How To Crochet Invisible Decrease For Neat Shaping

This is a free tutorial on how to crochet invisible decrease. This is a great technique you can use for shaping crochet fabric without any visible marks on your crochet fabric.

Crochet Invisible Decrease is a super popular technique in crochet. However, every time I come across it, it is always mentioned in connection with amigurumi crochet toys.

Although it might be super useful for shaping cute toys and 3D shapes, it is also super useful for shaping crochet fabric for wearables.

The invisible decrease creates a smooth fabric even where you shape it by working two stitches together.

When you think of plain stitch crochet fabrics like single, half double or double crochet, each of these stitches can create a bulky decrease.

This happens when you work two stitches together using the classic method. With this method you half finish two stitches before working the last two loops together.

However, with the crochet invisible decrease, you skip the part where you half finish two stitches. That means that you will eliminate the bulk in the fabric where you need to shape it by decreasing.


crochet invisible decrease

How To Crochet Invisible Decrease

Crochet invisible decrease is a great crochet technique to master. It will allow you shape the crochet fabric neatly.

Secondly, it creates a neat decrease that is very much invisible in the finished project.

It blends in with the other stitches very well. This is due to the fact that to work two stitches together, you will only work one complete stitch as opposed to the traditional technique.

If you are using the invisible decrease for garments or wearables, you can practice a few on your gauge swatch. This will give you a good idea whether this technique is suitable for the stitches used in the pattern.

Sometimes with taller stitches like double or treble crochet, you might have to slightly adjust the tension with which you will work the invisible decrease.

Because you are essentially replacing two stitches with one, you might have to pull on the loop going through the two front loops slightly tighter to bring them closer together.

Step By Step Crochet Invisible Decrease Instructions

To crochet the invisible decrease we will only be using the front loops of the stitches. To crochet the decrease correctly, let’s look at the top loops of the crochet stitches.

crochet invisible decrease front and back loops

As you can see, the top of the stitches is a letter “V” sideways.

The strand of yarn closest to you is the front loop. The strand of yarn further away from you is the back loop.

When the instructions say “working through the front loop only”, it means you only insert your hook under the strand of yarn closest to you.

This rule also applies when you turn your work to work a row back. The loop closest to you is always the front loop and the loop further away from you is always the back loop.

To work the crochet invisible decrease, you will firstly insert your hook under the front loop only of the next stitch.

invisible decrease crochet through 1 loop

Then insert your hook under the front loop of the following stitch.

crochet through second loop

So your hook is inserted through two front loops of two separate stitches at the same time. Then yarn over and pull yarn through both front loops at the same time.

crochet invisible double stitch decrease

Then simply finish off the stitch you are making, in this case a double crochet.

finished crochet invisible decrease

As you can see, one double crochet stitch now sits on top of two stitches from the row below. When you then zoom out of the finished crochet fabric, this decrease will be virtually invisible.

invisible decrease front
invisible decrease back of crochet fabric

Final Thoughts

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