14 Beautiful Lacy Crochet Stitches Perfect for Summer Makes

This is a list of 14 beautiful lacy crochet stitches that are suitable for summer makes. These can be anything from summer crochet garments, accessories or homewares. Take a look at the list and suggestions below!

Summer is such a beautiful time of the year! Everything seems to be more happy and cheerful with the sun shinning down. 

It has been scientifically proven that summer season makes people happy! If you would like to dive deeper into the reasons why, THIS ARTICLE explains it better than I could.

There is something quite special waking up on a nice sunny summer day. The cheeky sun stroking your face with its rays through that tiny gap in the curtains.

And somehow you do not even mind it is super early. We want to wake up early and get the most out of the beautiful sunny day!

Don’t you just love a sunny summer morning when the rest of the house is still asleep? When you creep downstairs and enjoy the morning cup of coffee in peace? (Can you tell I have two young boys?)

No matter how long this precious quiet time lasts I always feel refreshed after!

I also like to grab my crochet project and add a row or two. I very much enjoy working on lacy crochet projects that are great for summer makes.

Something very light and airy with beautiful combinations of lacy crochet stitches. These projects tend to work up much faster too, which is always a bonus.

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14 Lacy Crochet Stitches and Tutorials That Are Perfect for Summer Makes

I have put together a list of 14 lacy crochet stitches that will be perfect for summer makes.

You can use these lacy crochet stitches for simple summer projects like summer tops, beach cover ups, shawls or summer blankets.

You do not need a pattern for any of these. To make a summer top you can simply crochet 2 rectangles large enough to cover your top half.

You then sew them together at the sides leaving an opening for arms and at the shoulders and you have made a summer top.

If you prefer leaving the guess work for someone else, check out my Summer Romance Crochet Top pattern that is free here on the blog.

Shawls are also simple makes if you make a large rectangle. A good size summer shawl doubles up as a wrap skirt over your bikini.

You should aim for your shawl to be roughly 60 x 170 cm in size. This will give you plenty of fabric to wear the shawl in a few different ways!

Summer blankets using lacy crochet stitches will be so useful for the cooler evenings. Summer evenings spent outside round a fire sipping on your favourite drink chatting with your friends.

These blankets do not need to be heavy and thick. You can make them smaller with more openwork. 

Take a look at these beautiful lacy crochet stitches for summer makes. I will give you project suggestions for each one to inspire you for your next crochet project.

Lacy Shell Crochet Stitch

It is a beginner friendly crochet stitch that is easy to make and produces a lovely fabric. This is a variation of the classic shell crochet stitch. 

The classic shell stitch creates a denser fabric with no gaps. It is a lovely stitch you could use for baby blankets. 

On the other hand the lacy shell crochet stitch creates lace as well as texture. The prefect combination of both worlds. 

The bottom of the shell creates a nice subtle texture where the stitches gather together.

Secondly, the open lacy shell at the top creates a lovely light openwork and the fabric becomes lighter and has more drape.

Check out Free Lacy Shell Crochet Stitch Tutorial available on my blog.

lacy crochet shell stitch

Paired Double Crochet

This is such an easy crochet stitch to make but one that creates a stunning looking crochet fabric. This stitch would be perfect for creating a light crochet cardigan.

Check out Paired Double Crochet Tutorial which is the stitch I used for my Simple and Beautiful Working Girl Cardigan- free crochet pattern.

close up of paired double crochet

Diamond Lacy Crochet Stitch

The Diamond Stitch is an elegant crochet lace stitch for beginners.

This lovely crochet lacy stitch is completely reversible so would be great for makes that will have both sides visible like shawls or light summer scarves.

The diamonds and squares create a lovely uniformed pattern with an airy feel.

This would look great used in a beach cover up or as detail on a garment. CLICK HERE for the stitch tutorial.

Diamond Lacy Crochet Stitch

Wide V Stitch

This is a lovely beginner friendly crochet stitch that is one step up from basic crochet stitches.

It is so easy to make but creates lovely lacy crochet fabric.

This lacy crochet stitch creates an airy fabric with a lovely drape perfect for summer shawls and wraps. Pair it up with a sturdy cotton and it would make a lovely market bag for summer.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free stitch tutorial.

