Best Free Crochet Blanket Squares For Beginners

The free Friendship CAL crochet blanket squares continues with February free patterns for crochet squares! I can’t wait to show you this month’s free blanket square patterns.

crochet blanket squares collage

Can you believe it is already February? They say time flies when you are having fun!

I hope you have been enjoying all the gorgeous crochet square design patterns.

Here are a few basic materials you will need for crocheting these beautiful crochet blanket squares: stitch markers, recommended hook size according to yarn label, tapestry needle, scissors and of course yarn.


crochet blanket squares


There are another twelve free granny square patterns that are releasing throughout February. We release brand new crochet blanket squares design every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

If you wanted to find out more information about the Friendship CAL- crochet blanket squares, visit the main page with all the information about type of yarn, materials, finished sizes, color combinations etc.

The crochet along started on 15th January 2021. It is never too late to join though! So, if you would like to catch up with January squares, you can find them here.


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If you are totally impatient like me, there is another great option- the crochet bundle!

The Friendship Squares crochet bundle contains all 40 crochet squares pattern you can get your hands on right now! It is a great choice and an absolute bargain at $ 0.25 per pattern.

You can purchase via the affiliate links below.

Ara Crochet Square 

Ara means a constellation of bright stars.

The pattern starts with magic circle as a circle and then transitions into a star, which changes to a square using dc cluster stitches.

For this clever yet simple square design by Ambassador Crochet click this link.

crochet blanket square white lacy

Diamond Square

When designing the square and thinking about the blanket, we wanted to cover you in what every person loves, Diamonds!

The diamonds square blanket pattern crochet block uses the basic crochet stitches (sl st, chain stitches, single crochet, double crochet stitches) found in many square crochet blanket patterns. Jo’s Crafty Hook free pattern is here.

honeycomb crochet cal square in purple

Kindred Crochet Blanket Square

The Kindred Square has a gorgeous honeycomb-like texture that resembles Tunisian crochet but it is achieved with a regular crochet hook!

This pattern also comes with a video tutorial so it is suitable for any skill level. It is quite a different look compared to the classic granny square.

However, it would make a beautiful blanket. For this stunning crochet square pattern by Through The Loop Yarn Craft, visit here.

textured crochet square for friendship blanket

Eclectic Friendship Blanket Square 

Simple texture of this square will add a touch of modern feel to your crochet blanket.

You can use the flat slip stitch seam for this beautiful granny square. Mix it with solid granny square and simple granny squares for a easy crochet pattern for a cute blanket.

It is a good idea for a unique granny crocheted blanket.

Save time by using worsted weight yarn for your square projects using different colours. This timeless crochet blanket square was designed by Crochets by Trista and can be found here.

blue textured crochet square pattern

Kinship Crochet Square

Subtly textured crochet square using even moss stitch will be a lovely addition to your square crochet patterns.

It is a great way to add a modern touch with this easy pattern to your crochet project. Find the free pattern by The Loophole Fox Crochet HERE.

heart in a crochet square pattern

Crochet Tapestry Heart Square 

It’s Valentine’s Day today! It’s a great time for making heart-themed crochet projects like today’s crochet heart afghan squares.

The color options for these individual squares are endless. You can join these squares using mattress stitch for an invisible join.

Or make the join a feature by using the whip stitch adding interesting colour changes throughout.

Those are only few joining methods you can use. Amelia Makes free crochet pattern can be found here.

crochet square pattern using textured stitches

Friendship Blanket Crochet Square

Beautifully textured crochet square using all the big textured crochet stitch pattern.

These crocheted granny squares are so much fun to make and you can also use a multiple colour combo instead of just one colour.

On the other hand white yarn would give this basic granny square a vintage feel. Find the free pattern by Natali’s Crochet by clicking this link.

bean stitch crochet square pattern

The Connection Crochet Blanket Square 

It uses the bean stitch to create a gorgeous texture with double crochet clusters which makes for a warm and beautiful square in any yarn. Pattern by Sunflower Cottage Crochet, click here.

sweet stripes crochet square pattern

Sweet Stripes Crochet Blanket Square 

The Sweet Stripes Friendship Square consists of simple repeats that you will have finished in no time!

It’s practically the perfect pattern for working on while you enjoy your favorite series. Free pattern can be found here.

crochet square for the friendship blanket

Sol Square 

The Sol square is a combination of many stitches, including puff stitches for texture. It starts with a magic ring and gives you different options for your next color for the second round.

The perfect project for a color lover as you can use a new color for each round of these easiest crochet squares. This square was designed by Emma Wilkinson, find it here.

dolphin crochet stitch square

Dolphin Stitch Square Crochet Pattern

The Dolphin Stitch Square, features Straight Hooked signature stitch. It is so fun to work up and super versatile.

You can use the Dolphin Stitch with any size yarn or hook, and it creates some amazing texture! Check out the free pattern here.

puff stitch crochet friendship square

Cross Puff Stitch Crochet Square 

This beautifully textured crochet square has just enough puff stitch detail in to add the texture but also some back loop detailing to create another direction of texture and is finished off with a ribbed post stitch border too. Find the pattern by HanJan Crochet HERE.

I can’t wait to see your February crochet blanket squares. Please share them with me on Instagram or pop over to my Facebook group!

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The Friendship CAL continues with March crochet granny square patterns. Check them out!

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