Free Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern – Mimi Headband

Free crochet ear warmer pattern for women – Mimi Ear Warmer is quick and easy to make.

This crochet ear warmer is such a quick and satisfying project. It is easy to make and works up within an hour. The perfect project for a relaxed evening.

This is thanks to a beginner friendly pattern and super bulky yarn. Use simple crochet stitches like single crochet and you can whip one up in an hour or so.

These would be perfect for a quick crochet gift idea for a friend or a family member. If you trade at market and craft shows, you can make a bunch of these to sell.

How do you crochet ear warmers?

Even thought crochet ear warmer is a beginner friendly make and one of the easy ones, you can choose from different techniques on how to make one.

Working In Rows

The easiest way to make a crochet headband is to work up a long strip of fabric. To do this you can either work across the width of the ear warmer working back and forth in short rows.

This is the same technique I use for my Mimi Crochet Ear Warmer pattern you can find at the bottom of this post.

However, you can also start with a longer starting chain that is the same size as your head circumference. Work in long rows the whole length of the crochet headband.

Whichever way you decide to work, after you have finished the long strip of crochet fabric, you need to sew it together. You need to line up the the short ends together and sew it together to create a crochet headband.

Working In Rounds

Secondly, you can create a crochet ear warmer by working in round. Again you can do this width and length ways too.

You can work widthways in round. This means that you will be creating a crochet headband with double thickness. The advantage if working this way is that you will always have the right side facing outwards.

This is especially useful for crochet stitches that only look pretty on one side. You can achieve an uniform look to your ear warmer by doing it this way.

You can of course again start with a long starting chain that will fit around the circumference of your head.

Then join the starting chain with a slip stitch into the first chain. You can then continue working in round around the entire circumference.

The amount of rounds you will work in total will determine the width of your ear warmer. Again, there is an advantage to this technique.

You will always be working on the right side of your work which is useful for stitches that look nice on one side only.

Separate Crochet Motifs Joined Together

You can make this technique really simple or really complicated!

Firstly, the really easy way is working up a bunch of squares and sewing them together! It really is as simple as that!

This could also be a great stash buster project. The individual squares would not take too much yarn to work up.

However, if you are after more complicated project, you can certainly get creative with shapes. This is where maths and good geometry skills would come in really handy.

You could use triangles sewn together. A combination of diamond shapes and triangles will also work well. This could be a really fun project where you can let your creativity run wild.

pink easy crochet pattern for an ear warmer

How wide should a Crochet ear warmer be?

I feel like this is very much down to a personal preference. However, generally an adult crochet ear warmer is around 4 inches wide.

I have included a handy size chart for crochet ear warmers below. It gives you an estimated measurement from newborn to adult large sizes.

As I mentioned above, these measurements are for guide only and you can totally make a crochet headband as wide as you wish.

You can see in the picture below my Mimi Ear Warmer. It is 7.5 cm wide which according to the table is fit for a toddler! However, that is the width I prefer and like wearing.

So do not get restricted by a size chart on how to make a crochet ear warmer and make it just the way you like it.

I have also included a size adjustment notes for my Mimi Crochet Ear Warmer pattern below. You can use these to customise your ear warmer to fit your head.

How do you crochet a twist ear warmer?

Twist crochet ear warmers have been growing in popularity recently. They are a stylish crochet accessory. There are a few different ways you can use to create a twisted crochet headband.

Sew A Mock Twist

This is by far one of the easiest techniques. Mock twist is only created optically.

This technique is suitable for beginners. It has a great advantage because it will work literally with any ear warmer pattern.

After you finish crocheting your ear warmer, all you need is to add a finishing touch with a needle. Thread a yarn needle with leftover yarn.

Using the running stitch weave the needle in and out of the fabric across the width of the ear warmer.

Then pull the yarn tightly to cinch the fabric until the crochet ear warmer gathers up into a bow like shape.

At this point you can tie the yarn off and sew in securely to hold it in shape. However, you can also use the yarn to wrap it around the gathered point to create a more prone “bow like” shape. You can see an example HERE.

Long Strip Twisted Over

Twisting over a long strip of fabric is another easy technique on how to create twisted crochet ear warmer.

You simply lay the fabric strip in front of you and twist one end vertically. Then line up the shorter ends together and sew together. It is as simple as that!

THIS pattern shows off the twist lovely.

Twist Created By Sewing

You can also create a really fashionable twist in your crochet ear warmer by folding the ends onto one another before sewing them together.

Fold the headband in half offsetting the two ends so that one end only reaches the halfway over the bottom.

Fold the top one in half folding it underneath the bottom one, fold the bottom one in half folding it over the top one.

With the tail end sew through all 4 layers to secure the twist. Sew in the tail end. 

