Easy Crochet Color Change To Create A Sharp Edge

This is a free tutorial on how to crochet color change that creates a super sharp and straight edge. Use it for blankets or garments.

Crochet is known for its colourful makes and projects using a wide variety of colors and techniques.

Whether you are using more complicated color work techniques where you use different colors within one row like mosaic, tapestry or intarsia crochet. 

On the other hand you can also use color work techniques where you change colors after completing a row or a round. 

As crochet evolves all the time, I have come across a super cool technique of crochet color change after completing a row which I would like to share with you today.

This techniques produces a super clean and straight line between two colors. The sharp edge of colors would look stunning in a stripy blanket, cushion or a color block sweater.


crochet color change with straight edge tutorial pin

How do you change colors seamlessly in crochet?

Instead of finishing one row and starting the next row in second color, you can use the new crochet color change across the top of the current row you are working on.

The top loops will be worked in the new color. This way, when you come to work in the new color, you will be working around the loops in the new color. 

This then ensures a super clean crochet color change which produces a clean straight line. 

This way of changing color is a technique that will work on any stitch from a single crochet to treble crochet.

The simple explanation is that the last pull of the stitch is worked in the new color.

How do you crochet a new row with a new color?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this crochet color change.

I will be using a double crochet stitch which is a great middle ground between tall and small stitches.

For the first stitch you will work the body on current color and change color on the last pull through.

  • For the first stitch you will work 3 chain, make 2 chain in current color and on the last chain stitch, join the new color.
working with two strands of yarn for the crochet color change with straight edge
  • The following stitch, yarn over, insert hook into the next stitch, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through two loops in the current color, then yarn over and pull through last two loops in the new color.
start stitch in first color
yarn over in second color
finish the stitch off in second color
  • You will then repeat this same process for the rest of the stitches of the current row, you will have both yarns attached and will be working with both yarns at the same time.
  • Once you finish the row, the body of the stitches will be in the current color, however the top loops will be worked in the new color you will be using for the next row.
crochet color change after first set up row
  • Turn your work and for the next row you can simply work your stitches in the new color working around the loops. This way you will have a straight and clean line between the two colors. 
crochet color change finished

This is a great technique to use for many crochet projects like blankets and afghans as well as a clean color change for color-block sweaters and cardigans. 

There is a slight difference in the look between right and wrong side of the fabrics as you can see below:

right side of crochet color change
right side
wrong side of crochet color change
wrong side

Tips for success:

  • don’t tighten the top loops too much as they will be tricky to work into for the next row. 
  • It can be a bit tricky to work with two yarns at the same time, so it might need a little time and practice to work out a comfortable way to do this. I wrap my working yarn around my index finger and wrap the next color around my middle finger.
  • It can get a little more complicated if you are working on a stripy jumper or blanket where you need to change color every row as you will have to work with two colors every row

What is the best way to change colors in a crochet blanket?

I think this sharp edge crochet color change technique explained above would look stunning in a crochet afghan or a blanket.

It will make the edges of stripes look super neat and clean.

After you complete the color change you simply cut the yarn on the color you no longer need.

The important thing is to sew the ends in securely so your blanket won’t fall apart and you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this crochet color change tutorial. If you think your crafty friends will like it too, why not share it with them?

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