10 Amazing FREE Crochet Christmas Wreath Patterns For Your Door

This is a collection of 10 amazing free crochet Christmas wreath patterns you can make to bring a little Christmas magic to your front door. Choose from winter or Christmas themed wreaths.

Christmas is such a magical time of the year. Not just for spending quality time with the family or gift giving, but also the atmosphere.

I love taking late evening walks during the holiday time of the year. I admire all the efforts people put into decorating their houses.

Whether it is lights, window displays or decorating the outside trees, it all creates a little magic that spills into the atmosphere.

This holiday season, you don’t have to settle for the same decorations you see everyone else using.

With a little creativity and some crafty spirit, you can bring a truly unique and magical touch of Christmas to your home.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it, either. With just a few supplies and a few hours of time, you can create an amazing and festive crochet Christmas wreath to adorn your front door.

These stunning wreaths are sure to bring a little Christmas magic to your home. So don’t settle for the same decorations you see everyone else using.

Fire up your creativity and craft a one-of-a-kind holiday masterpiece this season.

Get started with 10 amazing free crochet Christmas wreath patterns and turn your home into a winter wonderland.


free crochet Christmas wreath pattern

10 Free Crochet Christmas Wreath Patterns

I have put together a collection of 10 amazing free crochet Christmas wreath patterns to help get you started in crafting your own festive and unique display.

Whether you’re a lover of traditional Christmas colors or prefer to stand out with a unique and bold design, this collection has something for everyone.

From simple snowflake wreaths to more complex designs, you can bring a special touch of holiday cheer to your home with very little difficulty.

Not only are these designs easy to complete, but they can be done relatively quickly as well. In addition, the supplies are inexpensive and the patterns are easily customizable.

So no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, you can make one of these amazing wreaths in no time and for very little money.

I have included both Christmas themed as well as winter themed wreaths. This way you can make a winter inspire wreath and keep it displayed on your door all the way through to the spring.

Country Winter Crochet Wreath

This is a beautiful wreath design that is classic and timeless. It fits perfectly with your Christmas decor.

But it would also look beautiful as a winter themed wreath that you can keep out on display much longer, not just for the festive season.

The pattern is accessible for beginners, yet easy to customize to fit your home decor.

You can also learn something new – thicket stitch which is the stitch that makes up this beautiful crochet wreath.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

crochet christmas wreath simple

Hearts and Flower Crochet Christmas Wreath

This is a an easy to make wreath with beautiful crochet hearts and flowers that you could leave in place all year round.

The gold thread gives it the sparkle which is perfect for Christmas , however the hearts and flowers would make it a great wreath for the rest of the year too.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for this beautiful wreath crochet pattern.

crochet christmas wreath with flowers

Jolly Santa Crochet Christmas Wreath

This playful design would look amazing on your door! The designer has created a jolly version of a wreath with Santa as the centerpiece!

You could also make the Santa and the Christmas light detachable and use the basic wreath all year round.

Just attach some flowers and bees for spring, summer themed appliqués or fall-coloured leaves!

The free pattern is available ON THIS WEBSITE.

Santa crochet christmas wreath

The Happy Holiday Wreath Pattern

This is a beautiful festive wreath for your home this holiday season.

This crochet pattern works up quickly and is beginner-friendly. It uses a simple repeat that’s easy to remember and you can make it any size you’d like!

It is worked around a metal hoop so you can completely customise the finished size. Whether you prefer large one or make a tiny one as a decoration for your Christmas tree, this pattern would be perfect.

You can take a look at the easy pattern ON THIS BLOG.

foliage wreath for christmas crochet pattern

Holiday Yarn Wreath

This is a quick fun project that only requires basic crochet knowledge. You’ll just be using a crochet hook to make a slip knot so even if you don’t crochet it’s an easy Holiday Yarn Wreath to try.

This wreath is a modern alternative to a traditional wreath that would stand the test of time.

You can leave it decorating your door all through the winter. You can also add a few pinecones, pine branches or holy leaves.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern and tutorial.

modern winter crochet wreath

Advent Christmas Table Decoration

Wreaths do not neccesarily have to decorate your front door only. You can easily use them as a table centre decoration.

This advent style crochet wreath is an ode to a European tradition of lighting one candle each Sunday starting 4 weeks before Christmas.

The candles specifically symbolize the Christian concepts of hope (week one), peace (week two), joy (week three) and love (week four) in many traditions.

This crochet wreath pattern comes with six video tutorials to guide you through the process of making this beautiful Christmas decoration.

You can view all parts of the pattern and tutorials ON THIS PAGE.

advent candle wreath crochet pattern

Winter Snowflake

Add to your crochet Christmas home decor with this simple, stylish, crochet snowflake wreath! 

There are two different versions of snowflakes to make and the base is a complete cheat of the yarn just wrapped around it.

You could also use various other crochet snowflake patterns to add your unique twist to this beautiful wreath.

You can check out my Beautiful Snowflake Wall Hanging- free crochet pattern that I have used for a wall hanging.

For the wreath tutorial below, please FOLLOW THIS LINK.

winter snowflake crochet wreath

Plaid Crochet Wreath

This is an easy to make wreath that uses the very popular crochet plaid stitch which is a fun and very versatile colorwork technique.

It creates a beautiful crochet fabric you can wrap around the wreath for a unique looking wreath.

Red plaid is so special during the holiday season, so this wreath uses a gorgeous buffalo plaid color combination.

The pattern is available HERE.

plaid crochet christmas wreath

Braided Christmas Wreath

This beautiful crochet wreath uses the braided technique.

You will crochet three crochet tubes, one in each color.

You will then join the three tubes at the top, lay them on a flat surface and braid evenly. Then bring ends together to form a ring and sew in place securely.

The wreath is then finished off with beautiful crochet flowers for a sprinkling of extra special Christmas magic!

FOLLOW THIS LINK for the free pattern and tutorial.

braided with flowers

Santa Hat Crochet Wreath

This is an easy and super quick project that you could make in just a few evenings or one day if you have the time.

The pattern uses a faux fur yarn which creates a fluffy beard of Santa. Finish off your crochet wreath with a super cute Santa hat and holy leaves for an extra special touch.

THIS WEBSITE has the free pattern and tutorial.

santa hat with fluffy beard

Final thoughts…

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