25 Stunning Crochet Lace Top Patterns To Make Now!

Amazing collection of crochet lace top patterns that are fun to make and stunning to wear. Choose from different styles and lace stitches for a modern and timeless look.

With delicate stitches, intricate patterns, and a touch of artistic flair, crochet lace tops have become a staple in every fashion-savvy individual’s wardrobe.

Whether you’re a seasoned crochet enthusiast or a beginner eager to embark on a new creative journey, this collection of 25 stunning crochet lace top patterns is sure to inspire and captivate you.

Crochet lace, known for its timeless elegance, allows you to craft garments that effortlessly transition from casual outings to formal occasions.

The intricate openwork designs evoke a sense of romance and femininity, making crochet lace tops a true style statement for any woman.


25 Stunning Crochet Lace Top Patterns To Make Now!

25 Stunning Crochet Lace Top Pattern For a Modern Look

I have put together a collection of 25 stunning crochet lace tops pattern. I have carefully selected each pattern to showcase the versatility of crochet lace tops.

Whether you prefer a bohemian-inspired design, a sleek and contemporary look, or a romantic vintage style, there’s something here for everyone.

Each pattern will guide you through the steps, ensuring that even beginners can embark on this creative journey with confidence.

Moreover, crochet lace tops offer endless opportunities for personalization and customization. Experiment with different yarns and colors to create your unique style into every stitch.

You can get inspired by choosing one of these 14 Beautiful Lacy Crochet Stitches Perfect for Summer Makes.

By adding your personal touch, you can transform these patterns into garments that reflect your personality and become treasured pieces in your wardrobe.

Whether you’re seeking a lightweight cover-up for summer days, an exquisite layering piece for cooler seasons, or a special garment for a memorable occasion, crochet lace tops are the epitome of versatility.

If you are planning to wear these lacy tops in summer, I suggest you check out my article on The Best Yarn For Summer Clothes – 9 Things To Consider When Choosing.

These patterns will guide you in creating tops that seamlessly blend fashion and comfort, ensuring you feel confident and beautiful wherever you go.

So, grab your crochet hook, select your favorite yarn, and embark on a journey through this collection of 25 beautiful crochet lace top patterns.

Unleash your creativity, immerse yourself in crochet, and let these patterns become your gateway to a world of elegance, sophistication, and self-expression.

Summer Romance Crochet Lace Top

A crochet lacy summer top that is perfect for the summer season and beach holiday- my Summer Romance Top- is a free pattern right here on the blog!

This beginner friendly crochet lacy summer top could not be easier to make! It is constructed from two T-shaped pieces and seamed together.

The T-shaped crochet lacy summer top has a simple lacy stitches to create an interesting looking openwork with the wow look.

Check out the Stunning Crochet Lacy Summer Top- free pattern on my blog.

crochet lace top presented on the hanger to show the size and drape of the garment
Summer Romance Top

Diamond Lace Crochet Top

This diamond mesh crochet top pattern will definitely be a lovely extra to your closet.

This cute crochet diamond top features the diamond shape in both filet design and also in double crochet next to each other diagonally.

The top and shoulder area are made in filet crochet or crochet mesh. It is worked bottom up.

The front and back panels are made separately and then joined at the shoulders and sides.

Check out the free pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

crochet diamond lace top pattern

Crochet Lace Cardigan Pattern

The beautiful crochet lace makes this cardigan pretty enough to wear out for dinner or drinks. However, the design is simple enough to wear during the day for a much date with friends.

The relaxed fit of this lacy crochet cardigan is perfect for the sunny weather. It has an open front with 3 small buttons holding it together at the top. 

However, you can leave them undone and have the cardigan completely open.

Check out Beautiful Free Lacy Crochet Cardigan Pattern – Selene Cardigan here on my blog.

crochet lace cardigan pattern

Two Way Crochet Lace Vest

This sweet little over vest top has been designed to be worn either way around, with the opening on the back or front.

This pattern will be worked in one piece, starting with the yoke working down.

