10 Free Cozy Crochet Mittens Pattern Collection

Crochet mittens pattern collection that I have carefully put together for you! It contains 10 amazing crochet mittens designs from the best designers around.

I remember wearing crochet mittens as a child! They literally take me right back to my childhood. I used to wear them all the time. Fond memories of large snow clumps stuck to the mittens as we were building a snowman.

One thing I know, they have kept me super warm and comfortable. I love how easy it is to put them on and take them off as opposed to standard gloves! I find them especially useful for kids and so time saving too!

Those little fingers are super hard to navigate into standard gloves. Hence why, I have worn mittens as a child I suppose. My mum was a great knitter and crocheter so we have always had the warmest and comfiest pair of mittens!

I have recently been on a hunt for a comfy pair of mittens and have found so many adorable ones. It would be a real shame to keep all these beautiful designs to myself. So, I have rounded them up and will share my top crochet mittens picks with you!


10 free cosy crochet mittens pattern

10 Free Crochet Mittens Pattern Collection

Here are some of my absolute favourite crochet mittens from around the internet. They are all easy to make and will keep your fingers nice and toasty.

I have also picked a couple of patterns for men as their hands will be slightly larger. However, you can adjust all these crochet mittens in size. It will greatly depend on the way the mittens are constructed, however they all can be adjusted.

You can increase the width by adding a few stitches to the round. To make them longer, you can simply work additional rounds. These are basic instructions you can use if you feel confident adjusting patterns.

In terms of yarn, I would recommend using yarn that is durable. As you can imagine there will be a lot of wear and tear on your crochet mittens. Yarn that is anti-pilling and easy to wash would be a great start. Each pattern will suggest a yarn to use. However, if the suggested yarn is out of your price range or it is not available in your country, do not forget to use yarnsub.com .

This is a great website you can use to find alternative yarns that are the best match for yarn used in pattern. The website analyses fibre content, weight, yardage per weight and so many other qualities to suggest as close match as possible.

Explorer’s Crochet Mittens

Whether you are looking for a great crochet present for dad, husband or brother this men’s mittens crochet pattern will be a life saver! I have used two different colours for these men’s crochet mittens. This makes it a great pattern where you can combine the recipient’s favourite colours. If they are a football fan, you can also use their favourite club’s colours.

The men’s mittens crochet pattern uses interlocking crochet technique. This is a stepping stone to the ever popular mosaic crochet. This technique creates a very stretchy fabric width and lengthways. So it is very forgiving when it comes to slight differences in sizes. Men’s Mittens Crochet Pattern – Free Explorer Mittens is available on my blog.

men's crochet mittens

Cute and Cosy Crochet Mittens

Get cosy this winter with my free crochet mittens pattern. They feature a ribbed double cuff and a thick textured stitch pattern. These mittens are designed to fit a standard ladies size. There is also a baby size available if you wanted to make a matching mummy and me pair.

The pattern uses a great textured stitch that will make super warm pair of crochet mittens. You can find the free crochet pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

textured crochet mittens

3 Hour Chunky Mitts Pattern

These simple chunky crochet mittens look knit and can be worked up in about three hours! These classic chunky crochet mittens will keep your fingers super warm. The pattern uses waistcoat stitch which resembles the knit texture very well. However, all you need is a crochet hook to create this texture.

The pattern also uses chunky yarn which not only produces warm mitts, it also means this pattern works up super quick! You can access the free pattern ON THIS BLOG.

knit look crochet mitten pattern

Tabby Star Pattern

These are beginner friendly mittens that are accompanied by a lot if tutorials to help you along. They use post stitches and stitches worked into third loop to create a lovely texture.

These minimalist crochet mittens are cozy, stylish, easy to create and crochet up super fast. This pattern has a separate top to the mitten. It has simple closure with a button to hold the top part closed. This is a very practical solution especially nowadays. Sometimes you need a quick access to answer a call on your smartphone which might be rather difficult with gloves on.

