10 Free Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern Ideas To Try

This is a collection of 10 free crochet infinity scarf pattern ideas you can choose from. Infinity scarves are perfect crochet projects for beginners.

Learning to crochet can be very exciting but let’s be honest, there is only so many washcloths you can make before you want to explore more!

Crochet infinity scarf is the next best thing to crochet. You are learning something new while making something beautiful and super useful too.

Infinity scarves have got a little edge over a standard scarf, the fact they are joined into a continuous circle makes them a fashionable accessory.

They look stylish when you wear them and way more complicated to make than they really are.

I have put together this crochet infinity scarf pattern collection for you to choose the next project from. The patterns are all suitable for beginners who are confident with the basic stitches.

crochet infinity scarf pattern collection for beginners

What is the best crochet stitch for an infinity scarf?

The beauty of crocheting an infinity scarf is that you can literally choose any stitch you wish to use!

To keep things simple, you can opt for easy stitches like single crochet, half double or double crochet. This will give you some great looking plain infinity scarf.

However, if you feel a little more adventurous and would like to try some different more fancy stitches, here are a few I have available on my blog:

  1. Half Double Crochet V Stitch Free Step-by-step Tutorial
  2. How to Crochet Blanket Stitch – Free Video and Written Tutorial
  3. Beautiful Crochet Lotus Stitch – FREE Video Tutorial
  4. How To Work Purl Single Crochet Stitch – FREE Tutorial
  5. How To Crochet Grit Stitch – Free Video Tutorial
  6. Herringbone Double Crochet (HBdc) – Free Video Tutorial
  7. Free Lacy Shell Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Choose any of the above stitches for a stylish scarf to complement your outfit.

collection of crochet infinity scarf patterns

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Best Yarn To Use For Crochet Infinity Scarf

One thing you have to remember is that infinity scarf is very likely to be very close to your skin on the neck.

Therefore, you need to choose yarn that is going to not only keep you warm, but be comfortable and not irritate your delicate skin on the neck.

Secondly, decide on the finished size and feel of the infinity scarf. Do you want it oversized, thick and chunky or delicate, lacy and light?

For a chunky infinity scarf, opt for worsted weight or bulky yarns like these:

  1. Brava Bulky
  2. Lion Brand Hue + Me
  3. Mighty Stitch
  4. Twill Worsted

If you prefer a delicate crochet infinity scarf, these yarns would work perfectly:

  1. Capretta Superwash
  2. Hawthorne Fingering
  3. Heatherly Sport
  4. Comfy Sport
crochet circle scarf pattern collection

How many chains do you need for an infinity scarf?

The amount of chains you need for an infinity scarf depends which way you are going to crochet.

Firstly, you can crochet the scarf across the short edge and work up the length of the scarf. After that, you need to crochet or sew the two narrow ends together to create a circular scarf.

In this case, you should aim for a width of 18-20 cm or 7-8 inches. The amount of chains you need to reach this width will depend on the stitch you are using and the thickness of the yarn you have opted for.

You can simply start chaining and measure your starting chain against a ruler to reach the desired width.

Secondly, you can also crochet an infinity scarf across the length or circumference of the scarf. This way, your starting chain will be quite long and require many chain stitches.

The other little disadvantage is that you can’t change the finished length of your scarf. Once you chain the amount of stitches, that’s how long your scarf will be.

crochet infinity scarf pattern collection

Free Crochet Infinity Scarf Patterns

I have carefully chosen some great looking and easy to make crochet infinity scarf patterns.

Take a look below and choose your next project.

Dinah Crochet Infinity Scarf

This is a free crochet infinity scarf pattern for women that is easy and quick to make. You can make one yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one!

Whether you’re a seasoned crochet enthusiast or a beginner looking to pick up a new skill, this infinity scarf crochet pattern is the perfect project for you.

Modern Crochet Infinity Scarf For Women – Free Pattern is available on my blog.

Dinah crochet infinity scarf pattern

Ribbed Scarf

“This is a super crochet project for beginners, as it doesn’t require any complicated stitch combinations.

It is shorter than a conventional scarf, so it doesn’t require as much patience either!”

CLICK HERE for the free crochet pattern.

ribbed crochet infinity scarf pattern

Off The Rails Infinity Scarf

“When the weather cools down, everyone loves a chunky scarf to keep them selves cozy.

The ‘Off the rails’ crochet infinity scarf is a free beginner crochet scarf pattern which fits the bill perfectly.

It works up in around an hour using super bulky yarn and a large crochet hook.”

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the pattern.

off the rails crochet infinity scarf pattern

Lacy Infinity Scarf

“Learn how to crochet a beautiful infinity scarf with this beginner-friendly pattern.

This pattern is quick and easy to make, made up of one stitch repeated. You’re going to want one to match each outfit.”

You can find the free pattern ON THIS BLOG.

lacy crochet infinity scarf pattern

Infinity Scarf 3 Different Ways

“In this guide I’ll share instructions for how to crochet an infinity scarf, in three different ways!

Each one will produce a scarf that is a different texture and warmth.

Perfect for any style or weather.”

Check out the instructions and the other two styles ON THIS WEBSITE.

Cluster Stitch Circle Scarf

“The pattern uses half double crochet front two loop cluster stitch.

This stitch gives the appearance of cables without the complication of actually making cables.

And once you figure out what loops you’re supposed to work through, it’s a pretty easy pattern to follow.”

You can access the pattern BY CLICKING THIS LINK.

cluster stitch crochet infinity scarf pattern


“Crochet infinity scarves are fantastic for layering in the warmth and keeping the cold at bay.

With this easy crochet infinity scarf pattern, you can make delightfully textured yet classic crochet infinity scarves for everyone you might like to gift them to.”

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.


3 Hour Pattern

“This infinity scarf pattern features 2 sizes, a small and large.

I also added a twist to the small size to keep it closer to my neck for warmth.”

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern and tutorial.

3 hour crochet infinity scarf pattern

Knit-like Crochet Cowl Scarf

“In this knit-like cowl and infinity scarf pattern, we will be using the half double crochet stitch.

This is a basic stitch that creates beautiful texture, depending on which loop its worked in.

For most of the pattern, we will be working half double crochet stitches in the 3rd loop only.”

Check out the full blog post and free pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

knit-like scarf

Double Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

This super stylish scarf uses plain double crochet stitch. It’s cozy, full of lovely texture, and really simple!

The pattern comes with full photo tutorial guiding you through the different steps so it is super beginner friendly.

You can learn along ON THIS WEBSITE.

double crochet infinity scarf

Final thoughts…

I hope you love this crochet infinity scarf pattern collection. If you think your crafty friends will like it too, why not share it with them?

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