Men’s Crochet Bandana Ribbed Scarf – free pattern

Super easy men’s crochet bandana scarf using textured stitches creating ribbed effect. It is worked in bandana style creating V shaped scarf that sits nicely at the chest.

Do you find that some people are harder to make presents for than others? I personally find presents for men are much trickier to get ideas for.

It takes me countless hours of browsing to find a few small presents let alone a nice big present.

That’s why I have designed this super easy men’s crochet bandana scarf. I have made this one for my husband who has after much begging agreed to model for me!

However, this easy crochet scarf would make a great unisex make for any recipient.

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Yarn I Used For Men’s Crochet Bandana Scarf

You know the good old saying which came first – the chicken or the egg? I feel we can implement this into crochet and say what came first – the yarn or the idea?

This was one of the designs where I definitely started with a gorgeous yarn first. I have received the softest yarn package ever from Knitcrate.

It contained the gorgeous Vidalana Celestial yarn and I have instantly fell in love with it! It is a 90% alpaca and 10% tencel mix and has the most amazing drape and bounce ever!

The gorgeous shade of grey yarn came lightly twisted in a hank.

It is an aran weight yarn and with combination of 5.5mm crochet hook, this men’s crochet bandana scarf is the softest thing you can wrap around your neck.

It has an amazing drape and bounce without feeling flimsy. The alpaca yarn adds a lovely weight to the design.

Design Process for Men’s Crochet Bandana Scarf

men's crochet bandana scarf free pattern

I used hdc stitch worked through the third loop only which created a stunning ribbed scarf. It has a classic knitted scarf look you can create with just a humble crochet hook.

I especially like the addition of the V point to this scarf which makes it easy to wear and style. It makes the scarf a hybrid between bandana and a simple scarf.

I think combining the two really worked. It has an approval from the hubby.

If you are not ready to make your scarf right away, pin it to your favourite Pinterest Board for later.

free men's crochet bandana scarf

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  • Vidalana Celestial by Knitcrate in Granymede (aran weight; 90% alpaca, 10% tencel; 150 yards/137m per 100g) x 2 skeins
  • 5.5 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors 


205 cm length x 10 cm width


14 sts x 13 rows measures 10 x 10 cm


ch- chain stitch

hdc- half double crochet

hdc tlo- half double crochet in third loop only, CLICK HERE for a quick video

inv hdc2tog blo – invisible half double crochet 2 stitches together through third loop only – work the following 2 stitches together using the invisible decrease with half double crochet stitch worked through third loop only, for a video tutorial CLICK HERE

For abbreviations master list as set out by Craft Yarn Council, please CLICK HERE.


  • The pattern starts with a foundation chain
  • The V point is created by inserting 2 chain space into the middle stitch of the starting chain
  • As you increase by 2 sts in the middle, you need to decrease at each end of the scarf by one stitch on each side


  • To adjust the length, add or take away multiple of 2 stitches from the foundation chain
  • If you want to adjust the width, repeat Row 2 until you reach the desired width


Chain 268.

Row 1: starting into 3rd chain from the hook (beginning 2 ch counts as first hdc), 132 hdc, (1 hdc, 2 ch, 1 hdc) in next ch, 133 hdc to end, turn. 268 hdc

Row 2: 1 ch (does not count as a st here and throughout), 1 inv hdc2tog blo, 1 hdc tlo across to next 2 ch-sp, (1 hdc, 2 ch, 1 hdc) in next 2 ch-sp, 1 hdc tlo in each st across until the last 2 sts, 1 inv hdc2tog blo, turn. 268 hdc

Row 3 – Row 13: as Row 2


Fasten off. Sew in all ends and block to dimensions.

crochet pattern for men's ribbed scarf

I hope you enjoy this men’s crochet bandana scarf. If you think it would be a good choice for your crafty friend’s present list, why nit share it with them?

Do not forget to pin it to your favourite Pinterest Board too!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful Scarf!! I have quite A few men and boys to Crochet gifts for this year and this will be just perfect! I do want to ask if you have a hat that goes well with this scarf in a number big of sizes that you can point me to so l can view it, please?
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