10 Cute Easter Crochet Pattern Ideas You Must Make

Compilation of 10 quick and easy Easter crochet pattern ideas to decorate your home.

Easter is such an inevitable part of spring and so are easter crochet pattern ideas! Even if you do not celebrate it for the religious reasons, it is such a special time of the year.

Over the years I have learned that there are so many traditions connected with Easter. Whatever your celebration looks like, I think Easter crochet pattern ideas should be part of it.

I love when we decorate our home with different themed items. Easter is for sure not an exception!

All the cute bunnies and chicks are hugely popular with kids. They get so excited about Easter. Mainly because there are obscene amounts of chocolate involved.

I have been searching online for some quick and cute Easter crochet pattern ideas and compiled them together. Check them out below.


10 Easter Crochet Pattern Ideas

Easter time and spring in general are the start of something new and fresh. All the baby animals being born after a long and hard winter.

Flowers are popping they first heads up so bravely. I have chosen cute Easter crochet pattern ideas for you to represent Easter and spring time perfectly.

Fluffy baby chickens that are quick to make. These are so cute that you will have to make a bunch of them!

Bunnies are such a crucial symbol of spring and new beginnings. I have chosen some great Easter crochet projects for an amigurumi bunny that does not require sewing at all!

You can make a cute pillow cover featuring a cute bunny or even a hat for your little ones with super cute bunny ears!

We also have cute sheep and it wouldn’t be a spring make without a little lamb. I have included sheep mug rug and a cute lamb granny square that opens up so many possibilities on what to make with it.

Easter Crochet Chicken Pattern

Sir Clucksalot is a quick and easy project that is great for gifting. Could you imagine an easter basket filled with these? How adorable would that be?! 

This pattern uses faux fur crochet yarn. It is a great place to start working with faux fur yarns because it’s small and doesn’t involve a lot of shaping.

The pattern also has a great tutorial showing you helpful tips and tricks on working with faux fur yarn.

CLICK HERE for the free Easter crochet pattern.

Easter Crochet Chicken Pattern

Amigurumi Easter Egg

You can truly let your creative side run wild with these Easter crochet eggs! Once you have made the basic shape, you can then use many techniques to decorate them.

The great thing is, they are much easier to decorate than real eggs as they are very unlikely to crack just as you finish decorating them!

You can make them in so many colours and decorate them with different flowers and other items. FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free crochet pattern.

Amigurumi Easter Egg

Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

Free Crochet Easter Basket Pattern is a great quick and easy crochet pattern on my blog!

Make this cute basket to carry all the chocolate at Easter or sit it on the side as a Easter themed decoration.

It has an easy construction and it is easily adjustable to the size you want your basket to be!

Large Crochet Carrots

These Large Crochet Carrots are inevitably spring home decor for all the bunnies that you can make for your house. They that can be made in four different sizes!

Their massive size makes them perfect for Easter or spring decor and they can be made as a group or do just fine standing individually on a shelf, tabletop, or centerpiece.

You can get the freee crochet pattern by CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Large Crochet Carrots

Little Lamb Crochet Granny Square

This little lamb granny square pattern is the most adorable motif. It is wonderful for baby makes and can be used for nursery blankets, cushions or even a toddler busy book.

The popcorn stitches create lovely texture which is great for little hands. The Easter crochet lamb pattern makes an almost 3D little lamb.

The possibilities to use this granny square are endless. As well as what is mentioned above you can utilise it for Easter or spring home decor. Make it large enough for a wall hanging or join several together for a cute table runner.

FOLLOWING THIS LINK to get the free crochet pattern.

Little Lamb Crochet Granny Square

Dancing Sheep Mug Rug

This easy and quick crochet mug rug is not only super cute because it has a couple of fluffy sheep on it. It is also a really practical make.

It is easy to use to put your mug on it and catch any spills should there be any! They are easy to maintain and keep clean, just throw them into the washing machine.

This Easter crochet pattern will work up fast for you. To add the perfect finishing touch, steam block them to get them to lay flat. The fringe is totally optional, however it adds a fun element!

You can check out the free pattern by CLICKING HERE.

Dancing Sheep Mug Rug

Removable C2C (Bunny) Pillow Case

This cute Easter bunny crochet cover pattern is an envelope style cover. That means you can easily remove it for washing.

The Sassy Bunny Pillow Case would be a great item to decorate your couches and chairs for Easter and spring time. However, you could also use it to decorate a baby’s/child’s room!

Click HERE for the free Easter crochet pattern.

Removable C2C (Bunny) Pillow Case

Simple Flower Egg Cozy

The Simple Flower Egg Cozy is pretty, quick, and festive! It is a great stash buster crochet pattern which you can create with just a few yards of yarn!

And just imagine all the different colour combinations you can use. It will be a great item to fit into your spring home decor as you can choose colours to match.

You can use these cozies to fit standard eggs or you can fill them with mini chocolate eggs!

You can find this quick and easy Easter crochet pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Easter Crochet Pattern for Simple Flower Egg Cozy

Vintage Easter Egg Hug Crochet Pattern

This is a free crochet pattern for a vintage lacy crochet Easter egg decoration to make for decorating your home.

It is the perfect project to pick up in the evening while watching TV. Because it works up super fast, I have now made 5 of these!

The great thing about this crochet Easter egg decoration is, that you can actually use it after Easter too. 

These crochet rings would double up as napkin rings or holders! Which is why you can use this versatile crochet make all through the year.

Wouldn’t these look super cute decorating the wedding table? This could be a real great stash buster project too!

Stunning Vintage Crochet Easter Egg Hug- free pattern is a free pattern available on my blog!

crochet Easter egg hug decoration pattern

Theo – Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern

This is the easiest amigurumi toy you will make- no sew crochet bunny Theo. Youwork in one continuous piece with no need to sew parts together.

Theo is a special little cuddly toy I made for my second born son.

I absolutely hate sewing amigurumi parts together. It is one of the reasons I stay away from making and designing toys.

That’s exactly why I decided to design a toy that does what it says on the tin- no sewing required! This is a completely no sew crochet bunny toy that is worked in one continuous piece. You start at the feet and finish at the ears all in one piece.

And what’s even better? If you are cheeky like me and tuck your ends inside the toy rather than sew them in… you are winning, right?

The Cutest No Sew Crochet Bunny Toy Free Pattern is free pattern right here on my blog.

easter crochet pattern for amigurumi bunny toy stood up

Final Thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed this Eater crochet pattern collection and will choose to make a few projects. If you think your friends would like to make some too, why not share this collection with them? 

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10 Cute Easter Crochet Pattern Ideas You Must Make

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  1. Thank you for this group of Easter Crochet Pattern Ideas.
    I simply had to get the Dancing Sheep Mug Rug to go with my Sheep Mug. 🙂
    And then I needed to ensure that I collected the Simple Flower Egg Cozy pattern. I plan to make a few of these and tuck in a foil wrapped Easter Egg that I keep seeing every time I shop for groceries. {I need an excuse to buy them since I have no small children at home} I will place one on my 2 co-workers desks on our last day of work before Easter….just for fun.

    1. You are welcome Trish, I am glad you enjoy the patterns. And what a great idea for your co-workers, they will sure be happy. 😊

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