You can also completely omit the top closure part and turn these into a completely fingerless gloves. CLICK HERE for the free crochet pattern.

tabby star mittens

Beginner Friendly Crochet Mittens

This crochet pattern is beginner friendly and has lots of supportive tutorials. It uses easy crochet stitches like single crochet to create the main body.

The cuff is created with single crochet worked through the back loop only to give it some texture. This is the perfect pattern if you wanted to play around with the size. It would be easy enough to add a few extra stitches to the circumference or some extra rounds to the overall length. You can follow the free pattern HERE.

Beginner Friendly Crochet Mittens

Snow Drops Mitten Pattern

The crochet Snow Drops Mittens are beautifully constructed with the star stitch and worsted weight yarn. Rounds of simple single crochet are offset with round of star stitch that work beautifully together. The pattern is part of a set and you can make complementing crochet hat and scarf. Wouldn’t that make a lovely present for a special person?

Crocheting mittens can be a bit intimiditating. However, this pattern uses a basic method of mitten construction while incorporating the incredible texture provided by the star stitch. FOLLOW THIS LINK to access the free pattern.

Snow Drops Mitten Pattern

Houndstooth Crochet Mitts Pattern

These gorgeous mittens play on the traditional houndstooth print pattern. They are simple crocheted by changing colours every few stitches to achieve this look.

You can also make up your own colour combination rather than sticking to the traditional black and white combination. As long as you choose colours with enough contrast between them, this pattern will definitely work.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to get to the free pattern.

Houndstooth Crochet Mitts Pattern

Cabled Mitten Pattern

This pattern features a beautiful crochet cable stitch that runs through the back of the mitten. It is a more advanced pattern due to the cables. However, the blog offers a lot of visual help with photo tutorials that will guide you through the important steps. As long as you are confident working front and back post stitches you will be able to finish these.

The mittens are worked from top down starting with a circle shape. This is the point in pattern that you could adjust the width. Check out the free crochet pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Cabled Mitten Pattern

Heath Herringbone Crochet Mittens 

These mitts are thick and cozy for those cold Winter months. You can make baby, toddler, kids, or adult size mittens with these instructions. The pattern is beginner-intermediate level thanks to the video tutorial and step by step pictures that are included. 

The pattern comes with a matching crochet hat. You can practise the herringbone single crochet on this simple to construct hat.

The smallest size mittens for infants are even cuter as they have no thumb. That makes them super simple to make but oh so cute! Take a look at the pattern by CLICKING HERE.

Heath Herringbone Crochet Mittens 

Daddy’s Simply Easy Mittens

Make these easy-to-crochet mittens for men with your favourite bulky weight yarn! These are the perfect mittens for men as they are designed for hands with larger circumference. They are simple enough to make using this beginner friendly crochet pattern.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern to make a pair for your loved ones.

Daddy’s Simply Easy Mittens

I hope you enjoyed this round up of 10 Crochet Mittens patterns and will choose to make a few.

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  1. Thank u so much
    .will keep everyone’s hands warm. Now I need toa make a coat for my small dog. Maybe a little fur lining ?

  2. Wow! This so exciting! I joined on a whim and all of these wonderful free patterns popped up. I don’t believe I have ever joined a blog that gave me so much. I love to crochet and have been doing it for a couple of years now. My mom originally (and patiently, I might add)taught me how to crochet and when she passed I received all of her books, etc. and got back into it.
    A couple of tips if I may– I buy cotton yarn(it’s cheap) and practice new stitches until I’m comfortable, ie. Bean stitch, and end up with a cute dishcloth to give a friend or family member.
    Also-always count your stitches. Every row. A few extra seconds saves you from unraveling yards of yarn!
    And last-always check your gauge! I tend to have a tight stitch and in order to have the proper gage 8 usually have to go to a larger hook size.
    I look forward to your future blogs. P.S. This is the first time I have written to a crochet blogger. You have stirred my enthusiasm!

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