This is a technique I used for my Misty Tunisian Headband pattern, which is free here on the blog. You can also check out a photo tutorial HERE.

Braided Crochet Ear Warmer

Do you like braiding hair? If you do, you will certainly love this technique!

This ear warmer is worked across the width of the headband. You can start with a first few rows of the ear warmer. Then split them into three or four equal parts and work up the length separately.

You will have three or four strands of fabric attached together at one end. You can then braid them together. Once you have done so, you can crochet the strand ends together back into a full row.

This is especially handy of you are a little short on length due to braiding the strands together. This can shorten the finished circumference.

You can see a lovely example of this technique ON THIS BLOG.

Split Twist Ear Warmer

I have applied this technique to my Layover Crochet Cowl. It is a similar technique to the braided crochet ear warmer. However, in this case you will only need to split the width of the row into two equal parts.

Work up the length of the two strands enough for the twist over, then join them together again into one full row.

I have also filmed a handy video tutorial for this technique when I designed the Layover Cowl. You can find the tutorial HERE.


easy crochet ear warmer headband pattern

Crochet Ear Warmer Size Chart

Below you can find a handy size chart which will help you to determine the size of your finished ear warmer.

As I said above, this is a guide only and you can completely customise your ear warmer.

AGEHead SizeHeadband LengthHeadband Width
Baby 0-3 mths14-15” (36-38 cm)13-13.5” (33-34 cm)       2″ (5 cm)
Baby 3-6 mths15-17” (38-43cm)13.5-16” (34-41cm)2″ (5 cm)
Baby 6-12 mths16-18” (41-46cm)14.5-16.5” ( 37-42cm)2.5″ (6.3 cm)
Toddler18-20“ (46-51 cm)16.5-18.5” (42-47cm)3″ (7.5 cm)
Child19-20.5” (48 -52cm)17.5-19” (44 -48cm)      3.5″ (8.9 cm)
Teen (or sm. adult)20.5-22” (52 -56cm)19-20“ (48 -52cm)3.5″ (8.9 cm)
Adult Size M21.5-22.5“ (53 -56 cm)20-21.5” (51- 54cm)3.5-4″ (8.9 – 10 cm)
Adult Size L23-24” (58 -61cm)22-24” (55 -58 cm)4-4.5″ (10 – 11.5 cm)

Grab the ad free PDF version of this pattern from my shops below

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Free One Hour Crochet Ear Warmer

This blog post contains affiliate links and if you click through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. I link these companies and their products because of their quality and service not because of the commission I receive from your purchase.


Uru Yarn by Knitcrate (super bulky weight; 55 yards/50 m per 100 g/4 oz.; 45% Huacaya Alpaca, 45% Suri Alpaca, 10% Stellina) x 1 skein in Noon Chai

10 mm crochet hook

yarn needle


Finished Size

48 cm head circumference x 7.5 cm width

easy crochet ear warmer free pattern


12 sts x 6rows = 10 cm

Stitches and Abbreviations (US Crochet Terms)

ch – chain stitch

sc – single crochet

sc blo – single crochet through back loop only

sc2tog blo- single crochet the following 2 stitches together working through back loop only

st(s) – stitch(es)

For abbreviations master list as set out by Craft Yarn Council, please CLICK HERE.

Pattern Notes

  • the ear warmer is worked in rows across the short side
  • the pattern creates chevron look with one point running through the middle of the ear warmer
  • it is worked as one long strip of fabric
  • it is then folded in half and crocheted together
  • you line up the last rows with the underside of the foundation chain and crochet it together stitch to stitch

Size Adjustments

  • to adjust width, you can add extra stitches to the starting chain
  • you have to chain EVEN number of stitches to have the chevron point positioned in the middle of the ear warmer
  • to adjust the circumference, add extra rows or work less rows for a smaller circumference

Crochet Ear Warmer Headband Pattern

Main Pattern

Chain 10.

Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from the hook, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in each of the next  2 ch, (1 sc, 2 ch, 1 sc) in next ch, 1 sc in each of the next 2 ch, 1 sc2tog, turn. [8 sc]

Row 2: 1 ch (does not count as a stitch), 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in each of the next 2 ch, (1 sc, 2 ch, 1 sc) in next 2 ch-sp, 1 sc in each of the next 2 ch, 1 sc2tog, turn. [8 sc]

Repeat Row 2 another 28 times. Do not fasten off.

Finishing Instructions

Fold in half, line up the last row with the underside of the foundation chain.

Using slip stitch or single crochet stitch crochet the two rows together stitch to stitch.

Sew in all ends.

Turn right side out to hide the seam.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this crochet ear warmer pattern. I have more free crochet tutorials that you might enjoy right here on the blog. 

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Free Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern – Mimi Headband

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