10 Free Cosy Crochet Hat and Beanie Patterns

This is a compilation of 10 amazing crochet hat and beanie patterns for the whole family. Choose from these cosy crochet hats and beanies and make for yourself or a loved one.

After you learn to crochet the very basic shape like a granny square, crochet hat and beanie patterns are a natural second choice.

They are quick projects that do not take long to complete. This is especially desirable just after you learn something new.

You want to explore crochet and learn all the stitches and techniques. However, you also want to see some results and finished items that you can share with the world.

Crochet hats and beanies are a great choice for a project as a beginner. They are smaller items that you can finish in a couple of days.

They are also a great learning curve. You will find crochet hats with different constructions and techniques.

Although there are crochet hats and beanies out there that are made just from a simple rectangle, crochet hat normally requires some shaping.

If you start a crochet hat from the top, you will need to incorporate some increases.

Even crochet hat worked from bottom up, you will need to decrease at the top to make it into a hat shape.

However, these increases or decreases are normal pretty simple to make. They will be evenly spread out throughout.


10 Free Crochet Hat And Beanie Patterns

The simplicity of a crochet hat is what makes it a great project for a beginner. You can be simply finish one in a matter of a few days.

That means you have a great handmade present for a loved one.

However, you can also make as many hats as you want for yourself. They are quite addictive to make!

I have compiled a list of crochet hat patterns with different constructions.

Some of these are made from a simple rectangle with the top cinched into a hat. Others are worked top down or bottom up.

Whichever way you make a hat, hats and beanies are a great project.

They are portable, fairly easy and quick to make. And let’s be honest, there is always someone who needs a new hat!

If you struggle with choosing yarn for your projects, check out How To Choose Best Yarn For Crochet Hats.

Anton Crochet Beanie

I have decided to design a crochet beanie easy pattern that looks intricate.

However, this crochet beanie is easy to make. It uses two contrast colours that will make the striking design stand out even more.

This crochet beanie is also a super warm winter accessory.

Because of the technique I used, the beanie is actually double thick!

It has an added layer of yarn stitches on the inside which makes it super warm.

I used interlocking crochet technique for this crochet beanie easy pattern. It is a stepping stone into more intricate mosaic crochet.

The technique uses a combination of front post crochet stitches and chain spaces.

Despite that, I would class this easy pattern very beginner friendly. Crochet Beanie Easy Pattern – Anton Beanie is available on my blog.

Anton Crochet Beanie

Napoly Crochet Hat

Single crochet bobble stitch- a gorgeous textured crochet stitch that will elevate your crochet project! That’s why I used this stitch to make my Crochet Napoly Hat. 

It is a simple crochet stitch that creates a stunning texture. Although super textured, it is not a yarn eater at all. It also does not make your projects too bulky.

The pattern comes with a full video tutorial on how to make this stitch as well as the hat construction.

This crochet hat pattern has a double brim which makes it super stylish and extra warm. Napoly Hat pattern is free on my blog.

single crochet bobble stitch chunky crochet hat

A Shade of Grey Crochet Hat

Beautiful knit look chunky crochet hat pattern that is simple to make. It works up super fast so it would make a great handmade present.

I was aiming for a simple “knit look” hat which works up superfast but it look like you’ve spent ages making it.

The pattern uses waistcoat crochet stitch. This would make a great present for a loved one or make one for yourself.

Secondly, it would be a perfect craft stall best seller as it works up fast.

I finished off my chunky crochet hat with a faux fur pom pom.

However, this is completely optional, I think it finishes it off just right. Chunky Crochet Hat Pattern – A Shade of Grey is available on my blog.

A Shade of Grey Crochet Hat

Rocky Beanie Crochet Pattern

The Rocky Beanie is a beautiful textured crochet beanie worked in a unique way!

You will love how easy it is!  Instead of being worked from the bottom up or top down, it is worked lengthwise in rows. 

That means it is also easily adjustable for your or recipient’s head circumference.

