10 Free Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns

Easy to make and stylish to wear, I have compiled a collection of 10 free crochet ear warmer patterns. They are quick and easy to make to keep your head warm.

I personally am a big fan of crochet ear warmers. They are great crochet projects to work on as they are not too difficult. They also work up quick so you can make one in no time. You will get an instant satisfaction from finishing a project.

Secondly, I love how practical a crochet ear warmer is. I am a big fan of crochet hats. However, here is my little niggle I have with wearing hats.

I hate being cold especially when it comes to my head and ears. But, if I need to walk somewhere in cold weather wearing a hat and then go inside like a friend’s house or a coffee shop, I hate taking the hat off. Because let’s be honest, when you see a person wearing a hat inside… well you think “really”?

Most of the time after I take the hat off, I look like a hot mess. My hair sticks out in all sorts of directions and has will of its own. And let’s not talk about the frizz and electric charge in my hair.


10 free crochet ear warmer patterns

Advantages Of Crochet Ear Warmer

As I mentioned above, crochet ear warmer is super practical to wear. It keeps your head and ears warm without making you too hot. And without making your hair look a hot mess.

You can pin your hair up into a bun without having to redo it after wearing an ear warmer. You can style your hair into a bun or a high ponytail and still wear an ear warmer.

It is a super stylish addition to your outfit that is functional as well. Keep your head and ears warm while looking like million dollars!

As a crochet project, crochet ear warmer is generally an easy and quick project to work on. It would make a lovely gift for friends and family. As well as being a great seller on a craft stall if you ever wanted to run one.

10 Stylish Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns

I have put together a collection of some amazing crochet ear warmer patterns. These are all easy and stylish patterns that will work up quickly. They will be a great addition to your cold weather outfit.

Misty Tunisian Crochet Ear Warmer

Quick and easy Tunisian ear warmer crochet pattern with a modern twist at the front. This knit look crochet headband uses chunky yarn and large hook so it will work up super fast. 

I think it is perfect for the transitional weather. When it is not that warm anymore but not cold enough for a beanie.

This ear warmer would make such a lovely present for a loved one or a friend. Because they are so quick to make, you can also make one for everyone and have an ear warmer themed winter party! Tunisian crochet ear warmer is a free pattern on my blog.

tunisian crochet ear warmer flatlay

Chained Crochet Headband

This great pattern comes in seven different sizes so you can make an ear warmer for every member of the family. It is a quick project that uses large hook and bulky yarn.

This simple crochet headband pattern is easy, fun, and sure to please. You can make ear warmers for yourself, your family, or as gifts for friends and loved ones.

These ear warmers not only look great, but are soft and comfortable to wear. CLICK HERE for the free crochet ear warmer pattern.

Chained Crochet Headband

Twisted Crochet Ear Warmer

This cute pattern is for a knit look crochet ear warmer with a modern twist at the front. It is not only a super pretty pattern but functional too.

The bulky weight yarn is super warm and will keep your ears nice and toasty this fall and winter. I love how easy it is to wear with high ponytails or messy buns.

It is a beginner friendly pattern that is worked in flat rows. It is then joined with a seam creating a twist at the front. The pattern uses slip stitch/single crochet ribbing pattern which mimics the look of knitted ribbing. Check out the free pattern by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Twisted Crochet Ear Warmer

Diamonds Headband

I love this beautifully textured pattern. It looks really complicated and intricate. However, once you work out the stitch placement the diamond pattern will simply appear right in front of you.

This ear warmer is part of a series of other crochet accessory patterns with the same diamond pattern. That means you could make a matching set as a gift. Or simply make one for yourself to wear.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern and chart to help you along with the diamond pattern.

Diamonds Headband

Basic Ear Warmer Pattern

You can crochet this easy ear warmer with this customisable pattern in no time. You can choose from one of three different crochet stitches for beginners. Choose from single, half double or double crochet stitch to make your headband.

Why not embellish the ear warmer with a bow or flower and a button closure. It is completely up to you how you decide to customise the look.

You can find this great pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Basic Ear Warmer Pattern

Morgan Headband

This is an easy and fun crochet pattern to keep your ears warm without hiding your hair to getting it messy. It is a quick pattern that you can work up in less than an hour or so.

It comes in three different sizes. However the easy pattern is also easy to adjust to your custom fit. The stitch pattern used is gender neutral, making this headband suitable for everyone. The Morgan Ear Warmer is crocheted with simple sc and dc stitches.

Get the free pattern HERE.

Morgan Headband

Alpine Crochet Headband

This cute and super warm crochet ear warmer is super easy to make. It uses the ever so popular Alpine crochet stitch. The Alpine stitch is a series of double crochets and front post stitches. 

Made is bulky weight yarn, you can work up this cute ear warmer in no time at all! You can easily get one or two done in an evening.

If you start your craft stall preparation early, this is certainly a pattern to bookmark. You can find it ON THIS BLOG.

Harvest Twist Ear Warmer

This modern and chic ear warmer is perfect for transitional weather. As it starts to get cool, crochet ear warmer is the ideal accessory to complement your outfit.

It looks great styled with a bun or pony tail or equally stunning worn with your hair down. The pattern uses Herringbone Single Crochet stitch. This stitch creates thick and bulky crochet fabric.

The pattern comes with in depth video tutorial so anybody can make one. CLICK HERE for the free pattern and tutorial.

Beginner Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern

These ear warmers are not only quick to make. They are also a great stash buster as they are slightly more narrow. You will not need as much yarn.

So whether you are brand new to crochet or have been in the game for a while, this project will take little time and yarn! The pattern only uses half double crochet stitch so it is a great relaxing project.

The ear warmer features a lovely cinch at the front. It is so simple to make yet very effective. FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free crochet pattern.

Beginner Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern

Crochet Headband

Crochet ear warmer is such an easy project that makes a big impact. Keeps you warm, it is easy to make and gives you an instant satisfaction from finishing a project.

This cute headband uses the crunch stitch. It is a beautiful stitch with lots of texture. However, it is not a big yarn eater like other textured stitches. Plus it is so easy to make, suitable for a beginner crocheter too!

It works up super quick and can be resized to any size. This free crochet pattern that will have your head and ears nice and toasty this winter. You can access the pattern by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of 10 Crochet Ear Warmer patterns and will choose to make a few. If you think your friends would like to make some too, why not share this collection with them? 

You can share the direct link with them or shout out to the world and use the social media share buttons below! Do not forget to pin this collection to your favourite Pinterest Board too.

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