10 Amazing Granny Square Cardigan Patterns For A Modern Look

This is a great collection of modern granny square cardigan patterns for you to enjoy. Choose from these great patterns for a modern outfit.

Granny square is such an iconic crochet make. They are versatile little makes that open the doors to so many possibilities.

The great thing is, that even if you make a single granny square, you can still make it into something useful.

You can fold it into a small envelope style bag and use it as a gift card holder or a small money wallet.

You can also make a huge pile of all different colorful granny squares and make a stunning blanket for your home.

Easy to choose matching colors and customise the finished size, granny square blankets are always a winner.

What if I told you that if you can crochet a granny square, you can definitely crochet a cardigan? You don’t believe me?

I have compiled 10 amazing granny square cardigan patterns into this collection so you don’t have to go hunting for the perfect pattern.

How many granny squares do I need to make a cardigan?

There are many factors that we need to think about in order to answer this question. Secondly, it is very subjective too.

Here are a few things to take into account:

Finished width of the cardigan

Firstly, if you are on the adventurous journey of crocheting your very own granny square cardigan, you firstly need to decide what the finished width will be.

You can simply get your chest measurement measured around the widest point of your bust.

Then add a few inches to this measurement for a positive ease. Usually this can be anything between two to four inches. This is totally up to you and the way you want your cardigan to fit you.

Finished length of the cardigan

Secondly, you need to decide what length of the cardigan you are looking for. Would you like your cardigan to be cropped to your waist?

Or would you prefer longer versions that go down to your hips? Or even better a long duster style cardigan?

The total length will definitely affect the amount of granny squares you will need to finish your cardigan.

Size of the individual granny square

Thirdly, you need to find a granny square pattern you would like to use for your granny square cardigan. This could be just a classic granny square.

Or you can go fancy and find a granny square that you really like with a few different stitches and motifs.

Then make a sample granny square and measure it.

Once you have all your measurements, you can work out how many granny squares you would need to match your chest circumference.

Then work out how many granny squares you would need to create the length of the cardigan you want to make.

You can then simply multiply the number of squares for width times the number of squares required for length and you have the amount of squares needed for your granny square cardigan main body.

The last thing is to work out the width and length of your sleeves and follow the same principle as for main body. Do not forget to double the amounts of squares for sleeves as you will need to make 2 sleeves.

crochet granny square PDF guide freebie

Are you excited to make your very own granny square cardigan?

Let me guide you through the process! Let me know where I can send you my 35-page guide on How To Crochet A Granny Square Cardigan from scratch!

How many balls of wool do I need for a granny square cardigan?

Once you have worked out the total number of granny squares you will need to complete your cardigan, this step becomes quite easy.

All you need to do is work out the amount of yarn you have used for your sample granny square.

You can do this by weighing the square on your kitchen scales.

Then simply multiply the weight of one square by the total amount of squares you need to complete your cardigan.

I would strongly advise to always get an extra ball of yarn to avoid running out of yarn and having to hunt down one extra ball.

How do you attach sleeves to a granny square cardigan?

Attaching sleeves to your granny square cardigan can be just as easy as attaching any crochet fabric together.

The great thing is that you will be attaching two sides of granny squares together. This means that you can crochet through one stitch on each granny square to crochet them together.

Because you will be attaching them “stitch to stitch”, you will achieve neat results.

Alternatively, you can also use a yarn needle and a piece of yarn in the same color and sew the sleeves onto your cardigan.

Again if you do this stitch to stitch, you will achieve neat results and finish to your cardigan.

How many squares do I need for a patchwork cardigan?

Patchwork crochet cardigan uses a very similar technique as granny square cardigan.

However, instead crocheting granny squares in joined rounds, you can crochet your squares separately in plain and simple rows.

These could be squares that use single or plain double crochet stitches which are super easy to work.

Firstly, you need to decide on the type of stitch you would like to use and the finished size of the squares you will be making.

Once you have decided, you can follow exactly the same procedure for working out how many squares you will need as you would have for the granny square cardigan.

10 Free Granny Square Cardigan Patterns

You can choose from some of these amazing crochet granny square cardigan patterns for your next project!

You can use any color combination you like to fit into your wardrobe to create an outfit of your dreams.

Originally Lovely – Granny Square Cardigan

“This modernized version of a classic granny square cardigan features a cropped silhouette, dropped shoulders, and unique gusset style construction that allows for a great fit!

Choose a couple colors or many, this cardigan is a beautiful statement piece for your warm weather wardrobe!”

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

free granny square cardigan pattern

Joy Of Motion – Granny Square Cardigan

“You’re going to love this Granny Square Cardigan crochet pattern. It’s size inclusive & will fit sizes from XS to 5XL. 

Pick out your six favorite colors & make this beautiful granny square project.

To crochet granny squares are quite suitable for beginners, and assembling this cardigan pattern isn’t a lot more difficult than a granny square blanket.”

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free crochet pattern.

granny square cardigan

My Poppet Makes – Everyday Granny Cardigan

“Crochet a granny square cardigan to wear everyday. The easy instructions included will show you how to assemble a granny square cardigan no matter what your size.”

You can access the pattern BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

everyday granny cardigan

Hayhay Crochet – Grateful + Thankful Cardi

“I am so happy with how this turned out, and though the colors I chose were very influenced by fall, I think its perfect for winter as well!

As with any crochet project, you can change the colors of this cardigan to reflect any season or any color scheme you like!”

You can find the pattern ON THIS BLOG.

grateful and thankful cardigan

Off The Beaten Hook – Airie Cropped Cardigan

“Made with 100% delicious merino wool in a variety of blues and grays, and designed with an “airy” granny square, this cardi stands up to it’s name.

It’s warm but light; fresh and welcoming – just like a gentle breath of wind.”

You can view the pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Airie cropped granny square cardigan

Make & Do Crew – Modern Granny Cardigan

“This crochet granny square cardigan pattern plays on the retro classic with reimagined modern details. You’re sure to love the seamless design and cozy hood!

Instead of an entire jacket made of granny squares, the Revival Cardigan uses the squares as a stunning accent.”

CLICK ON THIS LINK to check out the full pattern and tutorial.

modern granny square cardigan pattern

Mj’s Off The Hook Designs – Granny Style Cardigan

“Add vintage charm to your wardrobe with this gorgeous Granny Square Cardigan crochet pattern.

This multifunctional cardigan is perfect for keeping you warm on cool summer evenings or layering up in colder months.

The traditional granny square construction adds charm, while the customizable collar and edge techniques give it a modern twist.

One great thing about this cardigan is that it’s a piece you’ll wear season after season.”

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern.

granny square cardigan free pattern

Briana K Designs – Granny Square Cardigan

“This crochet pattern changes a traditional granny square cardigan by arranging the unique granny square in a diamond shape.

Not only is it warm and comfortable, it also comes in 9 sizes from extra small to 5x.”

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern.

fancy granny square cardigan

Wild & Wanderful – Granny Square Cardigan

This super colorful granny square cardigan comes with an amazing printable square planner.

You can design your very own cardigan choosing the colors you love and fit into your wardrobe.

You can grab the planner and tutorial ON THIS WEBSITE.

granny square cardigan with planner

Wilmade – Tulip Cardi

“This Tulip Square Cardi is made out of squares and triangles slip stitched together. Sleeves are worked separately and sewn onto cardigan.

Lastly hemline and neckline ribbing are added for a finishing touch.

This granny square cardigan is available in size XS up to 5XL including step by step video tutorial.”

You can check the pattern out BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

tulip square cardigan

Final thoughts…

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