10 Free Crochet Christmas Decoration Patterns For Your Home

I have put together 10 beautiful crochet Christmas decoration patterns you will have to make this year! These are beautiful crochet patterns to decorate each room of your house.

We all have those traditional Christmas decorations that we bring out of the loft each year.

Those precious pieces that have been handed down the generations and hold dear memories.

Although I love the traditional decorations that we bring out every single year, I also like to mix things up.

When it comes to decoration our living room for the special holiday, I like to combine the traditional with new.

Last year I made a beautiful wall hanging of snowflakes which were hanging on a holly branch.

I am repurposing the snowflakes this year into a bunting that will be hanging on our fireplace.

That is the beauty of a crochet Christmas decoration, it will last a very long time and you can reuse it each year.

That’s one of the reasons I have put together a round up of 10 amazing crochet Christmas decoration patterns for you to make for the upcoming holiday.


10 crochet christmas decoration patterns to make for the holiday season

10 Free Crochet Christmas Decoration Patterns

Enjoy these free crochet Christmas decoration pattern you can make in no time and decorate your home for the special time of the year.

All these patterns are easy to make and work up pretty quickly.

They are suitable for any room in your house, whether you want to decorate your kitchen, living room or even the front door.

Choose from beautiful stockings, wreath for your front door, Christmas tree skirt and many many more!

Winter Star Wall Hanging

My Winter Star Snowflake Wall Hanging is the perfect crochet item to decorate your home with.

I love the fact that it is not strictly Christmas related so you can keep it in your home for longer.

I love the simplicity of my crochet snowflake as it only consists of 4 rounds.

It works up super fast and you can make the whole wall hanging in a couple of days!

Beautiful Snowflake Wall Hanging- free crochet pattern is available on my website.

Winter Star Wall Hanging

Crochet Gingerbread Heart Ornaments

Make these beautiful crochet Gingerbread Heart ornaments to decorate your home and Christmas tree or give them to friends and family!

I simply love these hearts as they remind me of the Christmas market back home.

There is always a lot of stall selling these real gingerbread hearts decorated by hand. A real labour of love!

If you like to decorate your home during the holidays, you can use these crochet Gingerbread hearts to make a beautiful Christmas garland!

CLICK HERE for the free crochet pattern.

Crochet Gingerbread Heart Ornaments

Buffalo Plaid Crochet Christmas Stocking Decoration

Crochet Christmas stocking are such a fun make. I love hanging our on the fireplace!

The best thing about crocheted ones as opposed to shop bought ones is that you can make them as big as you want.

Plus they stretch a bit making room for even more presents!

However, you do not have to keep just to the traditional colours!

This plaid crochet Christmas decoration will add a different style to your home decor.

Although, you could use the traditional red and white even for the plaid pattern.

FOLLOW THIS LINK to get to the free crochet Christmas decoration pattern.

Buffalo Plaid Crochet Christmas Stocking Decoration

Mini Crochet Christmas Stockings

These mini crochet Christmas stocking decorations are just adorable!

They are such a quick and versatile make!

And really these six variations of the stocking are actually twelve because all you have to do is swap the two colors to make a different look.

Adding a third colour into the mix adds even more possibilities!

Change colors or add buttons, beads, ribbon, and trim for even more fun.

So many options to make with one simple pattern.

You can get the free pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

Mini Crochet Christmas Stockings

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Decoration

The Happy Holidays Tree Skirt can be made in a weekend if you’re in a bit of a rush, but it’s a great pattern to relax by the fire with too!

The repeat is super easy to memorise, and carrying the yarn along the side means there are just a few ends to weave in when you’re done.

You can use any three colours to make your own but the traditional red, green and white is my favourite.

THIS WEBSITE has the free pattern for you.

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Decoration

Wreath Christmas Tree Decoration

The Wreath Christmas Tree Ornament is a quick and easy work up, perfect for the confident beginner!

Make dozens of these little wreaths to hang on your tree or make them as fun additions to your Christmas gifts!

You could also use them as appliqués on other projects or turn them into a fun banner! The possibilities are endless!

If you do craft shows this time of the year, these would make a great seller and wouldn’t take long to replenish the stock.

THIS BLOG has the free pattern available.

Wreath Christmas Tree Decoration

The Snowflake Wreath Decoration

Add to your crochet Christmas decor with this stylish and simple crochet snowflake wreath.

Perfect to decorate doors or walls this innovative festive crochet pattern is much easier than it looks and is a joy to create.

This stunning snowflake wreath looks so complex to make.

However, there are just two different versions of snowflakes to make.

And what’s even better the base has the yarn just wrapped around it so it is super quick! 

CLICK HERE for the great free crochet pattern and tutorial.

The Snowflake Wreath Decoration

Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration

I simply love these colourful crochet Christmas trees! How cool is it decorating your tree with small trees?

I think these would be fun to make with your kids or let them pick the colours they want to use!

These crochet Christmas decoration trees are simple to make but would add a touch of fun to your home decor.

It is a great stash buster pattern too, that will let you use up all the different yarn scraps.

FOLLOWING THIS LINK to check out the free pattern.

Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration

Crochet Christmas Bauble Decoration

Add a colourful twist onto your traditional Christmas baubles with this fun pattern.

The pattern uses metallic thread to which adds an extra sparkle to your holiday decor this year.

The pattern is easy to follow so even a beginner can make these.

Wouldn’t they make a cute present for a loved one?

THIS WEBPAGE has the free pattern which is available as a free download too!

Crochet Christmas Bauble Decoration

Crochet Mitten Gift Card Holder

This mitten ornament/gift card holder is crocheted using size 10 crochet thread.

There are no difficult stitches and you can easily whip one of these up in a short time.

I love the idea of putting that little extra effort into making a gift card holder for someone who is notoriously difficult to buy presents for!

And after the gift card has been used, this little crochet Christmas mitten will double up as a tree decoration!

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Crochet Mitten Gift Card Holder

I hope you enjoyed this round up of 10 crochet Christmas decoration patterns and will choose to make a few.

If you think your friends would like to make some too, why not share this collection with them?

You can share the direct link with them or shout out to the world and use the social media share buttons below!

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10 thoughts on “10 Free Crochet Christmas Decoration Patterns For Your Home

  1. There are just so many adorable things here. I would love to do the snowflake wall hanging and the gingerbread hearts. The tiny little Christmas stockings are another that would be fun to make.Other than those they are just all adorable

  2. Thank you for researching and providing these crochet patterns for us. You are very kind! I have chosen 3 that I will be trying soon; Winter Star Wall Hanging, Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration, and Christmas Bauble Decoration. The part that called to me was that they are well written and are quick projects to complete. At this time of year it seems there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done that my hands are itching to do. (such as that blanket that’s still on the needles…yes, I’m a knitter too).
    These projects will give some immediate gratification as ‘all done now!’

    1. Quick projects are a life saver when you are in the middle of a large project! I am glad you like them

  3. I am currently working on the Happy Holidays Tree Skirt pattern but I just purchased a white tree with blue lights so I am thinking of making another on in just blue and white. I used to have a white tree that I put red ornaments on with white lights and a white tree skirt but I lost every one of my ornaments, tree skirt and tree due to an ex placing everything in our garage right under where our garage leaked when it rained or snowed. I even lost ornaments that my kids had made over the years.

    1. I am sorry you lost the ornaments your kids made! I hope you can make some treasured decorations to replace them.

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