10 Beautiful Crochet Bag Patterns That Are A Must Make- Free Patterns

Take a look at this round up of 10 crochet bag patterns that are a must make! These beautiful crochet pouches, totes and market bags are free crochet patterns I have hand picked for you.

Who doesn’t love crochet bags? I personally love them. They are such a great crochet accessory you can use anywhere.

The best thing about making your own bag is that you can completely customise it. You can actually make a crochet bag to completely match your outfit in terms of colour, style and size!

Isn’t it super cool to be able to create something perfect? You can also take design elements of a few different bags you have spotted in the shop and put them together.

This way you will be able to create a bag that ticks all the boxes for you.

There will never be a bag that is too small or big, the handle too long or not long enough or not the right color.

You can also make it as practical as you want by adding extra pockets and different compartments.

However, crochet bags have a few down sides. They can be a bit floppy. Furthermore, the fabric can have a few holes you can lose things through.

But do not despair, we will look at a few ways we can fix these issues to make a functional and practical crochet bag.

How to make crochet bags more practical?

Firstly, we will look at how to make your crochet bags more sturdy. This is a desired quality for crochet handbags and purses which need to hold their shape when worn.

Whether it be from practical or more aesthetically pleasing reasons.

How sturdy your crochet bag is depends greatly on three different things. A choice of yarn, size of the hook and crochet stitch choice.

I have previously used a 5 mm cotton cord to make a bag. This is a very stiff non stretchy yarn you can use.

You can find the same qualities in other yarns like t-shirt yarn, chunky cotton, jute or raffia yarn.

When it comes to choosing a hook size, this is largely based on every crocheter’s tension. I would suggest starting with hook which is one size smaller than the one the yarn label suggests.

This will ensure that you will crochet the stitches tighter, therefore creating stiffer and sturdier crochet fabric for your bag.

Which brings me onto the last point and that is choice of the stitch you use. Naturally, to make the bag sturdy you will need to use a smaller stitch with minimal gaps.

Some of the great stitches to use would be the humble single crochet, waistcoat stitch or any of the linked crochet stitches.

Furthermore, you can actually line your bag. This will have two different benefits. Firstly, it will make the bag more sturdy.

Secondly it will completely seal the bag so you will have no gaps in your bag you can lose your things through. I would suggest using a stiff cotton fabric.

I have also seen people crochet around a plain shop bought jute shopping bag.

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10 beautiful crochet bag free patterns

10 Beautiful Crochet Bags – Free Patterns

Let’s take a look at these beautiful crochet bags. These are all free crochet patterns from some of the best crochet designers around.

I have selected all different types of crochet bags that have different purpose in order to show you how versatile they are.

1. Wedge Crochet Project Bag

There are many zipper pouch patterns out there and they are all gorgeous in their simplicity.

I wanted to create this wedge crochet project bag with its slightly unusual shape and construction.

I kept the colours neutral to create a stylish and modern crochet project bag you would proudly display.

This project bag has a leather wrist strap and an opening for the working yarn so you can crochet on the go! Stylish Crochet Wedge Project Bag- Free Pattern is available right here on my website.

wedge crochet project bag with open zip

2. Easy Crochet Market Bag

This is a beautiful crochet market bag that is perfect for farmers market. It uses a combination of sturdy linked crochet stitches to give the bag some support.

The added filet crochet technique uses open mesh stitches to create the body of the bag.

This is a desirable quality as the body of the bag expands to be able to carry all your fresh vegetables, flowers and French stick bread.

Find the free crochet bag pattern HERE.

easy crochet market bag

3. Not Your Granny’s Beach Bag

This free crochet pattern and tutorial shows you how to make a solid granny square and how to then turn it into a modern beach bag with a fun punk(ish) finish.

It uses a twisted rope for the handles which adds a lovely finish to the bag.

The designer added some cool studs to the bag which gives the designs an edge!

This beautifully large bag fits everything a family of five needs for a day out at the beach.

CLICK HERE for the free tutorial.

Not Your Granny's Beach Bag

4. Crochet Origami Tote Bag

This is a super easy and fun crochet bag pattern that is inspired by the origami folding technique. It consists of 3 crocheted squares that are folded and joined together to form stylish and sturdy tote.

It requires absolutely no sewing with a needle as the squares are simply slip stitched together.

The handles are worked straight onto two of the squares and are tied together in a stylish knot which I think is such a lovely addition to the design.

Check out the pattern BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

crochet origami tote bag

5. Summer Raffia Crochet Bag

The simplicity of this crochet raffia bag is where the charm is. I used simple stitches – single and half double crochet.

As a result, it is a great beginner friendly crochet pattern.

The half double crochet stitch creates an interesting, almost lacy texture because it is worked through the back loop only.

Because the yarn is a bit stiffer it pulls the stitches open and creates a lovely openwork. Quick and Easy Crochet Raffia Bag For Summer is a free pattern here on the blog.

summer raffia bag worn over shoulder

6. Crochet Rover Circle Bag

The Rover Bag is a circular crochet bag that is beautiful and super functional.

It’s a bag that you could pair with the perfect spring sundress and wear to brunch, yet it would still look great with a band t-shirt and highwaisted shorts for a concert.

The smaller size is perfect to hold all the essentials you would need for a day out.

The best part is that this bag can be made in less than an hour with just a single skein of yarn!

CLICK HERE for the free crochet pattern!

crochet rover circle bag

7. Wanderlust Chevron Backpack

This beautiful crochet backpack uses 100% cotton for a sturdy backpack and great stitch definition. The backpack has a super simple construction so the pattern is suitable for beginners too.

The chevron stripe across the from adds an interesting feature and makes it a super modern and stylish backpack.

Follow THIS LINK for the pattern.

wanderlust chevron backpack

8. Color Block Make Up Bag

The colour block make up bag is a super easy, beginner-friendly crochet pattern that can be made in a few hours.

Therefore, it would be a great last minute gift project or for a craft stall. It has a lovely suede tassel that finishes off this zipper pouch beautifully.

This bag uses single crochet stitch which is not only beginner friendly, but it also creates a lovely sturdy item that will hold all your essentials securely.

Find the free pattern on THIS WEBSITE.

Color block make up bag

9. Wildrose Market Bag

Crochet this beautiful Wildrose Market Bag in a couple of days. It is composed of 13 granny squares seamed together in a special way!

This eye-catching bag uses a variety of crochet stitches that any beginner will learn. It is very sturdy and uses strong mercerized cotton and a dense strap using the waistcoat stitch.

This bag is the perfect way to carry around your groceries, beach, and travel items!

CLICK ON THIS LINK to get to the pattern.

wildrose market tote

10. Eyelet Crochet Purse

The Eyelet Purse is an easy, beginner-friendly crochet bag pattern. This is a fantastic stash busting project as it uses less than one skein of yarn.

It works up super quick so you can make it as a last minute gift for loved ones.

It is just the right size to fit your phone, small wallet and a set of keys. The long strap allows you to wear this purse as a cross body bag.

Check out the free pattern ON THIS BLOG.

eyelet purse free pattern

Final thoughts…

Firstly, I hope you love these crochet bag patterns. If you think your crafty friends will like it too, why not share it with them?

You can share a direct link to this pattern on your social media. 

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I truly hope you will find an inspiration for your next crochet project right here from these wonderful crochet patterns.

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