10 Modern Crochet Sweater Pattern Ideas For Women

Compilation of 10 free crochet sweater pattern ideas for women including pullovers and easy sweaters.

I have put together a collection of modern crochet sweater pattern ideas for women. Choose from amazing crochet sweaters to create a timeless wardrobe pieces.

Crochet has always been looked at as the poorer sister of knitting. However, modern crochet designers keep coming up with innovative techniques and construction styles to show people otherwise.

These crochet sweater pattern ideas for women will show you that crochet can also produce a stunning looking garment. One that is comfortable to wear and looks modern at the same time.

Crochet sweaters and garments in general are one of my favourite things to create and design. I have a wide variety of crochet sweaters for women that are easy to make and comfortable to wear.

Take a look at the collection below which includes a wide variety of crochet sweaters. I hope you will give one a go!


10 Modern Crochet Sweater Pattern Ideas For Women

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10 FREE Crochet Sweater Patterns For Women

I have rounded up some amazing crochet sweater pattern ideas for women for you to enjoy.

These crochet sweaters are modern and timeless designs that will be a staple in your wardrobe.

There are women’s sweaters that are suitable for warmer weather with 3/4 length sleeves and lace details. This makes them light and airy, perfect for warmer spring season.

Other crochet sweaters are more suitable for cooler winter months. The have close textures and denser fabric which will keep you super warm and cosy.

Choose from different styles and necklines to fit your style and shape to feel fabulous in your handmade crochet sweater.

Crochet Jumper Pattern

Evelyn sweater is a super comfortable and lightweight women’s crochet pullover. The pattern comes in 9 different sizes that go above and beyond standard sizing.

I have designed this super lightweight and comfortable crochet pullover especially for those warmer days. Just because the weather is warming up, it does not mean that you have to ditch your crochet garments.

I design this pattern to fit a wide size range and is not clothing-size specific which covers a lot of different body shapes and sizes.

Evelyn Sweater – Crochet Pullover Pattern For Women is available on my blog.

Crochet Jumper Pattern

Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern For Women

Hawberry Sweater is free women’s crochet sweater pattern that comes in sizes XS-5XL that is perfect for warmer spring/summer season.

It is a beautifully soft women’s crochet sweater with amazing drape. The fingering weight yarn brings so much to this design.

Not only with the fibre and drape but also with the colours. I love this speckled yarn with yellows and greys.

I have used a simple half double crochet stitch for the main body of the sweater. At the top I used a lacy open shell stitch to add a different dimension to this women’s crochet sweater.

Beautiful Women’s Crochet Sweater for Spring- free crochet pattern is available on my website.

Hawberry Women's Crochet Sweater Pattern for women by Blue Star Crochet

Emsam Tunisian Crochet Pullover

Emsam Pullover is one of the cosiest Tunisian crochet pullover patterns I have made to date! It will be the only Tunisian pullover pattern you will ever need!

I have designed this Tunisian crochet pullover to be oversized with a generous positive ease of 15 cm! It has a dropped shoulder detail with boxy shape body.

I know that not everybody is into the oversized look, so you can easily drop down a size to make more of a classic looking pullover.

Check out the Tunisian crochet pullover free pattern on my blog.

girl wearing tunisian crochet pullover for women crocheting
Emsam Pullover

Women’s Crochet Sweater Pattern

The construction of this crochet jumper is slightly different because I have literally turned it on its side! As a result you get vertical lines of stitches running through the jumper.

These are great because they frame your silhouette and create a nice flowing garment. I worked the main body of this crochet jumper in rows running from neck to waist.

I have used half double crochet stitch worked through the third loop only because I just love this stitch.

As a result you get a ribbed crochet jumper that looks knitted.

The finished jumper has a lovely stretch and give so it is not too tight and very comfortable to wear. Check out Modern Knit-look Crochet Jumper Free Pattern.

crochet jumper being worn in mustard colour
The Sideways Jumper

Montana Winter Crochet Sweater Pattern

Montana is a winter crochet sweater pattern for women I have designed in sizes XS-5XL. It is a beautiful crochet sweater using the popular larks foot crochet stitch.

I simple love the colour combination I have chosen for my winter crochet sweater pattern! I think they are kind of christmassy colours that you can wear it as your Christmas Day jumper!

However, I think the colours are mute enough that you will get away with wearing this winter crochet sweater on any day of the colder season.

Beautiful Montana Winter Crochet Sweater Pattern For Women is available her on my website.

Montana Winter Crochet Sweater Pattern for women

Modern Crochet Pullover Pattern For Women

My Shoreline Sweater pattern is an easy crochet garment make. I designed this crochet sweater pattern in nine different sizes because everybody should make one!

I wanted to design a beginner friendly crochet sweater pattern for a while now. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to keep things nice and simple.

I have been inspired by the french riviera and shoreline of southern France. My aim was to capture this feeling in a crochet sweater that you can wear all year round.

I think the colour combination of navy and white is so classic and timeless.

Paired up with a softer pink colour it creates the perfect pullover to wear with jeans or white shorts.

Check out the Free Crochet Sweater Pattern with Nautical Themes of Summer.

model wearing crochet sweater pattern for women
Shoreline Sweater

Do you enjoy crocheting garments? Grab all 6 crochet sweater patterns in a beautifully formated eBook!


Crochet V Neck Sweater Pattern For Women

This crochet v neck sweater is suitable for beginners. It would make a great first garment make.

It is designed bottom up and made with four separate panels; the back, front and two sleeves.

The sweater is designed to be over sized, with a 10″ positive ease. For a more fitted crochet sweater you could go down a size or use a smaller hook.

Find the free pattern ON THIS BLOG.

Crochet V Neck Sweater Pattern For Women

Velvety Crochet Sweater Pattern

This sweater’s is a great make because it has the look of knit but uses crochet. 

This crochet sweater pattern for women has very little seaming because most of it is worked in the round with half double crochet stitches.  

It uses velvet yarn that creates a timeless, go-to type top that could be worn to work and can also be completely casual.  It’s also an easy crochet pattern suitable for beginners.

You can get the pattern ON THIS WEBSITE.

Velvety Crochet Sweater Pattern

Peplum Crochet Sweater

The Julia Peplum Sweater is the perfect lightweight crochet sweater to transition between colder and warmer seasons.

This easy crochet sweater pattern for women is worked in the round from the neck down. It is especially handy as you can try it as you go to see if it fits well.

The crochet pattern features a light and feminine peplum shape which shows off women’s curves lovely. It has long sleeves with rolled rib cuffs that finish it off lovely.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free crochet pattern.

Peplum Crochet Sweater

Homegirl Crochet Sweater Pattern

This super comfortable and cozy crochet sweater pattern for women has been designed to be worn with leggings.

The back panel is slightly longer to sit nicely over leggings. It’s got an extra long ribbing that trims all the pieces, even the sleeves.

The ribbing on the sleeves is folded up giving it a special touch.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Homegirl Crochet Sweater Pattern

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these cute crochet sweater pattern for women. I have more free crochet patterns and tutorials that you might enjoy right here on the blog. 

For a complete look why not check out 10 Free Stylish Crochet Skirt Patterns.

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10 Modern Crochet Sweater Pattern Ideas For Women

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