How to support bloggers in 7 easy ways for free

How to support bloggers for free – is the latest blog post written by Sarah from SEK Handmade. This is an important read for every yarn enthusiast, so read on!


This week I am doing things totally differently! I am inviting Sarah from SEK Handmade to write a guest blog post for my blog. I have discovered Sarah via Instagram and instantly fell in love with her feed and contagious sense of humour!

Not long after discovering Sarah’s Instagram, she decided to start a live stream on Instagram. She was going to share some tips and trick on how to support bloggers for free!

Due to time zone differences I wasn’t able to watch Sarah live. But luckily she shared a recording of that video. I really liked all the tips and tricks she shared in her video.

Undoubtedly, I thought that this important message must be shared far and wide. I have asked Sarah whether she would be interested in writting a guest blog post to help people with ideas on how to support bloggers for free!


So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Sarah of Sek Handmade.

how to support bloggers for free

As a chronic craft collector, often trying out every new craft she found, Sarah was thrilled to find her crafty home in crocheting and knitting. Sarah always has something on her hook and needles. After many years of making other people’s designs, Sarah found herself drawn to creating her own designs. A natural teacher and creative, designing patterns have been the perfect outlet for both. Sarah loves creating modern designs that teach new skills. She teaches those skills through precise instructions and clear photo tutorials.

Find SEK Handmade here


We all have people we want to support, makers, yarn dyers, cousins, mom friends, that really cool person you know from the internet, but most of us have a limited amount of funds to buy all the things. When we can support those people with a purchase we absolutely should. The great news is, there are lots ways you can support those people you care about that are totally free for you! Today we’re going to talk about how to support people who have a blog without spending any money!

Blogs are such an invaluable source of ideas and information. If you’re a maker there are free patterns, stitch tutorials, yarn reviews…so much good stuff! While reading blogs is totally free there are many ways that you can help your favorite bloggers make money so they can continue to provide great content!


The easiest thing you can do is just use their blog. Not just take a quick glance at their latest post, but really read the post, watch the videos, search for older posts that might be helpful! Go ahead and click those links. Watching their YouTube videos is great for their business too. The number of page views that a blog has is important in several ways. First, if they have advertising on their blog it can allow them to work with better companies which will allow them to earn more money. Potentially allowing them to give you more free content! Second, the more people who look at their blog the closer they are to the top of the page of search engines like Google which allows even more people to see their blog. Yay!


Use the free patterns! Sounds easy right!? It is, but here is the important part, when you use a free pattern on a blog you need to use it ON the blog. I know it can seem tempting to screen shot it or copy and paste it into document. But every time you do that you take potential money away from the blogger. So, pull it up on your computer or phone browser and bookmark that gorgeous pattern and head back there every time you work on it.


Another great way to organize your favorite blog posts and free patterns is to pin them on Pinterest! This is a win for everyone. You get to stay organized; it helps you find your favorite free patterns and tips AND the blogger gets page views and add revenue every time you visit. Also, your pins may inspire someone else to check out the blog too!


Use affiliate links and advertisements on the blog. These are two ways that you can boost a blogger’s revenue without purchasing directly from the blogger. First let me say that I would never discourage you from buying yarn, but also, I would never encourage you to spend outside your budget. That being said, if you see something on someone’s blog that you really want, or were already planning on buying, making that purchase through the blog will also benefit the blogger!


Affiliate links are links to products that the blogger has a relationship with the company selling the product. These are often things the blogger has used in their post, yarn, hooks, and the like. When you click the link in the blog post it will take you to the company’s website to make a purchase. If you make a purchase through this link it will not cost you anything extra, but the blogger will be given a small percentage of a sale.