If you wanted to adjust the length or height of the hat, you can simple add or take away stitches from your foundation chain.

You can simple add extra rows for a larger head or take rows away.

The pattern uses magic ring or a chain ring at one end of the rows to help cinch the top of the hat closed at the end. CLICK HERE for the free crochet hat pattern.

Rocky Beanie Pattern

Slouchy Shell Stitch Crochet Hat

This slouchy shell stitch crochet hat pattern is soft and warm. Even though it is made with a lacy stitch it is. perfect for a colder weather!

The best part is that this free hat pattern is quick and easy to crochet.

The pattern comes in two sizes to fit toddlers, and teens/adults.

The designer used a stitch called the “Fantail” that is lacy without being too open. It is a quick beautiful stitch to crochet.

It’s based on the idea of the more traditional crochet shell stitch with a few tweaks.

For the free crochet hat pattern, you can FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Slouchy Shell Stitch Beanie

Snowbird Hat

The inspiration behind this beautiful crochet hat came from the faux fur Pom Pom. The name of the Pom Pom is snowbird.

This has inspired the designer to come up with a textured stitch resembling a bird’s nest!

It is surprising where you can find inspiration and translate it to crochet!

As you can see the crochet stitch used produces an amazing texture for the hat. It uses front post stitches that look like they are sat on top of the crochet fabric.

The pattern is well written so do not be scared of the complexity of this stitch.

The crochet hat also features a double brim which makes it super stylish and warm.You can find the free pattern as well as a video tutorial ON THIS WEBSITE.

Snowbird Hat

Fair Isle Snowflakes & Hearts Slouchy Beanie

This slouchy beanie is perfectly cozy, soft, and easy to make – even though it looks hard! The designer released this pattern in parts as a fun crochet along.

The pattern follows a chart to create this amazing snowflake pattern.

The designer has also included lots of video tutorials to guide you through the pattern. It has lots of tips and tricks to help you learn fair isle technique.

You will learn the basic waistcoat stitch that gives this crochet hat a knit look.

The different parts go over many techniques of carrying yarn, foundation single crochet, fixing mistakes and many many more.

You can now find all the parts free HERE.

Fair Isle Snowflakes & Hearts Slouchy Beanie

Claire Bun Beanie

The Claire Bun Beanie was one of the first messy bun beanies back when they went viral. It has a handy opening at the top.

You can use it to pull your hair bun or pony tail through.

You will make this pattern bottom up so you will need to make a few decreases towards the top opening.

This pattern is for an adult size messy bun beanie for heads with a circumference of 22 inches – 23 inches.

THIS BLOG has all the information as well as a video tutorial if that is the way you prefer to work.

Claire Bun Beanie

Widcombe c2c Crochet Hat 

Perfect for those chilly days, this corner-to-corner crochet hat pattern is so much easier to make than it looks!

Once you have mastered the c2c method and changing colours, there will be lots of new possibilities.

This stylish and modern, easy to wear hat comes in sizes from Baby to Large Adult.

That means you can make one for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a great yarn stash buster and perfect for a quick and easy crochet gift this season.

This c2c hat has a super simple construction. You make the hat from a flat rectangle of corner to corner crochet fabric.

You then seam up the side and pull the top tight closed. After that, you pop on a brim and add a pom pom.

Find this pattern and tutorials by CLICKING HERE.

Widcombe c2c Crochet Hat 

Simple Double Brim Hat

This is a crochet version of the classic double sided knitted hat. It uses two different colours for the inside and outside which creates a great effect.

This hat is worked bottom-up using single crochet stitches only, which makes it a perfect project for beginners.

You can choose to add a pom pom on top by making it yourself or using a faux fur one.

The pattern also comes with instructions to make a messy bun hat version.

Follow THIS LINK for the free crochet hat pattern and video tutorials.

Simple Double Brim Hat

I hope you enjoyed this round up of 10 Crochet Hat and Beanie patterns and will choose to make a few.

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