How To Make Crochet Magic Ring The Easy Way

This is a free tutorial teaching you how to make the crochet magic ring to start your project. Learn it in three easy steps.

There are many ways to start a new crochet project. However, it is important to start the new project the right way.

Crochet magic ring is a super useful way to start a new project that is going to be worked in round.

Magic ring is a great way to start that is worked from the centre out. When you think of basic circles, hexagons or even squares, magic ring is the way to go.

Any projects that start with circle like coasters, rugs, hats or blankets that use granny sucres or hexagons. These are all the projects when the crochet magic ring would be the perfect way to start.


how to create crochet magic ring

When To Use Crochet Magic Ring?

Let me start by saying that there are multiple ways to create the magic ring. This is by no means the only method you can use.

However, I shared a quick video of the way I create my magic ring and have had such a positive response. People have been avoiding the magic ring because they always thought it was too complicated.

I feel like this method is super secure and neat too. This method creates an adjustable magic ring that expands as wide as you need it to be.

On the other hand, you can really tighten this magic ring super tight, so there is no visible gap in the middle.

It replaces the standard ring created by chain stitches. Many older patterns will tell you to chain 4 stitches and slip stitch into the first stitch to form a ring.

You will then use this ring to work your stitches into. However, as it is a fixed loop with 4 chain stitches, it will create an unsightly gap in the middle.

This is not the desirable effect you want when crocheting a top down hat as an example.

What is the difference between magic ring and magic circle in crochet?

As with many other things in crochet there are multiple names for essentially the same thing (hello, waistcoat stitch).

You might come across various names like magic ring, magic circle or magic loop to essentially refer to the same thing.

Yes, the technique you come across might be different, however what you are actually making is an adjustable ring/circle/loop that you will crochet into.

As it is adjustable, you will then be able to tighten this ring/circle/loop to minimise the opening in the middle.

What is the purpose of a magic ring in crochet?

As I mentioned above, the magic ring can be used in place of the standard 4-chain loop that you crochet into when starting a project in round.

It is adjustable, so it minimises the gap in the middle of your project.

Think round coasters, granny squares or top down hats will not have an unsightly gap in the middle.

How To Crochet Magic Ring In 3 Easy Steps

Firstly, grab the tail end of your yarn ball. Wrap the tail end around your index finger three times.

magic ring crochet tutorial

Insert your hook under all three loops on your finger from the tail end way towards the working yarn loop.

insert hook for magic ring crochet

With your hook, grab the last loop on your finger and pull the yarn through under the other two loops on your hook.

crochet magic ring pulling through

Carefully remove the loops from your finger and chain 1 to secure the loop (the 1 ch doesn’t count as a stitch in this case as it is only used to secure the magic ring).

finishing crochet magic ring

And that is it! You can start crocheting into your magic ring.

How To Close Your Magic Ring

There is an easy way to close your magic ring really tightly. However, you need to do it in two simple steps rather than just pulling on the loose tail end.

Firstly, turn your project side ways so you can see both strands of yarn that form your magic ring.

One of those strands will appear to be coming out of the bottom of your magic circle. Grab this strand and pull on it.

closing crochet magic ring

This action will pull the other strand of yarn tightly closed. You will be left with one loop and the tail end only.

pulling the crochet magic ring closed

Once you have only one strand of yarn visible in the ring, pull on the tail end tightly and close the other loop. And that is it!

crochet magic ring finished

Projects Using Magic Ring

Now that you have mastered this fun technique, why not put your skills into practice?

Check out these projects that use crochet magic ring method to start:

Crochet Face Scrubbies

Make these crochet face scrubbies for your daily skincare routine. These are easy and quick to make as well as eco-friendly to use and reuse as many times as you wish.

The Fiercely Fun and Free Crochet Face Scrubbies Pattern is available on my blog.

crochet face scrubbies with magic ring in the middle

Flower Granny Square

This is an easy lacy flower granny square pattern suitable for beginners. Its lacy texture make this a lovely addition to a blanket or a cushion design.

Beautiful Lacy Flower Granny Square – Free Pattern is free on my blog.

hibiscus flower granny square

Rising Sun Crochet Bag

This is a free round crochet bag pattern that I constructed from two circles. It features crochet bag strap that doesn’t stretch. Use it as a simple market crochet bag for every day.

Check out Free Round Crochet Bag Pattern – Rising Sun Bag free on my blog.

crochet round bag

Final Thoughts

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