You can do this any time you buy from a company that a blogger is affiliated with. So, if you know that the blogger has an affiliate link to your favorite hooks, any time you buy those hooks you can go to the blog first and go to the company’s website through the link. Then the blogger profits from the purchase you were going to make anyways! Also, many affiliate programs will count any purchase you make on their website towards the blogger’s earnings. So, if you use an affiliate link to go to Amazon, even if you don’t buy the hook or yarn, anything you buy on Amazon will be credited to the blogger’s affiliate purchases. While using affiliate links costs you nothing extra, they can be a large source of income for a blogger!


Many blogs have advertisements on their blog. Simply visiting different pages on the blog will bring the blogger advertising revenue, however if you use an advertisement on their blog, they can get extra revenue! Again, I don’t encourage you to spend outside your budget. But if you had been looking at buying some new tennis shoes and an advertisement for the shoes you were planning on buying pops up on the blog; clicking on that advertisement and making a purchase will bring in extra money for the blogger for a purchase you were already planning on making! Again, this does not cost you any extra money.


One last way you can support a blogger for free is to share their content with friends and family. Even if that baby hat pattern isn’t something you want to make, your friend who has a new baby in their life may want to make it. Send them an email with a link! They’ll appreciate that you were thinking of them and the blogger will appreciate you sharing their work!


Lastly, I want to encourage you to encourage your favorite bloggers. There is not some big company or paid assistant behind most blogs, but one very real person who pours their heart and time into their blog. As a blogger it can be so hard to really understand if people are enjoying your content. So, I encourage you to leave a short comment at the end of a blog post you enjoy or, if you can find their email on their website, send them a quick thank you email! This will bring a smile to their day, brighten their entire week, and encourage them to continue making great content!

Thank you so much for reading through all my tips! I hope you’ve learned a few ways to encourage and support your favorite bloggers! We all know that Veronika is pretty awesome, so leave a quick comment below telling her how much you love her blog!

I want to thank Sarah for taking the time out of her busy schedule to write this blog post! I hope you find all the information on how to support bloggers for free super useful. If you enjoyed reading this article, why not let Sarah know and drop her a message on Instagram?


Different terms and conditions apply to affiliate and advertising programs. Tips provided in this post are general information only and not an assertion of fact about all affiliate and advertising programs. Be sure you understand the terms and conditions before clicking on any advertisements or affilliate links and making purchases. Sarah Korth, SEK Handmade and Veronika, Blue Star Crochet are not responsible for any purchases made through affiliate links or advertising.

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Hi, I’m Veronika! I design modern and wearable crochet garments, accessories and homewares. Grab your hook and find your next project!

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16 thoughts on “How to support bloggers in 7 easy ways for free

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the information this helps us to know what to do and how to go about it.

    1. It’s a really resourceful guide with many different tips! You can do all or just one of them and you can make a difference!

  2. Thanks for the info. It’s really hard for me to find the money to buy anything right now and I so like to help the ‘little’ people to keep on going.

    1. It’s really good that you can show support without having to spend money! Times are hard and people have to stretch their budgets so I think this guide helps.

  3. This is really great. Knowing that many of the ones i’m following might live in other countries and that it is really expensive to import from the US to Sweden, you almost have to pay double the prize in the end, it’s good to know you can do something to help annyway.

  4. Veronika I just love your blog and all your great patterns. Thank you for sharing your time and your designs.

    1. thank you very much for your kind words! I am very happy that you are enjoying my blog and patterns!

  5. Wow, thanks for posting .. this old granny still has a thing or two to learn and it’s nice to know that we pensioners don’t have to spend a fortune supporting all you great designers. There’s lots we can do for you. So once again thanks for all your hard work and beautiful designs and free patterns.

    1. Hi Sandy, I am so happy that you have found this article helpful and discovered some new ways of showing support without having to spend money! Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much

  6. What a great blog topic. Thank you Veronika for asking Sarah to write this blog as I’m sure there are heaps of people like me who want to support you as much as possible. Those were fabulous ideas and I’ll be keeping a link to this blog so I can return again to make sure I’m doing all I can. Thank you Veronika; you’re awesome!

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