You can purchase the pattern OVER ON ETSY.

crochet lace vest top

Crochet Twisted Lace Sweater

The Ellie Crochet Lace Sweater is a feminine garment that perfectly combines crochet lace with modern approach. 

It is a versatile make for every day wear. However combined with a dress it will make a great outfit for a special occasion. 

The simple twist at the front creates a statement piece that is a must in your spring wardrobe.

A great layering piece, this crochet lace sweater will soon become your favourite piece you will reach for on any occasion.

Crochet Lace Sweater Pattern – Ellie Twisted Sweater Pattern is available to purchase, see links in my post.

twisted lace crochet top pattern

Marley Lace Top

This pattern is worked as one piece, with only minimal seaming required.

It includes nine sizes from XS-5XL so everyone can make this beautiful crochet lace top.

It has a beautiful lace detail at the top and solid bottom of the main body. This allows you to wear this great summer top without the need for any undergarment.

Check out the free pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Marley Lace Top

Crochet Lace Top for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to show off your crochet skills with a lightweight and stylish garment.

Beautiful stitch pattern, simple construction and a flattering neckline! Make a stunning crochet summer top for this hot season!

Check out Beautiful Crochet Summer Top – Free Pattern For All Sizes for the free crochet pattern

Sadie Shell Summer Lace Top

The Sadie Shell is a simple workup with a gorgeous stitch design!

With instructions for women’s XS through 2X, this is a staple if any woman’s summer wardrobe!

Grab the PDF pattern from Etsy, CLICK HERE.

sadie shell summer lace top

Shine Like A Diamond Crochet Tank Top

The Shine Like A Diamond Crochet Tank Top uses a lightweight cotton yarn making it the perfect tank top to beat the heat of the summer months.

The top is so versatile, you can dress it down or dress it up easily with your bottom and accessory choices. The possibility of different looks you can create with this beautiful top is endless.

Check out the free pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Shine Like A Diamond Crochet Tank Top

Tavira Tee

The Tavira Tee is a simple to crochet summer tunic style top with no shaping so it’s really easy to create your first garment that you know will fit you.

As long as you can double crochet and chain then you’ll be able to create your own summer wardrobe.

The free pattern is AVAILABLE HERE.

Tavira summer tee

Sarah Tee Top

The Sarah Tee pattern creates the perfect top to see you through spring and summer.

I just love everything about this design, from the gorgeous lacy detail at the top to the fact that you do not need to wear a vest top underneath it. Make it in one or two colours of choice!

The Sarah Tee is size inclusive from adult XS to 5XL with a sizing chart to help you get the perfect fit. It is also very comfortable with 2” of ease.

The pattern is available on ETSY HERE.

sarah crochet lace tee

The Lacy Key Largo Top

The Key Largo Top is meant to be a loose-fitting garment with the waistline and sleeves fitted to create a flowy puff in the fabric.

However, there are a few tips on how to customise this pretty top to suit your figure and style.

Take a look AT THIS WEBSITE to make this stunning crochet lace top pattern.

Pineapple Boho Crochet Wrap Top

Tropic Top Pattern

This is an easy crochet summer top pattern made in a type of stitch pattern called “spider lace.”

There are a lot of varieties of spider lace, and this is only one of them, but it makes a beautiful lace fabric!

Spider lace of any variety has a center cluster of stitches with chain spaces fanning out from that center a little like spider legs.

Check out this cute version ON THIS BLOG.

summer crochet top pattern

Halter Neck Lace Summer Top

This halter neck top is a beautifully fitted summer crochet lace top to show off your curves.

With the fitted bralette style top and crochet shell stitch at the bottom, this top will make you stand out from the crowd!

The pattern is available to PURCHASE FROM ETSY.

halter neck crochet lace top

Lace Boho Crochet Top

Combine the breezy Canyonlands boho crochet top with a bandeau or cami, a pair of well-worn jeans and a free spirit and you’ll have yourself the perfect bohemian summer look!

It uses a stunning open fan crochet lace stitch that repeats over four rows. It might look tricky at the start, but once you do a few rows, it will become easy.

