Crochet Rice Stitch In Round And Rows – Free Video Tutorial

How to Crochet the Rice Stitch written and video tutorial suitable for beginners

Crochet Rice Stitch is a beautiful textured crochet stitch. It is easy to make and creates stunning results.

It is a great stitch to use for home decor items like washcloths, placemats, blankets and cushion cover. You can also incorporate it into other crochet accessories like bags, hats and scarves.

However, this easy to make textured crochet stitch is perfect for garments too.

Use it for warmer makes like sweaters and cardigans for cooler months.

The crochet rice stitch full with texture creates thick and dense crochet fabric.

Depending on yarn weight and hook used, you can create very stiff fabric or fabric with a little drape and movement.


crochet rice stitch worked in round

Crochet Rice Stitch In Round Video Tutorial

This crochet stitch with texture is easy to make and even beginners will be able to do it.

Once you learn two basic stitches you will be good to go. The crochet rice stitch is made up from two stitches – front post and back post double crochet.

Post double crochet as the name suggest is a double crochet stitch you work around the post of the stitch rather than through the loops at the top.

For the front post double crochet you will insert your hook around the post of the stitch from front to back to front and pull yarn through.

Then finish the stitch as standard double crochet.

The back post double crochet uses the same technique. However, you will insert the hook from back to front to back.

Below you will find a video tutorial for the crochet rice stitch worked in round. I have used this stitch for my Mountain Leg Warmers pattern and it worked a treat.

YouTube video

How To Work In Rows?

This textured crochet stitch also works if you wanted to work it in straight rows.

The above video tutorial is for rice stitch which I worked in round. If you wanted to work it in rows, the idea remains the same. You will work the opposite stitch to the one that is in front of you.

Start your project with a foundation chain of odd number. Make it as long as you need for the project and add 3 extra chains.

These are to accommodate for double crochet starting stitch.

You will then start working into fourth chain from the hook. For your first row, you can work double crochet stitches across the row. The post stitches will be worked on the second row.

Each row of rice stitch will start and end with a hdc stitch. The height of this stitch is perfect to match the height of the post dc stitches.

Start your row with half double crochet. Then simply alternate the front and back post double crochet stitches until the last stitch. And lastly work one half double crochet into the last stitch.

The next row will start exactly the same way. However, this time you will work front post double crochet around each back post double crochet from previous row and vice versa.

This is how you will create the stunning textured crochet stitch.

crochet rice stitch

My crochet designer friend Nadia from The Moule Hole has used this great stitch in her Alpine Sweater design. It proves that this great stitch full of texture is perfect for any project!

Final thoughts…

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Crochet Rice Stitch In Round And Rows – Free Video Tutorial

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