How to crochet oval shape perfectly every time

Detailed tutorial showing you how to crochet oval shape perfectly each time. Explanation of the crochet oval construction and components to help you understand this basic shape.

This is once again one of my crochet confessions – for a very long time I have totally struggled with crochet oval shape. I do not know why but when it came to crocheting ovals all my crochet knowledge and confidence has just gone right out of the window. Frustrated, I could not grasp the basic construction and my stitch count was always off. I found myself trying to avoid crocheting it completely in a hope of not failing in something I loved doing.

However, crochet oval is such a crucial skill to have and master perfectly. It is one of the basic shapes that you should be able to do confidently. It is used in many patterns from bags and baskets, in amigurumi and other crochet components. But no matter how I tried, I could never get this shape right. I kept counting stitches, making mistakes and naturally my ovals were no longer oval shapes. That is the tricky thing. If you do not increase at the right place, your crochet oval will completely lose its shape.


how to crochet perfect oval every time

How To Crochet Oval Shape Perfectly Each Time

So, rather than avoiding it any longer, I took on the challenge of crocheting oval shape perfectly each time. It took a few attempts and trial and errors, but I can finally say… I do not have a problem crocheting an oval any more! And today I am going to share this tutorial and everything I have learnt with you. It is fair to say that even if you watched some tutorials before and gave up because it just did not make sense, I can guarantee you, this tutorial will help. It breaks it down to bite sized chunk and explains it thoroughly and in simple terms.

When you do not know how to do something, what do you do? You have to take it step by step and break it down into simpler pieces. That is exactly what I have done in this tutorial. I have deconstructed the crochet oval and once I have done that, it all started to make perfect sense. So let’s take a look at the crochet oval.

Crochet Oval Construction

Each crochet oval consists of three different parts. As you can see from the graphic below, they are all simple crochet pieces. We have rectangle shape and two semicircles either side.

crochet oval shape construction


Firstly, we have the rectangle in the middle. This is the part that determines the overall size of the rectangle. Through the middle of this part is the starting or foundation chain. You will be crocheting on both sides of the foundation chain, the top as well as the underside of the starting chain. The length of this chain determines the size of the rectangle.

However, you have to take into account that the finished size of the crochet oval will be bigger. This is because you will be increasing stitches at either end of the crochet oval each round. This will consequently increase the length as well as the width of the crochet oval in equal proportions. The number of stitches of just the rectangle part will remain the same throughout crocheting the oval shape.


As you can see below, on either side of the rectangle, we have another shape – half circle or semicircle. And this was the light bulb moment for me. If you can crochet the basic circle shape, you will definitely be able to crochet the oval shape too. It just means that you split the circle in half and insert the rectangle shape into the middle.

This means that all the standard increases of the circle will happen at either side of the oval. You can also use stitch markers to mark out the stitches of each of the half circle. This will make it easier for you to know where to make the increases. As opposed to the rectangle in the middle, the stitch count for each half circle will increase each round. Each semicircle will increase by three stitches each round, meaning your total stitch count for each round will increase by six stitches.

Video Tutorial

We know the old saying how a picture or a video speaks a thousand words. That is why I have also filmed a video tutorial to show you the construction of oval shape.

Please follow this tutorial carefully and learn the construction of crochet oval.

And that is how to crochet this basic shape! I truly hope you will find this tutorial helpful. If you do, do not forget to share it with your crafty friends! You can share this link on your social media and in any crochet groups. If you do not want to lose it, pin the link to your favourite Pinterest Board and share!

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6 thoughts on “How to crochet oval shape perfectly every time

  1. I was taught to crochet using the oval pattern. My mil taught me how to make an oval rug with old (snagged or run) pantyhose. Then I was taught the granny square from sil and ran with that to learn many other stitches. This was in early 70’s so no internet or you tube!

  2. THANK YOU!!! Once you explained it and I watched your video, everything clicked on my head. Before this I was never sure how to crochet on the under side of the foundation chain nor did I know how to treat the ends. One question: After the second round, are all the increases done as 1sc, 2sc in the same stitch or do the increases spread out more?

    1. That’s great to hear Fern! The increases spread out same as when you crochet a circle – so 2 sc, 2sc in next then 3 sc. 2 sc in next and so on…

  3. Hi Veronika!
    Great tutorial. I have had to tackle the oval before, and yes… it was one frog session after another until I finally got it symmetrical. I have seen a tutorial from another designer who starts with the back bump for the first side, then once you do the increase and go back, she uses the “v” of the chain for the rest of the first round. It makes the center more closed than doing one loop of the chain for each side and gets rid of that odd strand of yarn down the middle. Give that one a try when you do your next one. It’s nice to not have the gaps.

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