CHECK OUT THIS BLOG for the free crochet pattern.

boho crochet top

Summer Vacation Crochet Top

This is an easy, modern sleeveless top that’s flattering on anyone.

The lacy upper portion is easy to crochet and there is very minimal shaping. The top itself is made by basically crocheting two rectangles and seaming them together! 

So, if you have never made a garment before, this stunning top would be a great place to start.

TAKE A LOOK HERE for the free crochet pattern.

Summer Vacation Crochet Top

Coastal Waves Crochet Top Pattern

This top can be made in three different lengths to get three different looks: Crop Top, Tee, or Swimsuit Cover! Add fringe for an extra touch of Boho!

Made from simple rectangles, you can add extra flare by not sewing the shoulder seams completely!

Check out the paid pattern HERE.

coastal waves crochet lace top pattern

Isla Tank Top

This is the perfect breezy top to keep you cool when those temps soar…the Isla Tank Top!

It uses the iris lace stitch pattern that has been altered to make it even more open and airy.

This top is a boxy style meant to fit a bit loosely which is primarily achieved through the blocking process.

For a looser or more fitted look, you’ll want to widen or reduce the width of your top respectively.

Check out the free pattern BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Isla Tank

Harper Crochet Vest

The Harper Vest crochet pattern is a simple design. And it’s all worked in one piece!

It is a stunning crochet garment that will be great for any season. Wear it in summer over a simple vest top.

Alternatively you can wear it over a long sleeved shirt in cooler months to work or out for lunch with friends.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free crochet pattern.

harper vest

Wandering Summer Crochet Top

The Wandering Summer Top will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

This crochet summer top will has got an amazing drape and is very lightweight… perfect for our hot summer days!

Add this classy and modern top to your wardrobe for effortless look throughout the spring/summer season.

The paid pattern is available ON THIS WEBSITE.

wandering summer tee

Harvested Tee

This open and lacy crochet top is the perfect layering piece for summer. Add a touch of crochet magic to any summer outfit by wearing this over any vest top.

Top is worked in 2 pieces, bottom up then seamed at sides/underarm and shoulder, edging around the neck, sleeves and hem are then added.

It is a straightforward pattern that even an adventurous beginner can achieve!

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

harvested crochet lace top

Convertible Crochet Lace Top

This shell summer crochet top is stunning both in its texture, and in its versatility.

You can wear it as a summer top in the hot weather. Alternatively, gather it up around your neck and you will have a stunning neck warmer for when the weather is not so warm.

Check out the paid pattern over ON RAVELRY.

Convertible Crochet Lace Top

The Summer Solstice Crochet T-shirt

The Summer Solstice top is a lightweight cotton geometric summer top which can be worn two ways – with the long side at the front or back. 

Wear it over a bikini on the beach or pair it with a pair of light trousers, shorts or a summer skirt to enjoy the hazy lazy days of mid-summer!

Check out THIS BLOG for the pattern.


Crochet Tank Top For Summer

This tank top was is such a fun design. It includes a couple of different options for finishing touches.

Option #1 is a nice finished edge that allows for a little looser fit around the waist.

Or choose Option #2 and add a little more style to your top with a wide buttoned waistband.

Check out the paid pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

summer vest

I Love Yarn Filet Crochet Top

The “I Love Yarn” filet crochet top is a fun and unique crochet pattern that shows the world your love for yarn.

Filet crochet is an easy way to create an image on your crochet project without having to use multiple colors. 

Check out the free pattern ON THIS PAGE.

filet crochet top pattern

As you can see, crochet lace tops offer a wide variety of styles to suit every taste and occasion.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for something easy to make, or an expert seeking for a challenge, you’re sure to find something in this collection of 25 amazing patterns.

Crochet is an amazing craft that allows us to express our creativity and make something unique, and it’s so rewarding to wear a piece of clothing that you have crafted with your own two hands.

So if you’re looking for a creative way to make a beautiful garment, why not try making a crochet lace top?

The possibilities are limitless!

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25 Beautiful Crochet Lace Top Patterns to Try Now!

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