How to crochet with two strands from one skein?

Learn how to crochet with two strands from one skein and save a lot of time and money! In this tutorial, I will show you three different ways.

Did you know you can crochet with two strands of yarn from the same skein? It has taken me a while to realize that you do not actually need two skeins to be able to double up your yarn strands.

This is a handy technique for knowing when you are a crocheter or knitter.

You might be asking, why on earth would I need to crochet with two strands from the same skein? Let’s look at some reasons why it is good to know how to crochet with two strands from one skein.


how to crochet with two strands from one skein

Why Crochet With Two Strands from One Skein?

Yarn Thickness

Firstly, imagine this. You do not have a local yarn store where you can go and squish all the yarn. In this case, you might have to order your yarn online.

We all know that no two yarns are the same when it comes to thickness. There is such a wide range of yarn thickness even within the very same yarn weight category.

Very often, one worsted weight yarn is thinner or thicker than another worsted weight yarn.

It is very hard to tell how thick the chosen yarn will be until you have it in your hand.

This is when knowing how to crochet with two strands from one skein comes in very handy.

You can simply hold two strands from one skein together and increase the thickness of the yarn for what you wanted or expected it to be.

Color Choices

This must be by far the most annoying thing. Have you ever had your eye on a beautiful yarn color that would be perfect for a certain project?

Your project calls for worsted weight yarn, however, the yarn color you have set your heart on only comes in fingering weight.

Now that you will know how to turn a thinner yarn into thicker yarn using one ball, you can use the color you love for your project.

crochet two strands from one skein tutorial

Use Up Your Stash By Using Two Strands From One Skein

Changing the yarn weight by holding two strands together is a great way to make your yarn work for you.

If your stash is bursting with fingering weight or double knitting weight yarn and you are not sure what projects to make with it, now you can look for projects that use thicker yarns too.

Even if you only have one ball of thinner yarn, you can still whip up smaller projects using a thicker yarn by holding two strands together.

Keep The Cost Down

Sometimes, the cost of yarn plays a major factor in whether you will make a certain project or not.

Therefore being able to substitute yarn for one that fits within your budget is important.

As an example: Stylecraft DK weight costs £2.20 and has 295 meters of yarn. If you were to hold 2 strands together, you would get 147.5 meters of chunky weight yarn.

Comparing similar quality acrylic chunky yarns, Hayfiled Bonus Chunky costs £2.29 for 137 meters of yarn, or Scheepjes Chunky Monkey yarn at £2.95 for 116 meters.

So, this is definitely something to keep in mind if you are crocheting on a tight budget.

keep cost down in crochet

Speed Up Your Making Time

I love the ease and speed at which chunky or even super chunky crochet projects work up.

This is especially handy in the busy making season just before Christmas or the market season.

Now, you can definitely speed up your making time if you turn all your thinner yarn into chunky or super chunky holding two strands together from one skein.

There are many easy crochet projects that you can whip up from just one skein of chunky or super-chunky yarn.

Here are a few projects you can find on my blog:

  1. Adorable Crochet Crown For Children’s Photoshoot
  2. Free Chunky Crochet Necklace Pattern For Beginners
  3. Free Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern – Mimi Headband
  4. Chunky Crochet Hat Pattern – A Shade of Grey
  5. Tunisian crochet ear warmer

All these projects can be made from one skein of thinner yarn made into thicker yarn by holding two strands from one skein.

How To Crochet With Two Strands From One Skein?

Here are three easy ways how to crochet with two strands from one skein:

1. Centre Pull And Standard Strand

To hold two strands from one skein, you will have to find both ends of the skein.

The standard strand that is on the outside of the ball is pretty easy to find most of the time.

However, the other end of the skein is hiding inside the skein. Some skeins are easier to work with and you can find the center pull strand fairly easily.

There has recently been a video showing you how to find the center pull of the skein by squishing it on the side. You can watch THIS VIDEO.

Then you can simply use both strands of yarn held together from one skein and turn a ball of thinner yarn into a thicker one.

crochet strands on the outside of skein

2. Make a Yarn Cake

If you are struggling to find the strand in the middle of the skein, you can rewind your skein into a yarn cake.

The easiest way to do this is to use a yarn ball winder. This way you will end up with a yarn cake that has both yarn strands clearly visible.

crochet yarn cake

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Then you simply crochet with two strands from one skein in form of a yarn cake.

You can also wind a center pull yarn ball even if you do not have a yarn ball winder. Have a look at THIS VIDEO to show you how to do this easily.

You will only need basic tools that you can already find at home.

two strands from one skein yarn cake

3. Wind a New Ball With Two Strands from One Skein

If you have managed to find the center pull strand of yarn, it might also be easier to wind a brand-new ball.

You can do this before you start your new project to avoid any yarn tangles.

Simply hold the two strands together from one skein and start winding it into a new ball. If you have a yarn ball winder you can also make it into a new cake that will already have the two strands together.

Make sure you allow the skein plenty of space when winding it as it will be dancing around the place quite a bit.

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  1. I learned this technique 40 years ago from my Aunt Rose… I thought every crocheter knew this !

    1. Same as you learned this 40 years ago, someone new to the craft can be learning this technique today!❤️

  2. Thankyou for that informative post. I always end up pulling a great big Knot of yarn when trying to get the centre out of a ball. So from now on I will cake everything from the start and will be easier to have a centre pull and use both ends.
    So consider your 1 person found and enlightened and every other person is a bonus.

  3. I needed this exactly now! I am making a top hat that calls for double strand of yarn for structure. I was trying to figure out how to easily do this from one skein. However I never thought of doing this to make a different yarn weight. Very helpful. Thx

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