35 Beautiful Free Crochet Flower Bouquet Patterns

This is a compilation of beautiful free crochet flower patterns for a bouquet. Use these individual crochet flower patterns and create your own long lasting bunch of flowers.

I absolutely love receiving flowers. I love their vibrant colors and the beautiful sweet smell. It is the perfect gift for special occasions.

However, I am always a little sad when I see the flowers are starting to dry out and wilt. I wish the flowers could last forever and decorate my home.

I have always been a fan of “fake” flowers too. Those artificial types you can buy from the stores that look nice and vivid throughout the year.

You can achieve very much the same results with a crocheted version and make yourself your very own crochet flower bouquet.

This way you can enjoy the vibrant colors for a very long time. I even spray scented spray onto my artificial flowers to make them smell nice and spread the aroma throughout the house.

Plus you can finally gift a bunch of flowers to someone who suffers from allergies or breathing problems that can get triggered by real flowers and their pollen.

I have put together a collection of 35 amazing crochet flower bouquet patterns. These are individual crochet flower patterns you can use and make a long-lasting bunch of flowers.


crochet flower bouquet patterns

35 Easy Free Crochet Flower Bouquet Patterns

Here are some beautiful easy crochet flower patterns you can use to make your very own beautiful bouquet of flowers.

It is a popular trend amongst crocheters to make their very own crochet wedding bouquet too! Crocheted wedding bouquets definitely stand the test of time and keep your special day memories alive for much longer.

You can use small flowers as “fillers” to make your bouquet appear fuller. Of course you don’t have to stick to the traditional white flowers, you can use a wide range of colors for a colorful bouquet.

Thin or lace yarns would be the best yarn weight to use to create a delicate flower bouquet.

Crocheted flowers are long-lasting and they keep their vibrant colors for much longer for a beautiful flower bouquet. You can even spray them with flower scent so they smell just like real flowers.

A popular choice for people suffering from allergies. Use bright colors to bring a pop of color to your home. These are a perfect project for beginner and experienced crocheter alike.

You can use these individual crochet flowers in a bouquet, bunting, or as a table of gift wrap decoration.

I have found some beautiful patterns for real-looking flowers like roses, daffodils, and poppies. However, the beauty of making your own crochet flower bouquet is that you can even include your favorite flower or made-up flowers.

The patterns below use clear instructions for any skill level. Many often use basic crochet stitches like single crochet stitch or double crochet stitch with step-by-step instructions for flowers of different sizes.

Choose crochet thread for delicate-looking flowers and the appropriate crochet hook size.

Tiny Crochet Flowers

Crochet these super cute tiny crochet delicate flowers to make into a decorative garland or bunting. Great for spring or summer home decor to capture the beauty of nature.

However, if you attach them to a florist wire they would make the most adorable crochet flower bouquet! You might have to invest in a pair of floral wire cutters. Add some crochet green leaves to finish your bouquet off.

Tiny Crochet Flowers Garland – Free Pattern And Video Tutorial are available on my blog.

Tiny Crochet Flowers

Crochet Flower Bouquet

You can crochet this beautiful crochet flower bouquet as a gift on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or for a teacher at the end of the school year.

The great thing is you can also customize the color scheme with the recipient’s favorite colors. It is a great way to show your appreciation to someone.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Crochet Flower Bouquet

Golden Trumpet Vine Crochet Flower

This beautiful crochet flower bouquet will cheer you up and bring a touch of color to your home decor. Make these cheerful flowers in no time!

FOLLOW THIS LINK to get the free pattern.

Golden Trumpet Vine Crochet Flower

Crochet May Roses

Rose is such a traditional flower. These sweet roses have so many uses. You do not only have to use them to make crochet flower rose bouquet.

You can also use them to decorate bags, cushions, blankets or string them together for a cute bunting.

Find the pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Crochet May Roses

3D Crochet Flower Pattern

These are a great choice for perfect relaxing little project and you can use them in so many creative ways.

Once you have the pattern down, they will only take minutes to make, and just use scraps of cotton yarn.

Get the free crochet flower pattern for a bouquet HERE.

3D Crochet Flower Pattern

Two Layer Crochet Flowers

These layered flowers only take a couple of minutes to make! A good choice when you are pushed for time but want to add a personal touch.

All you will need are some small scraps of yarn to make these two layer crochet flowers, and you will be whipping up a bunch of them to share in no time!

Even a beginner can enjoy this easy 7 petal flower pattern.

You can follow THIS LINK for the free pattern.

