10 Free Beginner Crochet Pattern Ideas To Make Now

Round up of 10 free crochet pattern ideas for absolute beginners! These are easy crochet patterns suitable for beginner crocheters and someone only just learning.

It is true when they say that sometimes we try to run before we can walk.

The same saying applies to crochet. It is easy to get swayed by the beautiful projects and complicated stitches that you see online. Hello, Pinterest and Instagram…

Makers and designers who have been crocheting for many years and have a lot of practice come up with stunning color and stitch combinations.

However, let’s not forget that we have all started somewhere. More than likely it was a wonky granny square of a questionable more than a square shape.

Those first crochet scarves that started with twenty stitches and somehow ended up with thirty…

Or the crochet hat that was intended as a baby shower gift for a new baby girl but can fit your grandma…

Crochet is a beautiful craft that can be the most relaxing and frustrating at the same time.

When things work, we immerse ourselves in the world of squishy yarn, colors, and stitches…

However, when going gets tough, we are ready to give up.

That is one of the reasons I have decided to put together an ultimate list of beginner crochet pattern ideas for you to try.

Even if you have crocheted a blanket before, these projects are easy and beginner-friendly projects that will build onto your basic knowledge of crochet.

Because, sometimes, even if you are running, it is okay to take a break and walk…


10 Free Absolute Beginner Crochet Pattern Ideas To Make Now

10 Free Beginner Crochet Pattern Ideas

What makes a pattern a beginner crochet pattern?

This is a question with various answers as we all learn differently and at a different pace.

However, I have chosen patterns that have two things in common – easy stitches and easy constructions.

To keep things simple, all these crochet patterns use basic crochet stitches or a very basic combination of stitches.

This was you will use familiar stitches that you have practised before. But in the spirit of learning something new, you will also learn simple variations of these stitches.

Secondly, simple construction is a must when it comes to beginner-friendly crochet patterns.

You do not want complicated instructions on how to shape things with increases or decreases.

Neither do we want complicated instructions on how to sew various pieces together.

I have chosen ten beginner friendly patterns below for you to try and have some fun with a hook and yarn.

Beginner Crochet Washcloth Pattern

This is an easy crochet washcloth pattern that is beginner friendly.

It is a quick project that allows you to practice a new stitch and make something functional at the same time!

It uses a great crochet stitch that has a subtle texture.

Textured stitches can sometimes be yarn eaters. However, the single crochet bobble stitch is nothing like that.

Quick and Easy Crochet Washcloth – Free Pattern is available on my blog.

easy washcloth folded over

Crochet Scarf

This is a beginner guide on how to crochet a unisex scarf. Whether you are making one for yourself or as a gift, this guide will help you.

Crochet scarf is one of the easiest and most popular crochet makes amongst beginners. It is a great project to practice stitches and have something useful and beautiful after.

Although this pattern uses the grit stitch which is a combination of single and double crochet stitches, it will also work for any stitch.

How To Crochet A Scarf – Fee Unisex Pattern is available on my website.

unisex scarf

One Hour Crochet Hat

Whether you’re new to learning how to crochet a hat or just looking for a super fast project, this crochet hat is astonishingly easy. 

If you can crochet a rectangle, you can make this simple unisex beanie pattern! 

Crocheting a hat usually requires counting and increasing or decreasing. But not this pattern! All you need to crochet is a simple rectangle.

CLICK HERE for the free crochet pattern.

One Hour Beginner Crochet Hat Pattern

Easy Crochet Beginner Cowl

This easy crochet cowl for beginners uses a bulky weight yarn, making it quick to work up.

The post shares some tips on how to crochet a cowl for beginners, how they are created, and how to resize.

Follow this tutorial to make a cowl for yourself or as a gift for someone.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free beginner crochet cowl pattern.

Easy Crochet Beginner Cowl

Crochet Sweater Pattern For Beginners

There’s something rewarding about wearing a piece you made with your own two hands. If you were scared by crocheting sweaters before, this guide will help you.

It is written with a complete beginner in mind guiding you through different stages of the project. It also uses simple construction and easy crochet stitches.

Check out the beginner crochet sweater guide ON THIS WEBSITE.

Crochet Sweater Pattern For Beginners

Beginner Crochet Cardigan Pattern

The Briar Pocket Cardigan is a simple and easy crochet pattern that’s perfect for beginner crocheters. It is also accompanied by a step by step video tutorial for more visual learners.

The Briar Cardigan is cosy and oversized with loose, slouchy sleeves and simple hemline ribbing. It uses half double, double, front and back post double crochet stitches.

You can find the free pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Beginner Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Crochet Granny Square Beginner Tutorial

This is an iconic crochet blanket made from the simple granny square. The blanket is easily expanded to make it full-sized too.

The pattern also minimises the holes and gaps in the granny stitch so it is perfect for small babies too.

You can find the free beginner granny blanket pattern HERE.

Crochet Granny Square Beginner Tutorial

Granny Square Crochet Blanket Pattern

If you are looking for a fun granny square project to crochet, this crochet granny square blanket pattern is for you!

You can make a granny square blanket in any size you’d like by making as many or little granny squares as you’d like.

You can relax with crocheting simple smaller granny squares and after joining them together, you will have a lovely blanket.

You can find the pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Granny Square Crochet Blanket Pattern

Beginner Crochet Pillow Pattern

This crochet pillow cover pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters.

You will simply be crocheting a rectangle and sewing it into a pocket pillow cover. This way you can remove the inner pillow and easily wash the cover.

With this pattern you will practice basic stitches and you can also use up various yarns from your stash!

Grab the free pattern BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Beginner Crochet Pillow Pattern

Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

This crochet tote bag pattern may look difficult, but once you get started you’ll find that it is actually pretty easy.

This bag mostly uses beginner friendly stitches (and walks you though learning a cluster stitch!) with a two row repeat for the majority of the bag.

These cluster stitch repeat rows create a gorgeous but sturdy mesh structure, perfect for carrying around anything you might need to.

You can head over and check out the pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

Final thoughts…

I hope you love these beginner crochet pattern ideas. If you think your crafty friends will like it too, why not share it with them?

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    Thank you for sharing the crochet pattern, “One Hour Crochet Hat”. This is such a quick and easy way to crochet a hat using a rectangle, then gathering the one edge to finish the hat! Then, it will be easy to make quite a few of these for holiday gifts! Barbara D
    Friday, October 21, 2022

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