is a great advantage if you do not need the printer daily like me. It is easy to put away, doesn’t take up lots of space and if you need to take it with you, it is super portable too…

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to print labels at home and the thermal printer review!

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Apparently, that’s what today’s kids do, it’s the “cool” thing!

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