Two Layer Crochet Flowers

Crochet Rose Flower Bouquet

With this free crochet rose pattern, you’ll create gorgeous crochet long stem roses to bundle up in a bouquet or to stand alone.

It will work up quickly and brighten up any room with these lovely crochet flowers. It is a great pattern to make.

Find the free crochet flower bouquet pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Crochet Rose Flower Bouquet

Easy Daisy Crochet Flower Pattern

This little crochet daisy flower would make a great filling flower for your bouquet. It would nicely fill it out to make it a decorative centerpiece.

However, these daisy flowers are perfect to applique on blankets, granny squares, hats and headbands, home decor projects, or really anywhere.

They are also great for crocheting daisy chains and garlands which you can use worsted weight yarn too!

Get the free pattern BY CLICKING HERE.

Easy Daisy Crochet Flower Pattern

Large Crochet Flower Pattern

This pattern creates a large crochet flower you can add to your own flower bouquet. It will be a statement flower that can create the middle and make great gifts.

However, as you can see, it would also make a nice addition to a crocheted hat for a little girl.

Check out the pattern BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

Large Crochet Flower Pattern

Crochet Poppy Flower

Poppies are very special flowers capturing the beauty of spring so well. Not only are they beautiful and delicate and just full of wonderful color and scent, but they also hold special meaning for different people and occasions.

Poppies are a symbol of Armistice Day and a memory of all the fallen soldiers of World War 1.

You can click HERE to get the free crochet flower pattern.

Crochet Poppy Flower

Carnation Crochet Bouquet

Carnations are known for being long lasting as a cut flower, but now you can crochet a pretty bouquet to last forever.

These simple yet beautiful flowers can also brighten up a room for any occasion, and could even make a gorgeous wedding bouquet!

Find the free pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Carnation Crochet Bouquet

Crochet Daffodil Flowers

Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers. I know when they finally appear from the ground that we are nearly done with winter and warmer days are within reach.

However, they are spring flowers that are very seasonal. I must make a crochet flower bouquet full of daffodils to last me the whole year.

Find the free pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Crochet Daffodil Flowers

Tropical Crochet Flowers

If you are looking to make more non traditional crochet flower bouquet, these tropical flowers are a great addition.

It’s possible to change colors at almost any point in the flower including mid-round and use a wide variety of different colors.

The lace details of this pattern give even more opportunities to use color on this 3d-flower motif!

THIS BLOGPOST has the free crochet pattern.

Tropical Crochet Flowers

Mountain Flower Crochet Applique

This is a cute and quick flower embellishment that you can crochet with any yarn and any color!

These little pops of color would make a great flower to fill out your crochet bouquet.

You can click HERE to access the free pattern.

Mountain Flower Crochet Applique

Crochet Poppy

This is another beautiful crochet poppy pattern that you can add to your crochet bouquet.

As you can see the designer attached the flower to a headband which is such a great use.

THIS PAGE has the pattern.

Frilly Flowers

This is an easy flower crochet pattern inspired by the Hydrangea. It has lots of great texture and it is easy to make with a great impact.

CLICK HERE for the free crochet pattern.

Narcissus crochet pattern

These lovely flowers are made in cotton yarn in very natural shades. It gives them shabby chic look that would look amazing as a home decor piece.

Click HERE for the free crochet pattern.

Narcissus crochet pattern

Crochet Flowers

This post has a crochet hat pattern that is decorated with beautiful flowers and leaves.

However, you can follow the flower patterns and add it to your crochet flower bouquet.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern.

Crochet Flowers

Crochet Rose

Use this simple crochet rose pattern to make crochet rose appliques to adorn your crochet projects such as baskets, hats, and more. 

However, it would be a great addition to your crochet flower bouquet.

Follow THIS LINK for the free pattern.

Crochet Rose

Crochet Daffodil Flower

These crochet daffodils will help you create a beautiful everlasting display for your home.

Crocheted daffodils can also be used to celebrate St. David’s Day, Easter, or Daffodil Day!

You can click HERE to check out the free pattern.

Crochet Daffodil Flower

Gerbera Flower appliques

You can crochet your gerbera flowers with any yarn that you already have, even the little leftover bits.

Moreover, in nature, you’ll find gerbera flowers of any imaginable color, so don’t be afraid to use the most fun yarns in your stash!


Gerbera Flower appliques

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  3. Thank you for these lovely flower patterns. I’ll be making some of them. I’ve been inspired too do crochet flowers by Alisa Sonya who sells her own beautiful designs on Etsy. You may be interested in checking her out?

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