Easy Crochet Glasses Case – Free Pattern & Tutorial

This is a free crochet glasses case pattern that uses fair isle crochet colorwork technique. It has a simple and modern design to keep your glasses safe.

I was so excited to teach you a new colorwork technique in my latest blog post – fair isle crochet that I had to come up with an easy pattern. One that uses this technique but on a beginner-friendly level.

This crochet glasses case uses this great technique to incorporate an easy and modern looking design. It is wonderful that just a few arrows can create such a striking design.

You can practice fair isle crochet on this small and quick project and make something useful at the same time.

I find it frustrating sometimes that you end up with useless bits of crochet fabric when you learn a new technique.

However, that is not the case with fair isle crochet as I incorporated this fun colorwork technique into this crochet glasses case.

So not only will you get to practice fair isle crochet, you will also make something useful at the end of it.

The finished case is such a versatile little pocket that you do not have to use it for glasses if you don’t wear a pair.

You can keep it in your handbag and use it as a tissue pocket or keep sanitary products in it to stop them getting lost in your handbag.

You could also sew a zip at the top instead of the button closure and use it as a pencil case or a small hook and notions pouch. The possibilities are endless.


free crochet glasses case pattern

Crochet Glasses Case Design

As I mentioned above, the crochet glasses case uses fair isle crochet colorwork technique.

It incorporates an easy sequence of arrows to create a simple yet modern design.

If you haven’t tried fair isle crochet before, I recommend starting with my in depth overview on how this technique works.

Fair Isle Crochet Overview and Beginner Patterns is a tutorial available on my blog.

As I mentioned in the overview article, you can use single crochet, single crochet through back loop only or split single crochet to work fair isle.

For this sunglasses crochet case I used split single crochet stitch for the fair isle. This gives the crochet case a knit-look which mimics the classes fair isle knitting pretty well.

The whole case is worked in joined rounds over 23 stitches. The fair isle patterns takes up 20 rounds, the first three and last eight rounds are plain.

I used 100% cotton yarn but you can totally go stash busting and use any yarn you have to practice with.

That makes this crochet case a fantastic stash buster crochet pattern.

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Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/8 (DK weight; 100% cotton; 75m /82 yds per 50g /1.75 oz ball) x 1 ball in each white and blue

4.5 mm crochet hook

yarn needle


1.5 cm button


16 sts x 20 sts = 4 x 4 inch /10 x 10 cm measured over split single crochet worked in round

Crochet Glasses Case Finished Size

17 cm /6.5 inch length x 8 cm /3 inch width

Stitches and Abbreviations

ch – chain stitch

sc – single crochet

split sc – split single crochet, sometimes known as waistcoat stitch worked through the front “V” of the stitch rather than the top loops

fsc – foundation single crochet

sl st – slip stitch

crochet glasses case with fair ise pattern

Pattern Notes

  1. the crochet glasses case is worked bottom up
  2. it starts with a foundation chain you will join into a round and work in joined rounds
  3. the stitch used is split single crochet or waistcoat single crochet
  4. you will follow a simple chart for the color changes
  5. each square on the chart represents one stitch on the crochet case
  6. the chart shows the case as it if was laid flat
  7. when you work the last stitch of the round, join with a slip stitch to the first stitch and return to the right side of the chart
  8. read the chart from right to left for every round
  9. the case would benefit from lining to hide the floats on the inside

Crochet Glasses Case Main Pattern

Chain 23, join into the first chain with a sl st being careful not to twist the starting chain.

Rnd 1: 1 ch (does not count as a stitch here and throughout), 1 sc into each ch around, sl st to first st. [23 sc]

Rnd 2 – 3: 1 ch, 1 split sc around, sl st to first st. [23 sts]

Rnd 4 – 23: 1 ch, 1 split sc around following the chart below for color changes, sl st to first st. [23 sts]

Fasten off blue yarn.

Rnd 24 – 31: 1 ch, 1 split sc around, sl st to first st. [23 sts]

Do not fasten off, continue with button loop.

Crochet Glasses Case Chart

crochet glasses case stitch chart

Row 1: (w) x 23  
Row 2: (w) x 23  
Row 3: (w) x 23  
Row 4: (w) x 5, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 5  
Row 5: (w) x 6, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 1, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 6  
Row 6: (w) x 7, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 7  
Row 7: (w) x 8, (b) x 1, (w) x 2, (b) x 1, (w) x 2, (b) x 1, (w) x 8  
Row 8: (w) x 9, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 9  
Row 9: (w) x 6, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 1, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 6  
Row 10: (w) x 7, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 7  
Row 11: (w) x 8, (b) x 1, (w) x 2, (b) x 1, (w) x 2, (b) x 1, (w) x 8  
Row 12: (w) x 9, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 9  
Row 13: (w) x 10, (b) x 1, (w) x 1, (b) x 1, (w) x 10  
Row 14: (w) x 7, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 7  
Row 15: (w) x 8, (b) x 1, (w) x 2, (b) x 1, (w) x 2, (b) x 1, (w) x 8  

crochet case for sunglasses

Pattern continues

Row 16: (w) x 9, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 9  
Row 17: (w) x 10, (b) x 1, (w) x 1, (b) x 1, (w) x 10  
Row 18: (w) x 11, (b) x 1, (w) x 11  
Row 19: (w) x 8, (b) x 1, (w) x 2, (b) x 1, (w) x 2, (b) x 1, (w) x 8  
Row 20: (w) x 9, (b) x 1, (w) x 3, (b) x 1, (w) x 9  
Row 21: (w) x 10, (b) x 1, (w) x 1, (b) x 1, (w) x 10  
Row 22: (w) x 11, (b) x 1, (w) x 11  
Row 23: (w) x 23  
Row 24: (w) x 23  
Row 25: (w) x 23  
Row 26: (w) x 23  
Row 27: (w) x 23  
Row 28: (w) x 23  
Row 29: (w) x 23  
Row 30: (w) x 23  

Total: (b) x 49, (w) x 641

Button Loop

With yarn still attached, chain 2, work 1 sc into first ch, then work 9 fsc to create the loop, sl st to same st on the main body of the case to create a loop.

Note: you can also use simple chain stitches instead.

Fasten off. Sew in all ends. Join yarn on the opposite side on the underside of the foundation chain. Using single crochet stitches close the bottom working through front and back of the case.

Pull the loop to the front and position your button. Sew on a button to the front of the case using photo as a guide for placement.

crochet glasses case

Final Thoughts

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