Free Crochet Clutch Bag Pattern – Lotus Flower Bag

This free crochet clutch bag will be your new go-to accessory when choosing an outfit for the day or a night out. Big enough to carry your essentials but small enough to carry around all day and night.

I find small clutch bags so practical! They are small enough that you can carry then around on your all day and night.

However, they are big enough to carry all your essentials you want to keep handy when out and about.

The clutch bag is so quick to work up, I used a fabulously textured crochet stitch.

I have designed this fun and cute crochet clutch bag as a go-to accessory when you are choosing your outfit for the day or night.

You can keep it plain and carry it around in your hand as a clutch bag. On the other hand you can also embellish it with a long shoulder strap which makes carrying it around even easier.

I added a fun little tassel to add a finishing touch to this fun crochet clutch bag.


crochet clutch bag free pattern Pinterest

Crochet Clutch Bag Pattern Details

This cute crochet handbag has been designed with texture in mind.

I have used the very popular crochet lotus stitch. This is a fantastic combination of puff stitches which provide lots of texture and chain spaces which make the fabric relaxed and not too stiff.

If you haven’t heard of lotus stitch before I have a handy written and video tutorial on my blog you can check out and learn the stitch.

It is a beginner friendly crochet stitch combination that you can easily learn. It combines puff stitches with chain spaces.

crochet lotus stitch

I used a 100% cotton yarn – Hobbii Rainbow 8/8 cotton. This is a DK weight cotton which comes in 75m per 50g ball.

For this crochet clutch bag you will need 3 balls of this cotton yarn. I have chosen to make it in Royal Blue shade.

However, there are many beautiful shades to choose from. You can also substitute this yarn for any thick cotton yarn to give the crochet bag a bit more sturdiness.

The pattern calls for 5 mm crochet hook which is perfect for working with this cotton. It creates a nice and sturdy fabric which is perfect for the clutch bag.

If you decide to add the long shoulder strap, you can shop around or check this one out from Hobbii.

crochet clutch bag flatly

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The crochet clutch bag will look great with everything in your wardrobe. You can use it during the day for general running errands.

Why not also dress it up and take it with you out for dinner with friends or a date.

crochet clutch bag on shoulder



3 pattern repeats x 9 rows measures 10 x 10 cm

Chain 26 for a quick tension swatch and follow the pattern below.

Finished Size

22 cm wide x 15 cm height

open crochet clutch bag

Stitches and Abbreviations (US terms)

ch – chain stitch

sc – single crochet

puff st – puff stitch – (yarn over, insert hook and pull up loop) 3 times, yarn over and pull through 6 loops on the hook

ch-sp – chain space

lotus st – please watch video tutorial HERE

picot – 3 ch, sl st to first ch

Crochet Clutch Bag Pattern Notes

  • the clutch bag is worked in rows of lotus stitch
  • to have the stitches pointing in the same way, you will work into both sides of the foundation chain
  • you start with a foundation chain and work up the shorter side which becomes the front panel and fasten off
  • the yarn is then rejoined into the underside of the foundation chain
  • you work up the longer panel which becomes the back panel and the closer
  • the closer part is finished off with a rows of single crochet and picot stitches at the points
  • the clutch bag is finished off with a tassel on the side which is optional
  • you will also need a magnetic clasp to scure the closer
  • I used a leather handle from Hobbii which is attached on either side to wear it over my shoulder, this is optional and you can use it as a clutch bag carried in hand
  • You can make the bag wider by adding extra stitch repeats, the stitch multiple is 6 + 2
crochet clutch bag close up

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Crochet Clutch Bag Main Pattern


Chain 38.

Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc, * miss following 2 sts, (1 puff st, 2 ch, 1 puff st, 2 ch, 1 puff st) into the next ch, miss 2 sts, 1 sc in next; repeat from * to end, turn.

Row 2: 2 ch (counts as first part of puff st), (yarn over, insert hook and pull up loop) twice, yarn over and pull through 6 loops on the hook (1st puff st made), 2 ch, 1 puff st in same st, miss following (1 puff st, 2 ch-sp), 1 sc into the next puff st, * miss following (2 ch-sp, 1 puff st), work (1 puff st, 2 ch, 1 puff st, 2 ch, 1 puff st) into the next sc, miss following (1 puff st, 2 ch-sp), 1 sc into the next puff st, miss following (2 ch-sp, 1 puff st), work (1 puff st, 2 ch, 1 puff st) into last sc, turn.

Row 3: 1 ch (does not count as a st throughout), 1 sc in same st, * miss following (2 ch-sp, 1 puff st), work (1 puff st, 2 ch, 1 puff st, 2 ch, 1 puff st) into the next sc, miss following (1 puff st, 2 ch-sp), 1 sc into the next puff st; repeat from * to end working the last sc into top of first puff st, turn.

Repeat Row 2 & 3 another 4 times, repeat Row 2 one more time.

Fasten off.

Join yarn in the first stitch of  the underside of the foundation chain.

Repeat Row 1 – 3, then repeat Row 2 & 3 another 8 times.

closer look at crochet clutch bag worn

To finish off the crochet clutch bag edge

1 ch, 1 sc in first st, (1 sc in next puff st, 2 sc in next 2 ch-sp, 1 sc in next puff st, 1 picot, 2 sc in next 2 ch-sp, 1 sc in next puff st, 1 sc in next sc) repeat across to end of row.

Fasten off. Sew in all ends.

Fold the rectangle along the foundation chain and using yarn needle sew together on both sides to form the bag.

Make a 10 cm tassel and attach to the side of the bag.

Attach magnetic metal clasp in the middle of the closer and the from panel.

Attach leather handle at either side of the bag of you are using them.

folding instructions for the clutch bag

Final thoughts…

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