Wide V Stitch

Eiffel Tower Lacy Crochet Stitch

The best things sometimes happen by complete accident, right? Well this was the case for this beautiful lacy crochet stitch.

It is a result of playing around with a few different stitch combinations and “accidentally” designing something that looks like The Eiffel Tower!

This lovely open stitch would be pretty for tunics, bikini cover ups or summer ponchos.

Check out the tutorial HERE.

Eiffel Tower Lacy Crochet Stitch

Iris Lacy Crochet Stitch

This Iris Lacy Crochet Stitch is worked in a rectangle. It is such a useful tutorial for crocheting summer crochet blankets or table cloths and runners.

THIS WEBSITE has the tutorial clearly explained with a step by step photos.

Iris Lacy Crochet Stitch

Shell Trellis Stitch

The Shell Trellis is a very pretty lacy crochet stitch that you could use for many projects. It is lacy with large openwork and has a nice drape.

This makes it great for summer market bags, light tops that go over vests, accents in garments.

It could also make a cute decorative runner or a lacy wrap for summer or events.

The tutorial is available on THIS WEBSITE.

Shell Trellis Stitch

Lacy Cable Crochet Stitch

When thinking of crochet cables most people imagine heavy, thick and dense fabric. However this lacy cable crochet stitch has a lovely openwork!

This would make a lovely light crochet blanket for summer evening in the garden.

Follow THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL for clear instructions.

Lacy Cable Crochet Stitch

Open Waves Stitch

Easy to memorise and lovely to work on – Open Waves Lacy Crochet Stitch has an easy two row repeat. It creates a lovely fabric with many open spaces and drape.

This stitch pattern would be fantastic for loose wear, scarves, wraps and shawls made with fingering weight yarn.

Check out the tutorial ON THIS BLOG.

Open Waves Stitch

Lacy Y Stitch Crochet Tutorial

This is a very similar stitch to the V stitch. However, at closer look you can see the difference.

The Y-stitch consists of 3 different parts – a treble crochet stitch, a chain stitch and a double crochet stitch.

The combination of these 3 stitches is what creates the awesome Y lacy crochet stitch. It would make a lovely light summer vest.

CLICK HERE for the free tutorial.

Y Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Solomon’s Knot Tutorial

This stitch is sometimes also called Lover’s Knot or Love Knot. It looks way more complicated than it really is.

The lacy crochet stitch pattern uses basic crochet stitches – chain and single crochet.

The clever combination and placement of these basic stitches create a lace mesh of intertwined diamonds.

THIS BLOG has a very good tutorial guiding you through.

Solomon's Knot Tutorial

Dock Shell Stitch

The dock shell stitch takes the shell stitches to a new level creating much lighter fabric than the standard crochet shells.

The shells are separated with a row of chain stitches to create more open crochet fabric with a drape.

This stitch would be lovely for a summer crochet cardigan to throw over a summer top when it gets a bit cooler in the evening.

The full tutorial can be FOUND HERE.

Dock Shell Stitch

Triangles and Cones Lacy Crochet Stitches

The combination of these stitches creates a lovely geometric pattern.

The open lace texture of this stitch is perfect for light, lace projects for spring and summer!

For example, it would be great for a lightweight crochet shawl or wrap, for a summer tee or dress.

The free tutorial is AVAILABLE HERE.

Triangles and Cones Lacy Crochet Stitches

Spider Lacy Crochet Stitch

This beautiful lacy crochet stitch pattern is completely reversible. That means that there are no limits on what you can use this stitch for.

It is a combination of basic crochet stitches that you first learnt as a beginner crocheter.

This beautiful stitch groups them is an innovative way creating a beautiful crochet open stitch.

The tutorial is available HERE.

Spider Lacy Crochet Stitch

I hope you find this round up of 14 beautiful lacy crochet stitches useful. Keep it in mind when deciding on your next project.

All these lacy stitches would be perfect for spring/summer crochet makes.

If you prefer to have all the guess work taken out of a project and would rather follow a pattern, check out my Stunning Lace Crochet Summer Top- free pattern.

It is an easy T-shaped summer crochet top pattern suitable for a beginner crocheter.

I also have a video tutorial to help you along with creating the T shape to create your summer top.

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